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  • 333 Industrial Park
    Belleville, MI 48111
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne
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    Dear Taco Bell, you are no match for Hidalgo!

    Wow, what a hidden gem! Authentic foods and sauces. Wonderful service too!  I loved the Belleville Burrito, vegetarian goodness.  The hibiscus water was soooo fantastic, I had two!  I can't imagine anything being bad on their menu.  While I was here, lots of people came in for carry out and all were treated like family.

    It's my new go-to spot for real, honest Mexican food. P.S. I was never into Toxic Bell unless it was 2:00 a.m. and I was a tad bit inebriated!

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about Hidalgo, go, eat, enjoy, get hooked, and thank me later for letting you know about this great place. You're welcome ;)

  • 200 Racine Dr
    Wilmington, NC 28403
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Too bad there isn't an option to give negative stars! Worst gym experience ever. High pressure sales tactics, dirty machines and lousy personal trainers.  My husband and I joined under their 3 month special for the winter months.  We opted not to renew and contacted them in person as we were moving.  We provided everything they asked to terminate our membership, new address and proof there was no other Golds Gym within their stated radius (none within 100 miles!).  

    After moving, we started receiving nasty phone calls and threats if we didn't pay our membership, it would damage our credit rating.  We faxed the paperwork into their corporate office...once...twice...thrice...four times and still kept getting calls. I demanded to speak to a supervisor who said they would not accept our drivers licenses because 1) our state did not provide an "issue date" on the license (Ok, yeah I can compel my state to change this!) and 2) our address on our license was different than our mailing address (same town, we have a PO box where we receive mail not at our street address because it's so rural!).  When I asked what else it would take, they said pay the outstanding monthly fees and late fees and they would cancel our membership. These were the fees that accrued after we canceled our membership IN PERSON and 4 TIMES.   There's no way I was paying $425.00 for the pleasure of cancelling my membership.

    Sadly, while this war ensued, they dinged our credit rating. I filed complaints with the NC Attorney General and they are looking into it. BUYERS BEWARE!

  • 845 Sumpter Rd
    Belleville, MI 48111
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
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    It's close to home and the staff are polite. You need to be very clear what you want as they try to upsell you on everything.  It's cleaner and more modern than any other nail place in town so it gets a big gold star for that!

  • 5.0 Sterne
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    Randy is a life saver! My AC was not working and as the temp climbed to over 82* in my house, I was getting really grumpy.  I wanted to deal with a local contractor and found him on a google search.  He answered the phone promptly, asked great questions about my issue and explained his rates so I could have a sense of what this might cost. His rates were very reasonable!

    Randy was at my house in less than an hour.  He introduced himself, diagnosed the problem quickly, fixed it and made suggestions for routine maintenance  He was very knowledgeable and pleasant.  

    I highly recommend him to anyone in the Belleville, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Canton or other areas.  He's top notch!!!

  • 15 E Kirby
    Detroit, MI 48202
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Love this place! Great accessories, cute clothes, so much to look at. I only wish they carried more plus sizes as I'm a very fashionable Rubenesque girl ;)

  • 5.0 Sterne

    A friend suggested Chicken Shawarma from Bucharest Grill and I laughed. Really with a name like Bucharest??? I'm pretty sure my people aren't known for their shawarma.  She insisted that I shut up and try it.  I handed over my cash and she ran over there to get our take out.

    Upon her return, I could smell the goodness before I even unwrapped my lunch.  The shawarma spice was fragrant and I knew it was going to be yummy.  I dove in, I didn't care that I was embarrassing myself with canine like manners. It was deeelishhhh! I had juice dripping down my face but I didn't care.  The name threw me off but I had to admit my friend was right, it was the best chicken shawarma I had ever had.

    The lunch hours can be crazy busy so I suggest ordering on either side of it. Put Bucharest Grill on your bookmark and try it!

  • 3rd St & W Layfayette Blvd
    Detroit, MI 48226
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I decided the best way to get more fit was to register for a 5k.  It worked because I was scared that if I didn't train, I would die and be left on Lafayette for stray dogs to chew on!

    The pre-race communication was great. I loved getting the countdown emails because it kept me focused. I picked up my packet at Cobo, it was well organized and I found some great stuff.  

    On race day my only complaint was the parking scalpers who said they were affiliated with the race, charging $25-$30 to park. Really people? I found a garage that offered runners a discounted rate of $6 so I took it.

    I arrived early enough to see the start of the marathon which pumped me up.  I'm not a runner so I needed everything to get me going. My only complaint was the port-a-potties were a long way from the 5k start and the lines were really long.  Otherwise it was great.

