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    Sadly, the food is really delicious at the Arrogant Butcher, but waiting 1.5+ hours for our meals THEN subsequently finding a hair on the plate was truly unacceptable.  You will not be seeing me again Arrogant Butcher. And I would not be able to recommend this place due to the fact that they only wanted to compensate us with a $6 dessert. Really? That's all you can do for a $100 dinner? Appalling.

    We waited over an hour an a half for a medium rare filet mignon, and a hamburger. THEN once we were eating there was a hair UNDER the creamed spinach on the filet mignon's plate. My hair is brown and curly and 6+ inches long. My companion's hair is blond and about 3+ inches long. The hair on the plate was black and thick and about 1.5inches long. Yet you refused to comp us anything but a $6 dessert? Really?? Really? Arrogant indeed

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    They took my cat in at 8am on Saturday morning and removed his bleeding tumor on his leg. They treated him rapidly and got rid of the tumor. There were no hidden fees or extra charges for anything. They are great at the Southside Animal Hospital.

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    Bootleggers, I WANTED to love you. I did. And you made me sad face.

    First, the meat is amazing. Flavorful and melt in your mouth amazing. But you cannot get a 5 star review based on the virtue of your meat alone, and your spotty service and incomplete meal prove that you think otherwise.

    The bartender did not know what kind of beer, IPA specifically, that was even on tap. Dogfishhead IPA...great, which one sir? Very disappointing.  The PBLT, which is described as Pork Belly, Lettuce, and Tomato was absent the Tomato. I was going to mention this to the bartender/server but he NEVER reappeared.  Our uncleared dishes sat on our table for 20 minutes or more while the bartender/server flirted with two chicks sitting at the bar.  I had to get up and ask the hostesses (multiple hostesses, why? You only need one Bootleggers) who were dancing, singing, and folding napkins to get me a box for my remaining food.

    All around very disappointing experience, and although your meat is divine, I will not be providing Bootleggers any further business.  Once you get your service straightened out you could be a top notch restaurant.

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    Outstanding customer service. I had 2 patio cushions recovered in a lovely striped fabric with piping in an offset color, and they look absolutely amazing!  I would recommend this company for all of your shade and patio furniture, or cushion recover needs.

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    Barro's pizza will always be my favorite pizza for the great price it is. Highly recommend whether eating in or taking out. Try Barro's at least once.

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    The food is great, for cheap food. This isn't a 5 star Michelin rating, this is cheap chinese food. Their schezuan beef is super yum. Service is quick, and quiet.

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