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  • $$ Hotel
    447 Bush St
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    I was enjoying the hotel until bitter staff accused me and my party of smoking in the room and applied the charge.  Later to also falsely accuse me of having too many guests stay there....neither occurred.

    I tried to resolve this issue with them, but they were rude in return-continuing to accuse me of what did not occur.

    Never been treated worse by a hotel and will sleep in my car next time.  Corporate facilities treat me nicer than these people did.

    So rude and would not listen.....

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    This bar is the best!

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    I feel so much better since starting care with Dr. Saenz.  I could barely move after my car accident and was having splitting headaches and sciatica in my leg.  Now I feel great and no longer have to take any pain medication.  The staff was really helpful with all the insurance billing and helped me handle everything.  Dr. Saenz is very knowledgeable when it comes to the body and even helped me with nutritional advice and a specific cleanse for a skin issue I was having.  I felt like Dr. Saenz really connected with me and has a very relaxed, no pressure style with a healing vibe in the office.I would highly recommend this office for any back pain or just for some basic cleansing or nutrional help.  The massage therapist was also great!

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    Poorly planned and kept everyone out in the cold for no reason.  Why were they giving name tags out and not checking the list?  Why create a hold up at the entry?

    The music was poor and poorly cordinated.  The general flow was not laid out right.  There were no real attendants or oversight running logistics, just a bunch of red coats passing out crap that vendors never collected and no food.

    The Chabot Science event was way better.  Who gets paid a salary to screw up events?  

    Yelp-next time, hire me and my people to run an event-you have no clue!!!!!

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    Massage by Kimiko!

    Great massage-very relaxed and gentle personality with firm hands and exellent touch.  Very in tune with healing and full of good energy....Highly recommended.

  • 3221 Fruitvale Ave
    Oakland, CA 94602
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    Great Chiropractor-Great adjustment!!  She is good at working the back and will manipulate the spine vs. other chiro's who try to pull off some magic and don't actually do much.

    If you're looking for a real chiropractor & you're in the area, go see her.
    It's just a block south of the new Pete's Coffee and Farmer Joe's.

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    Great chiropractic treatment-she actually manipulates your spine instead of other chiro's who rely… Weiterlesen

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