    The volunteers were awesome cheering us on as were the hydration stations. I loved the musical entertainment along the course wishing there was more.

    For my first ever 5k, this was an awesome experience. The finisher medal was outstanding as was the after race food and conquered after party.

    I will do this race again and encourage any couch to 5k folks to seriously think about entering because it rocked!!!

  • 3400 Russell St
    Detroit, MI 48207
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I was craving Thai food so on a recent trip to Eastern Market, I spotted Sala Thai.  It was lunch time so the place was busy but not crazy.  We were seated promptly and I was impressed by the full menu.

    I asked my server about a few things and eventually ordered aBa-Mee-Mu-Dang  
    Steamed egg noodles with roasted pork, green onions, bean sprouts and thai light brown sauce, topped with crushed peanut and fried garlic for $7.95.

    My soup arrived quickly and I dove in to discover that it was cold.  I waited for our server to return and I told her. She said "yes, that's ok." Huh? I said, "Not hot" And she replied "You want spicier?" Oh I tried one more time "Too cold" And she nodded and walked away.  My dining companion was cracking up.  So I ate my cold soup which was flavorful but it could have been so much better :(  She returned with our check and I asked about mango and sticky rice. Her reply "No"  I asked "No?" She nodded, "No." and walked away.  Now my dining companion was laughing so hard tears were running down her face.  She thought perhaps I was being punked but didn't know it.  

    I may come back to try the sushi sometime but based upon this visit, I'm not rushing over anytime soon.

  • 20076 W Rd
    Woodhaven, MI 48183
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    This Aldi just opened in Woodhaven so I had to check it out.  I'm very impressed with how clean and well organized the store is.  The store has a constantly changing inventory so if there's something seasonal that you like, buy it because it probably won't be there when you come back.  

    The prices are very reasonable and I find the quality pretty good. I'm not a fan of the frozen pizzas though, lacking in cheese and toppings :(

    Otherwise, it's a great addition to the area for groceries.

  • 1241 Woodward Ave
    Detroit, MI 48226
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I had the Hudson Café on my list to try for a while. So, on my birthday I thought it would be a great treat to have breakfast here.  I entered and was seated right away at 8:00 a.m.  There was about 10 other people scattered about.  It took 5 minutes for my waitress to wander over. I say wander because I saw her wandering around talking to co-workers and then she realized someone was seated in her section.

    I ordered the red velvet pancakes, crisp bacon and coffee.  The coffee was great! So much so that I chugged it down and looked around with sad puppy dog eyes hoping someone, anyone would see me and bring me a refill. After about 10 impatient minutes, I got up and walked towards the coffee machine. I was intercepted by a waitress who seemed more concerned with preventing coffee theft than refilling my cup.  I said "Can I get a refill?" She said "Who is your waitperson?" I said "If I knew that, I wouldn't be over here now would I?"  She then realized in my less than caffeinated state, she better hand over the bean juice or someone was going to get hurt.

    I went back to my table and waited. And waited. And waited. My second cup of coffee was done and I again tried the puppy dog look. My waitress arrived with my food, plunked it down and started to walk away.  I told her to wait...the bacon was supposed to be crisp, it was that nasty barely cooked bacon and I needed a refill. She gave me a look like "Great, I have a high maintenance customer." To which I smiled and said, "Thank you for making this right, I appreciate your attentiveness to my satisfaction." Her face changed...perhaps I was a management mystery shopper? She hustled for the coffee refill.    She came back with my perfectly crisp bacon and asked how the pancakes were. I replied "I don't mean to seem high maintenance but they are really doughy in the middle." I showed her and clearly the pancakes were raw.  She said she'd be right back with new pancakes and left.  Twenty minutes later she rushes up with new pancakes, sadly doughy again.  I took several bites from the perimeter which was good but the rest was disgusting.

    Then I waited for my bill. And waited. And waited. I spied my waitress at the other end of the restaurant sitting down in a booth talking to someone with a baby.  I got up and put money on the table heading for the door.  The coffee security staff intercepted me on the way out the door asking if I was ready to pay. I replied "Yes, I was ready to pay 15 minutes ago but my waitress seems to have left the building. My money is on the table." She gave me a panicked look so I responded "Don't worry, I paid for my meal however given that this was self-service, I don't think my waitress will be thrilled with what's left."  With that, I walked out.  

    I plan to try again for lunch sometime hoping for a better experience. Until then, I'm hoping they get rid of that lousy waitress...

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