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  • 1898 S Flatiron Ct
    Boulder, CO 80301
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    Absolutely love that Upslope is the scenario for the once-a-month Lingua Rodeo poetry reading!   At first I wasn't so sure how it would be...a poetry reading at a trendy minimalist brewpub in the Central Ave. business district...but it was really very pleasant.

    I was the first to arrive; and although initially I felt kind of old and out of place when I walked in,  the bartender was very welcoming even though I don't drink alcohol.  They have some homemade soda pop including the innovative and tasty Prickly Pear, and the soda is tasty.

    For coffee they encouraged me to go next-door to Ozo,  which I didn't ever get around to doing.   Later after the reading started my friends and I ordered a pizza from somewhere that delivers to Upslope's location.  It's nice that they let people order delivery food while there.

    I can't emphasize enough how excellent the service was and how welcome I felt despite not being one of their typical clientele.

    Also,  it was fun to stand by the big picture window and watch the goings-on in the brewing room.  

    Looking forward to Lingua Rodeo at the Upslope Brewery next month.....

  • 3040 Broadway St
    Boulder, CO 80304
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    Last Saturday when I inadvertently locked myself out of my car right here at the Shell/Circle K gas station/store,   the staff was super helpful and kind and let me use their phone to call for help.

    I really appreciate it!  They have good prices on gas and snack food and other items here, also.  it's a good place to have in the neighborhood.

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    Last Saturday I had a 5-star experience with Marv's Towing.    i inadvertently locked myself out of my car with my cell phone also locked in there.   The guy at the Shell station where it occurred was super kind and helpful although he did not seem to speak much English he allowed me to use his telephone and since he did not have a phone book to look up a locksmith I called the local P.D.   The dispatcher there was super helpful and recommended Marv's, stating that in addition to towing they also help with lockout situations.  

    i called Marv's and they arrived to help me in less than half an hour.  It was not an easy job.  My car is older and a method that usually works didn't work so well for my car.  They kept trying on both doors of the car until they got it open.   The price was reasonable especially compared to what a locksmith would have cost.    And no,  I don't have triple-A.    

    Anyway,  the guys from Marv's were so great,  I was really impressed with them.  

    I would recommend them for anyone needing a tow,  or in a lockout situation.  Maybe there are other services they provide.  If so,  I would recommend them for that, too!

  • 2861 N Colorado Blvd
    Denver, CO 80207
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    An old friend suggested doing our late lunch the other day at CoraFaye's,  and that was a very good idea!

    I enjoyed meeting and talking with the proprietress (sp?) about the food and about her vintage books and antiques.  

    The old friend had eaten here prior,  but my daughter and I hadn't.  What a delight it was.  

    My friend ordered the fried catfish with 2 sides and hush puppies,  and my daughter and I shared the 4-sides plate.   Our share was more than enough for both of us.  All of us also tried bits of each other's sides.  Love the greens,  okra,  mashed potatoes, yams,  and cornbread---a lot!   My daughter and friend loved the catfish too.  

    Also I adore the comfortable down-home feeling my old neighborhood,  where I went to elementary school.   Structurally,  looking out the window,  the buildings looked the same as they used to on this block.  So much of the infrastructure of Denver has changed over the is nice to see a block that looks structurally the same as it always did.    Of course change can be a lovely thing,   but in Denver it is so grounding for me to see familiar sights.

    Of course,  CoraFaye's was not around during my youth,  but if it had been I would have adored it.   I just know it.

    So life goes on in the big city.   CoraFaye's...I will be back!

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    Last week someone very close to me was brought here for an emergency.   I was called and asked to come in both to visit and to talk with a specialist to provide more information about the patient's history.   It was early morning and still dark but I did drive in from Boulder to Lafayette, to help and to be with the patient, who was sleeping when I got there.

    I was impressed with the way the ER team here handled this emergency.  It is not always easy for an ER in a hospital that does not have a Behavioral Health unit to deal with a bipolar patient in a state of hypomania.   The team here had already been taking good care of the patient for several hours before I was asked to come in.  She was calmed down and asleep.  When she awoke she was oriented, recognized me, and said hello.

    There have been other emergencies with her over the years and I considered this to be a reassuring and professionally handled ER experience.  

    I was not in the best of moods,  and just about everyone in the ER that I interacted with was marvelous.   So they evaluated the patient,  fed her,  made sure all her needs were met,  and by late afternoon transferred her to an inpatient facility for further stabilization.

    Whereas I do not entirely accept the psychiatric approach to mental illness,  and do not trust or like the giant conglomerate many refer to as "Big Pharma",  when bipolar people are in a state of hypomania they do need help to get out of that state.  it can be very dangerous both for them and for others.  

