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    Aerial yoga: Stretch and strengthen in a cocoon of cloth.

    Yesterday I went to Aerial Space to try Aerial Yoga.  Wow!!  Did I have fun and get a great workout at the same time!  Doing yoga hanging in a cloth sling is a totally different experience.  The resistance and support of the cloth allow you to stretch and strengthen different muscles than in a regular yoga class.  I really love inversions but I'm not strong enough to stay up long.  In Aerial Yoga you can hang upside down comfortably as long as you please.

    Not to worry about height --- this can be done quite close to the ground.
    And anyone can learn.  I'm 69.  Whoa!

    Blue, the studio owner, will help you to learn each pose.  She's compassionate and patient, and emphasizes the fun of playing in a sling.

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    Wanna go to Mexico but can't?  Here's your big chance to step out of an Asheville strip mall right into a little Jalisco restaurant.  Yea, they have tacos.  You can have 'em with steak, you can have em' with lengua.  They have birria and menudo.  

    Big plates, little plates, real down home Mexican cooking with old fashioned low prices.  This is no gringo place.  You just might need your high school Spanish, but you won't need to plunder your bank account.

    Buena comida!

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    Worst Chinese buffet I've ever seen.  Fancy building, junky food.
    There's lots of deep fried stuff, very few stir fry dishes and those are swimming in overly sweet sauce, all noodles are too stuck together to eat.
    What's good? --- salad bar, sushi, price.

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    While the food here is decent, you won't be lollygagging over a margarita at this place --- it's strictly fast food style.  But it's home made Mexican and good prices.

  • 226 W Main St
    Brevard, NC 28712
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    Great view, not so good in the food department.  I had scallops with a gooey sweet sauce on them, small plate, the "vegetables" were just a few shavings for color, and the potatoes didn't go well with the dish.

    Suggest you have an appetizer and wine on the porch and dine elsewhere.

  • 8971 Kingsridge Dr
    Dayton, OH 45458
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    This little hole-in-the-wall is a favorite of mine.  It's just like walking into a restaurant in the orient.  My favorite is green curry.  It's an ample portion and really good.
    You want spicy?   They rate on a 1 to 10 scale.  1 is very mild, 10 will make your nose run and your eyes bug out.  I love mine really spicy and I stop at their 8.  Above that I can't taste the curry.

    You know you're in the right place as no English is spoken in the kitchen.

  • 108 Byers Rd
    Miamisburg, OH 45342
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    I eat here quite a bit and love sushi.  Theirs is very good, very fresh.  They've a splendid sushi bar as well as restaurant seating.  They also have Korean dishes, like bim bap.

    A bit hard to find at first.  Worth the trouble.

  • 17 Tunnel Rd
    Asheville, NC 28805
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    This is definitely an authentic and yummy south of the border restaurant.  My favorite dishes are the picante fajitas and the shrimp a diable.  It's inexpensive, the portions are ample, and they make a tasty mango margarita that is not only cheap, one will set you on your ear.

    As for the comparison by one reviewer to some downtown restaurants, this place is just Mexican and those are all Spanish fusion places.  If you want plantains, yucca, etc., go to one of those for a higher price.  If you want what you'd get in Guadalajara or a great hole-in-the-wall in L.A., pick this place.

    The salsa bar is to die for.  Don't miss it.

    (This place is owned by the same folks as the now defunct Vera Cruz on Patton Ave.  Same food, same salsas.)

    Go early.  It's very popular.

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    I was a traveler looking for a fun dining experience in Harrisonburg.  I was really surprised to find this in Virginia as thus far the only Ethiopian restaurants I've found have been in the San Francisco Bay.

    The food is tasty, served in an interesting manner, and the experience is delightful, however if you want Injera (the unique Ethiopian pancake made from fermented tef flour) you must give them 24 hours notice.)

    They have a complete bar, and service is very friendly. Even the building, an old place that seems 19th century, is really interesting.

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    I really liked this place.  The food is lively, authentic, and they've a grand salsa bar with regional specialties.  

    I was traveling through Virgina and seeking an inexpensive and interesting place to eat in Roanoke.  I''ve eaten at a lot of Mexican places in the US and Mexico, so I rather know my food.  I understand that there are two branches and this was the one close to route 81.  Try it, it's quite good.

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