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    I've gone to the same stylist at Chameleon for several years now. I had been pleased with my hair almost all of that time until my last and I do mean last time I was there.

    My color was applied and then the electricity went out. I realize the lighting was not as good as it was with the lights on but it was still light outside.

    The timer malfunctioned(non electric) so she had to estimate how long the color was on,she then sent me  to get my hair washed and the girl was so rough with my head and scalp! NIce enough person but boy she is rough!

    I got my hair cut and of course she couldn't blow dry it so she handed me the slip for the exact amount I always pay. I asked if it was right and she said the blow drys are always complimentary!?!

    That's only half of it...the next day I woke up to hair color on my pillow! When I called the stylist she asked if I had gone to be with my head wet! I hate when people try to blame the victim. I said no that it was a full five hours before I went to bed after the color. My hair is short so it was dry. She told me she had never heard of this happening and that I should try bleaching my sheets! :((( I did wash them and used non chlorine bleach. The case is ruined.

    When I mentioned this to a friend that goes to one of these discount Hair Cuttery type places she said she had a similar experience on a towel and when she went to them they gave her money to replace the towel.

    I was a good customer,I go every five weeks and always tip at least 20% with $ for Xmas. This is such a shame to be a loyal client and get treated like crap.

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