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  • REI
    7410 SW Bridgeport Rd
    Tigard, OR 97224
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    They treat their members right! I got $200 hiking boots for $5 at their return sale, plus a couple of sweet pairs of sandals. Wonderful.

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    My cell phone battery died, so I took it to Batteries Plus in Tualatin.  The battery they sold me would not fully charge and  heated my phone alarmingly. I googled my phone and saw that I had been sold the wrong battery. Now this is when things started to get interesting. My girlfriend had bought the battery on her card and I had paid her back. When I returned the battery she was at work so I had them put it on my card. When I attempted to use my card later that week it was declined. I went to the bank and found that my account had been closed for over a month due to inactivity.  I returned to Batteries Plus and asked for them to resolve the matter. They said the bank had the money and they could not do anything about it. They also told me that there was no way to put money on a closed account. Gee, that is exactly what I was trying to communicate to them. Then the clerk that sold me the wrong battery in the first place walked up and repeated everything and said "that that can't happen, your money is in the bank." So, I drove back to the bank and the teller called them and told them that the account on the receipt had been closed since September. (On a positive note, I have found US Bank to be very helpful and understanding.) Now they want me to come back in when the main manager is there. This will be the fourth visit to this store with no working battery (they recycled my old one) and I am out $38.99. At this point the bank has suggested that I file a claim.
    1. I want my money back.
    2. I have driven out to Tualatin three times now and expect to have to go another time.
    3. They treated me disrespectfully and condescendingly in front of my girlfriend and other customers.
    4. I had to ask repeatedly for them to look up the transaction that I held a receipt for.

    Update; they took my phone # and said that someone will call me and mail  me a check. A few days later still no call.

  • $ Pub
    8409 N Lombard
    Portland, OR 97203
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    my friends roommate tried to order a keystone light. there was some sort of commotion from behind me and i got distracted, when i turned back around he was gone. it took a crane to get him out of where we found him the next day.

  • 17100 NW Sauvie Island Rd
    Portland, OR 97231
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    ok well i'll give this 3 stars for the reason i didn't actually go into the place i just talked to them on the phone. i wanted to buy pint sized berry boxes locally to harvest my berry crop so i called to see where they got their pint boxes. the person on the phone set the phone down and started talking about how she had a WEIRD WEIRD caller that had never heard of the internet.  she then picked the phone back up and told me everyone was busy and they did not know where the pint sized boxes came from. i sure hope i can find a local distributor of berry boxes without ordering online.

    Donald K.
    Kommentar von Donald K. von Kruger's Farm Market
    21.7.2011 Sorry about that. We try our hardest to service our customers in the most respectful way possible.… Weiterlesen
  • $$ Pub
    137 E Main St
    Ashland, OR 97520
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    great place! stumble in and they are not tying to figure out if you are from medford or just got off the road from a 30 hour trip. order a pbr and just one glass you will have friends before your second pitcher! not at all like the co-op where they want to sniff your butt to figure if you eat what they eat. hey i have been to few co-ops in my day and that is the only one that sells produce from south of the border wile trying to give you crap about asking for a second cup to share your soup. yay eyepub! boo swazie neo-hippies, i eat right so that i am healthy not so i can judge others. if i stumble through a door i am glad to be in a place where i can be treated as a equal even if i am trying to shrug off a 22hundred mile trip on the road.

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