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    Pizza -- OUTSTANDING in taste and a generous portion.
    Salad -- they only serve large salads with chicken on it. If you don't want any meat, you have to order a 1/2 salad. Then it is difficult to eat because they put it in a small clamshell plastic container which opens in the middle, but the salad is crammed to the top, so some spill out when you open it. They also cut the greens in very large pieces, so when you stick your fork in, the craisins and candied pecan pieces roll off the top. I suggest they cut the greens in bite size pieces, and find another container that a lid would lift off of, instead of opening half-way down the side. Otherwise, their Classic Salad is rather tasty.

    AMBIANCE: when they say loud, they mean L-O-U-D !    REALLY, REALLY  LOUD.    It is really difficult to hear anyone sitting across the table from you. It is also near impossible to call in an order because of the noise in the background.

    SERVICE: I dropped by to get a gift certificate for my nephew, but was told they don't have any. I seemed so disappointed the manager said she would call around and see if another store had some. They did and I returned the next day to get some. Nice of Mgr. Julie to go the extra mile. Hope the locations carry more certificates during the holidays so no one has to drive back the next day to buy certificates.

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    Not so impressed. The home pick-up driver was 20 minutes early.
    On the return trip, the first leg of my flight was delayed due to lightning storms, so I missed my 2nd flight. I called from that airport and tried to cancel my next airport pickup, as I was being re-routed to an entirely different airport as nothing was going to my final destination anymore that day. The representative said I couldn't cancel, as it showed my flight was on time. But I wasn't even on that flight and was headed somewhere else! I couldn't have called Primetime from the air on that airline.
    Paid $50 for nothing! Rep wouldn't even give me credit, because the airline shows the flight coming in.
    I would suggest to Primetime that, instead of just the final flight #, they get the first and connecting flight #s, since people may get delayed due to weather and such and miss their final flight and be stuck somewhere else.
    Primetime only counts that final flight coming in, even if you don't happen to be on it and were unable to contact them about it.
    DON'T BOOK IN ADVANCE at a major airport. Not worth the couple of bucks savings in case the flight was delayed.

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    Do NOT go to this station!
    Stopped by there 10:30 pm on a Sunday night. Gave two $20s for a total of $40. The pump only gave me $20. I had to go back to the window and ask for the rest of my gas. The pump wouldn't re-set, had to return to the window and ask for the rest of my gas AGAIN. Finally got the rest of my gas, and when I returned to the window for my receipts, the young man was rude, and told me I should have returned to the window to ask for my change. I said I had already asked for the remaining $20 worth of gas, I would assume he knew I wanted to pump the rest.

    He started speaking menacingly and said I shouldn't assume anything, said that I was obviously much older than he was and I should know better than to assume anything. He kept going on and on about it. I tried to lighten the mood by joking he looked smarter than making me have to tell him twice I wanted the rest of my gas, but he just kept saying I shouldn't assume anything in a berating manner.

    There were two young males in the booth and only one of me (a lone 57 year old female), so I just backed away, literally. He kept on nearly shouting at me even as I backed up.

    I can only guess that they were trying to rip me off by only giving me half of the requested gas at first, but when I caught him at it, he was mad and taking it out on me. Otherwise why would I give them two $20s and then him saying I should come back and get $20 back as change? That's just a guess.

    Also, the first receipts they gave me didn't have the gallons bought, so I had to ask for another receipt. Very poorly trained employees.

    Not once did he smile, only scowl. Wore a hoodie indoors, so I couldn't see if he had a name tag.

    Besides the rude cashier, the place is sort of run-down and dirty. Drive on to somewhere else.

    I called the corporate office and complained. The account manager I spoke to was only slightly apologetic and said she would report this incident. Too late. I hope this is an isolated incident, but I don't want to try any of their other stations again to find out. You lost a customer already.

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    re: Halloween candy advertised

    The 99¢ Only store ad in the 10/19/12 L.A. Times showed pictures of an 11.2 oz. bag of Reese's Pieces snack size candy for 99¢. When I went to the store the next day, they only had 7 oz. bags.-- Gross misrepresentation? Bait and switch? False advertising?

    The corporate rep I spoke to in order to call attention to this matter, said only that the product is available at the Commerce warehouse and that stores are able to order it or not, or if they sell out of one size they are permitted to substitute another size. Blah blah blah.

    Halloween candy is cheaper at Vons!

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    Recommendations to patrons:

    1) Come early. The roped off "blanket-only" area was filled by 6pm. Also, although most actors can be heard well enough, if you end up sitting further back than the light posts it will be harder to hear, especially when the actors turn upstage to talk to someone there. I was sorry to miss a several lines although I was sitting about even with the light posts.

    2) There are a few mosquitoes, so wear some bug repellent if you are easily annoyed.

    3) Use the bathroom BEFORE the show begins, as there are only four unisex toilets, and a long line forms during intermission. There were about 25 people still in line when the second half of the show began.

    There does seem to be a need for an area where people with physical limitations can sit in regular chairs without being heckled by other patrons who arrive later, sit behind, and then complain they can't see. This happened to me last night at Hamlet and ruined the evening.

    I'm a senior with disk compressions, bone spurs and arthritis, so I can NOT sit on the ground. I brought a low back resin patio chair and sat about 12-15 feet behind the roped-off blanket-only area (about equal to the light poles) and toward the side near an aisle. There were no people behind to be blocked. Later some people laid out a blanket and sat behind, eventually coming up to me and asking me to move to the back. If I moved all the way back, I wouldn't be able to see or hear--especially if every time someone arrived they also asked me to move back, as patrons kept arriving a full 15 minutes after the show started and there were an estimated 800 that night.

    During intermission the people behind made several snide and snarky comments. I hope none of them gets a disability or limitation when they get older--they might not be able to handle such discrimination.

    Suggestions to ISC:

    1) Perhaps due to the popularity of the programs, it is time to add more performances so that each night is not so crowded.

    2) Maybe a small area where 6 or so people can put regular chairs or wheelchairs at the side of the center section which is quite wide, but behind the roped-off blanket-only area. To sit at the front of the side sections would be upstage of much of the action.

    Note: there is a difference between a low-back chair and a low-seat chair. A low-seat chair is one where the seat is four to ten inches off the ground. A low-back chair is one where its back is lower than the shoulders of a person sitting in it.

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