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    The only place I'll ever stay in Denver...unbeatable location! (coors field, bars, breweries, restaurants all sooooo close)

    In an area of much development and construction, this place was a true gem! Classic, cozy victorian style home that is now a B&B.

    The staff is cordial, enthusiastic, willing-to-help, proud, professional, cool....ummm okay any positive adjective will suffice.

    The homemade omlette (saw them hard at work as I work up early in the morning) plus coffee, gluten-free granola, organic miracle juices or something i can't remember it all cuz it was devoured so quickly.

    The room was perfect (had the garden room) and the restroom was updated with comfy showers and soaps + lotions avail.   I'll shut up now, you stop reading, and book this place!!

  • 14510 Josey Ln
    Farmers Branch, TX 75234
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    i was thankful enough to work south of downtown so a quick drive to the oak cliff location was easy.  now that i work off 635 and 35 i feel like i struck gold! this location is all but 3 miles from my work and just as good as the original location.

    the bollio is outstanding. i really like their homemade sauce too. ingredients fresh. menu has expanded quite a bit since i first went to the oak cliff location a few years of these days I WILL order something else besides the tortas. or will i?! hmm, that will be a tough call. the tortas are badass. ingredients fesh...okay i think i repeated myself.

    this place is great. owners are friendly. want more elaboration? see my reviews on the original tortas las tortugas---it's identical. and that's a good thing/

  • 4101 Belt Line Rd
    Addison, TX 75001
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    See below...!!

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    sometimes you can look a bit too much into a five star review. after all, it is supposed to be the… Weiterlesen
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    tortas still tasting great and ingredients still fresh. they actually increased the size of their tortas due to popular demand (as nicely stated as soon as you walk in). with the increase in size of their bombass bollio the tortas are a bit more expensive, nothing too crazy, but not $3 like i said on my original review. sauces are great and place is just all around kick ass. biz seems to be hopping--i was there on sunday and the place was PACKED. cheers!

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    Located just off Jefferson Boulevard (turn south on Madison) and you'll see this place on your left… Weiterlesen
  • 1920 Greenville Ave
    Dallas, TX 75206
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    nice pool tables, foosbal, darts, shuffleboard, AIR HOCKEY, great patio, cheap drinks!!!

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    good selection of beer for a small place. reasonable prices, lots of wines, freaknig SAKE!!! this is my c-store fa sho. they even have nag-champa's  booo yah

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    sh!t load of sweets, great selection of indian dishes served to-go style so it's nice to get some chloes and dahl to go.  very, very cheap stuff and fast! boom! in and out. think indian food. it's hella good and convenient

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    these tacos are good. reallllly good. what sets it apart for me though is their salsa. it's served warm and its pretty spicy. at first you may think it's not too bad but it will sneak up on you. "it's more tingly than hot."

    they serve two types of tacos: fajita and pastor. the fajitas are the ones that are so popular with everyone. but i agree with trinity g's review, they're good but i'm not convinced they are the be all end all of tacos in dallas. the roja sauce is terrible, the verde is decent. but again--the salsa is dope stuff. if you come at night come with friends, especially if you're a chicka.

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    average at best. so many good, great, or decent tex-mex or mex places around i would never entertain the thought of coming here again.

    it's not that it's bad---just so bland i wondering why i would ever return. with numerous attempts at this place the enchillads, guisado, etc...i think i've sampled enough.

    nice it's not a cluster-f chain place---but still, not enough positives.

  • 13531 Montfort Dr.
    Dallas, TX 75240
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    i'm such a chump for never getting a torta here. i love tortas. but everytime i come here i'm not THAT hungry and i always get nervous (not really) ordering a torta with fears that it will be so huge and so packed with goodies--like the ones at el atoron--that i may drop dead. so i just order something else.

    and that's what i do here. the taco's are okay--pretty average. the pastor tacos i believe are the one's that come with pineapple and are well-spiced. the sopes are usually good--the two times i've had them. my favorite here is the tinga quesadilla. simmered y shredded chicken in chipotle sauce with carmelized onions in a deep friend tortilla pocket topped with cheese and crema. really, really good. something else that's really good is their red sauce. it's slightly different than the usual roja-they deep fry the pepper so it gives it more of an organge-y color and has a bit more depth to it...or something like that.

    with all that i'm struggling to give it 3 or 4. i like some of the stuff there but it's not anything i'll drive even 10 minutes for. if i'm hungry and near it i maaaaay go there.

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