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  • 2905 Washington Blvd
    Venice, CA 90292
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    First off, no outside bottles of wine allowed, which is IMO short-sighted and will be short-lived.  Good way to piss off the foodies.  And if you're going to do that, then don't charge 3x retail prices for the wines on your list and try to tell your guests you aren't gouging...

    Food was average, probably on par for decent Italian restaurants around town, but a weird mix of reasonably-priced small plates and outrageously-priced steak ($52?!?!?) and veal chops (also an astounding $52).  Not really a chance to get an entree in between.

    Service was attentive, helpful, and apologetic about the wine policy, but rules are apparently rules...

    Noise level was way above average, so don't go expecting a quiet evening, be prepared to shout at your dinner companions.  I feel that for a space that large with such high ceilings, they could take the music down more than a few notches and let the space absorb some of the noise, but maybe I'm just getting old.

    Overall, not a great dining experience for us, we will not be returning.

  • Terminal 1 Airside Heathrow Airport
    Heathrow TW6 2QE
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    Decent food, decent service, but really, no free refills for my coffee?  For the money I paid for my breakfast, you'd think they could pour another cup o' java...

  • $$ Tapas
    109 Santa Monica Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
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    Loved the food, the atmosphere, and the wine list.  But my ass hurt for days afterward -- the barstools were designed by Marquis de Sade.  We can't go back unless we bring pillows!

  • 8224 Winsford Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
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    What more can I say?  Clogged kitchen sink on Saturday afternoon (isn't it always that way?) with dinner guests coming tonight.  I call Johnny Carillo and he shows up about 30 minutes later (everyone else either didn't call back or wanted to show on Monday).  A half hour after that, our kitchen sink was clear and Johnny was on his way to his next job.  Fair pricing, esp for weekend emergency, nice guy, clean, honest, and, as Eddie B's review says, sans butt crack!

  • 18400 Avalon Blvd
    Carson, CA 90746
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    Went twice in 24 hours, once for Coldplay and once for Galaxy/AC Milan.  For a concert, this is actually a mediocre venue, but for a soccer game, it's beautiful and well-designed.  So why the one start?  Because PARKING SUCKS!  Take 40,000 people, funnel them into only a few SINGLE LANE entry points, and use no signage = recipe for disaster.  It takes me less than an hour to get to the Home Depot Center and both times it took me another hour to get into the parking lots.  I will not return until I read or hear that they have fixed this.

  • 1432 4th St
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
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    Wow, what a great surprise.  We took a flyer, thought we'd try something new, and were amply rewarded with great food, great service, and a great night.  The restaurant was almost empty, which is a bit baffling given how interesting and well-done the food is, but that didn't bother us.  Menu is varied and has an embarrassment of riches if you like French/American fusion with some Asian influences thrown in.  Our waitress was knowledgeable, funny, and very service-oriented.  Every dish we had was delicious.  Would give it five stars if there had been more buzz (i.e., people), will definitely go back.

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