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  • 649 9th Ave
    New York, NY 10036
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    Love all the sandwiches here especially the Dave and Nuno.  And the bread is great which is a must for a sandwich enthusiast.  

    One of my favorite spots on 9th when I'm hungry.

  • 23 Cleveland Pl
    New York, NY 10012
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    Staff is very friendly and helpful if you have any questions.  They have a large selection of ejuice for you to try out. Prices are reasonable for a B&M store.  Currently they do not carry a lot of the more advanced hardware for the vaping enthusiast, but the staff reassured me that they will be adding more rebuild-able hardware soon.    The space is large and inviting and I look forward to them adding the coffee bar.  I wouldn't hesitate checking out Henley for vaping needs

  • 19-23 St Marks Pl
    New York, NY 10003
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    Met Kyle and the staff at Beyond Vape today.  They were extremely helpful in letting me try several ejuice flavors.  Beyond Vape has an excellent selection of ejuice and hardware for the vaping enthusiast compared to other stores in the city.   The prices are reasonable for a B&M store and they also have a rewards point system to accumulate free things.  I wouldn't hesitate to check them out for your vaping needs.

  • 2424 Dunstan Rd
    Houston, TX 77005
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    Friend took us out here for happy hour.....on a Monday. Surprisingly there were a good mix of people upstairs. Solid happy hour with reasonable drink specials. Great drinks. Blood orange margaritas were really good and so were the mojitos. Interesting decor that reminded me of some places in Miami. There is also an outside seating area in the upstairs lounge, which is good for the smokers.

    I never have high expectations for happy hour drink special food but the fried calamari with jalapeños, green tomatoes and special sauce was excellent.  The  BBQ pizza with the fried egg on top was good as well. Great place, and would come back again for drinks and snacks

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    One must always have perspective when reviewing a "breastaurant" like twin peaks.

    So what were my expectations going into a place like this? In no particular order:

    I expect decent comfort food standards that I would want to eat while chilling with the boys.

    The second requirement is ample amount of TVs to watch every sporting event available. Good sight lines are a must.

    I also expect reasonably priced drinks served by scantily clad women who pretend to like me.

    Given those prerequisite, twin peaks doesn't disappoint.  

    Ambiance: lot of fishing and hunting trinkets, tv's everywhere with good sight lines, a lot of guys hanging out with their boys, and young women dressed in skimpy outfits. (if I had to compare to the competition across the street, Hooters, the wait staff is a lot prettier. No c-section scars here fellas!!

    Drinks: shot specials, two beer choices (I think "blonde" and "brunette") available in the "man size" and the smaller one. Needless to say the table was talked into the "man sized" beers. No complaints here. The beers were good and the guys who ordered mixes drinks had no complaints.

    Food: Humongous chicken fried steak, good sliders, decent wings, huge nachos. All in all, better food then the "breastaurant" competition: Hooters. Though I like hooters wings better, the menu in a whole, was typically better based on the opinions at my table.

    Service: If you have been to a hooters, then you know what the service could be like. Skimpier uniforms here though.

    Destinee D.
    Kommentar von Destinee D. von Twin Peaks
    17.9.2012 Mark P.:
    Thanks for taking the time to let us know your feedback. We care a lot about providing…
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    Ambiance: Went during lunch on a business trip to Houston. Decent lunch time crowd. Full but not too busy. Mostly workers in area.  Clean with decor similar to many modern sushi/fusion restaurants. They also have outdoor seating.

    Service: Our server was very attentive and explained the 2 for 1 special that makes this place a decent draw.  More on that in a bit. He also explained that they would provide all the sushi and hot food as made. The staff there was also very quick to provide drink refills. Overall excellent service.

    Drinks: Lunchtime so only had soda and water, but their advertising posted several drink specials depending on the day.

    Food:  Coming from the east coast, prices seemed very reasonable. Entree items in low teens, single digit apps, rolls in the low teens up to $22 dollars for the mega lobster tail monstrosity that is a must order, because it is completely over the top.  

    This is totally a "sushi" place you go to if you want rolls, and they have a ton of creative ones, but the sushi and sashimi was fresh, with decent size cuts, and of good quality.  Not comparable with your high end Japanese sushi places but quality fish I wouldn't be afraid to order.  

    They also have a 2 for 1 special, which usually a red flag when I see something like that, that provides a good value if you want sushi. Basically you get 2 extra pieces for every sushi order, excluding the better stuff ie. bluefin, Uni, etc. But if you like eel, tuna, salmon, you get 4 good size pieces for about 6 dollars and up. Not too shabby considering that the fish is ok.  I think the only other stipulation is that you have to order a beverage.  The special does not apply to rolls.

    Overall: Solid. I've had worse sushi from more expensive places when travelling. Decent value from an east coast kid's perspective. Don't be afraid of the 2-1 special. Get the lobster tail roll because you may never see a roll like it again.

  • 1856 W North Ave
    Chicago, IL 60622
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    Ambiance: Casual but trendy. "Hipster BBQ joint"

    Drink: Solid cocktails, Good selection of craft beers

    Food: The BBQ is just ok. Got a sampler of almost everything. Ribs were passable but not destination worthy. We did like the choice of BBQ sauces at the table.
    Greens were overcooked. Liked the pulled pork, stick with that and your safe.  Southern friends weren't too impressed with the BBQ.

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    They certainly do have yummy sushi. Love that Ahi Tuna Tower.

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