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    Absolutely horrible company. Rude customer service.

    Docs are incredibly expensive. When asked to fill out the 22.1 disclosures, most of the answers directed attention to other documents you had to purchase. The law requires responses to these questions and only allow for reasonable out-of-pocket costs. The customer service agent claims that their liability raises their out-of-pocket costs. A form that says "see budget,""Please obtain from," does not answer the required 22.1 disclosures. I was told I didn't pay enough for them to answer the questions. Almost $500 for documents and they won't answer the questions.

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    I hate getting my hair cut. After many terrible experiences, including (but not limited to) multiple mushroom cuts, Disney teenybopper layers, and a haircut that got laughed at by my family as soon as I walked in the door,  I have avoided haircuts if all possible.

    Thankfully, I found Trisha (through my cousin's recommendation). She makes my hair look great. I'm not great at expressing what I want done but she takes my several pinterest pics and does magic. I've loved every haircut and every color service.

    Her beautiful salon and her cruelty free products/services are also a huge plus.

  • 1957 W Belmont Ave
    Chicago, IL 60657
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    Fast, fresh, and delicious tacos. We order the steak, avocado, and al pastor tacos with cilantro and onion and they are the best we've had at any quick taco place in the city.

    Love the guacamole as well and everyone is so nice. It is definitely not a drunk eats only spot.

    I don't know why someone said cash only because it isn't.

  • 2952 W Armitage
    Chicago, IL 60647
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    We went on a Wednesday with two others and kind of ate everything. The poutine was delicious (and only $6). The hush puppies were so awesome we had to order another round. The fish fry was yummy too but not as addictive as the hush puppies and poutine. The husband had the fish sandwich and said it was good. Cheap beer was the icing on the cake.

    No wait, not busy, and I would love to go back soon.

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    Amanda was our photographer for our November 2013 wedding and September 2013 engagement photos.

    It was 90+ degrees the day of the engagement shoot. We met at Montrose Beach, which was recommended by Amanda as we didn't have any good ideas but wanted summery and city-y. It was an awesome location. I wasn't sure how we'd do in front of the camera (as we aren't picture people) but Amanda put us at ease and the photos reflected that. We didn't look gross and sweaty at all (even though we were).

    Amanda was great on our wedding day. She got everyone where they should be and got lots of great shots. She scouted out locations within and around the venue and we  were able to get a lot of pictures in a short time frame. We also didn't have too much time after the ceremony for photos. I should have planned more time as things definitely don't go always go as planned on one's wedding day, and I'm already an anxious person, but Amanda moved things along swimmingly. The portraits, ceremony, party, and details captured the day and all our planning perfectly.

    I never thought I'd love pictures of myself so much but the photos are beyond beautiful. They are truly stunning. People who aren't in the photos have framed them to put up in their homes just because the venue, city, and season look so lovely. The photos speak for themselves but I love her attention to details, texture, and lighting.

    We also received our photos way quicker than anyone else I know with their photographers. I can't help looking at them all the time. My fiance/husband didn't think photography was important/necessary until we got our pictures back and he now agrees we made the best choice. Message me for pictures if you want!

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    Nicole and Shelia are amazing. I don't know how anyone has a wedding or event without them. They were always there when we needed them during our Chicago wedding in November, whether it was to set up, to take down, or to hand me a glass of champagne. They are charming, cheerful and personable and a joy to be around. I am so grateful they could handle my stressed out self. They dealt with all my concerns (as a crazy bride) and handled all issues. They worked long hours without complaint and made everything go off swimmingly.

    I recommend them to any one I hear is getting married because they really had a huge impact on our day. I don't think we could have done it without them.

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    I went on the Pedway tour with Margaret. I have lived in or near Chicago most of my life and never knew that such an extensive and bizarre system of walkways existed. She also introduced me to the Chicago Cultural Center, a beautiful building with awesome exhibits that you can just hang out in for free.
    Margaret was fun, knowledgeable, and full of enthusiasm for Chicago. I definitely want to go on her Redlight tour soon.

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    Feldco website: "The Feldco Window Warranty provides coverage for everything on the window, including the window structure for life. It even includes coverage for the glass against accidental breakage, the glass pack seals against failure and everything in between. We even warranty the window screen should it ever tear!"

    This Lifetime Warranty, as advertised EVERYWHERE, really means a 5 year warranty after which they will charge you $65 for a trip fee and $85 an hour to fix your window . As I am several months past this 5 year "lifetime warranty", it would be cheaper just to get a new window installed.

  • 1323 Rodenburg Rd
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    This company is out to scam and steal from people. They make up reasons to tow a properly licensed, properly sticker-ed car out of an apartment complex, allege they have photos of the violation they will show you after you pay them, and then claim the photos are too dark to be visible.

    I understand that times are tough but theft by deception is not acceptable.

    Edit: They came by the day after this review was posted, claimed the tow was a mistake, and offered to refund the money if we brought the receipt/complaint form in. Hm...

  • 7434 N Wolcott
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    I was really stressed out this morning when another plumber failed to show up at 7am to fix a pretty big leak in my apartment building. That plumber had told me all he needed to do was replace a seal and all would be well.

    I called Great American Plumbing at about 9 and John showed up soon to save the day.

    He investigated and found that water was gushing from corroded pipes under the floor. While the building and plumbing are over 100 years old, he knew what to do and how to quickly find the problem.

    He replaced seals, a lead pipe thingy, some other parts and we were finally leak free.

    There was a lot of work to do but the end result was great and the price was pretty reasonable. Thank you!

    Alex B.
    Kommentar von Alex B. von Great American Plumbing
    14.2.2012 We greatly appreciate the feedback and the 5 star rating! Thank you very much!

    Kind Regards,

    Alex &…
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