    I am also grateful to my ex-husband,  who went to the place where she originally went for refuge and help,  a church,  and brought her to his house to try to help her,  and then to Good Samaritan.

  • 155 Hwy 119 E
    Nederland, CO 80466
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    What an enjoyable experience I had dining here with friends last Tuesday night!   Before even entering I was already enjoying the horses out front with their young owners who told us all about the horses and let us pet and talk to the horses.  Now,  petting and talking to horses isn't everyone's cup of tea,  but I found it quite therapeutic personally.  

    On to reviewing the restaurant....there was a wonderfully affordable Pad Thai which I got with tofu,  just a bit over  5 bucks and such a generous amount of food that I ate a filling dinner and had a container of Pad Thai to go that was lunch the next day!

    Nice place,  excellent service,  seems like a family operation.  

    I would like to come in again,  to try their other dishes,  especially want to try the curry.  More to be added when I go there again,  which if all goes as expected will be in a week or two.

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    12.9.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag
    Aufgelistet in Service with a Smile

    Although there are still things I like about the Ideal Whole Foods market,  the like list is growing smaller and smaller.  Inconsistency seems to be the name of the game here.  But then when a customer (myself,  and I've heard others do the same) points out the inconsistencies or asks questions about items,  the answers really vary depending on which staff member is asked.    There are items that can always be found here,  and sometimes actually go on sale so they are affordable, and this Whole Foods is so much closer to where I live than the others,  so I do shop here.   But only as a last resort.   Today when I stopped in I asked a question of a staff member,  about rice cakes.   I have purchased a specific type of Lundberg rice cake a few times at this store.  The staff member denied that they've ever carried it,  which I know is not true.  Clearly I was not going to be finding it there,  so no point in dragging out the conversation.   Then the check out cashier kept calling me ma'am.  Not just once but 3 times during checkout which is horrible.  I do not know any woman of any age who likes being called ma'am.  Yes I do realize it is an expression of respect,  but it is a very old school respectful term that now sounds condescending and ridiculous.   There was a young man who checked out in the line,  right after me,  and I could hear his entire transaction.  The checker did not call him "sir",  not even once.   Who knows why he called me ma'am repeatedly?   I know,  it's a luxury problem compared to the real concerns one could focus on while living this human life on earth.  But I just hate it so much!!!!!!!

    Thanks for listening.

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    1.11.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Time to update my review of Ideal.  It has been a full-fledged Whole Foods for quite some time now.… Weiterlesen
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    3.9.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    My dear little neighborhood market--you have gone through so many changes over the years--you have… Weiterlesen
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    During a time while my car is out of service,  I have had the opportunity to experience Via.   I had first heard about Via in the weeks after the flood in September.  They were offering free rides for people who had lost their cars in the flood,  which was very generous and community-minded.

    I have only had 3 or 4 rides with Via so far.  They have been on time to pick me up which I have appreciated.   The office people who answer the telephones and schedule rides are very efficient and detail oriented.   The drivers are pretty routine and protocol-focused.  I would appreciate a bit more flexibility about being able to get in and out of the car without any help.   I do understand they are required to help riders get in and out of their vehicles.  

    This Via service has been a real Godsend for me recently and the cost is very reasonable.

  • $$ Burger
    1800 Broadway
    Boulder, CO 80302
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    Well, of course I have read others' reviews over the years Rueben's has been here.  But I had not actually been in to try it until today.

    It was right there along my path from the ecological transportation station to the skip broadway walnut alternative transportation stop.  And I was super hungry because I had a busy somewhat stressful morning with several more necessary challenging phone calls in my future and it was after 3 and I had not eaten all day.  Not good for a diabetic!!

    I was there in time for the start of their happy hour.  The appetizers are a good deal during happy hour...all 1/2 price.

    I ordered the southwest egg rolls and deviled eggs.  An odd combination, to be sure but both were quite decent.   As far as downtown happy hour food goes though,  my favorite by far is still the Boulder Cafe and their marvelous fondue.

    Service downtown is dicey....wherever you go,  I've found.   Over the years I've lived in Boulder it's been rare for me to encounter any customer service worker in the downtown area who actually seems happy with their job.   Some actually seem to dislike other humans.   My waitperson here at Rueben's was fine, by the way,  so I have no idea why I'm off on this tangent.  Maybe because so many reviews of Rueben's are critical of the waitpeople here.   I had no problem.

    I would have to try the place again and try one of their specialty dishes to fully rate it.  This rating is based entirely on happy hour (which is called something else here) and the appetizer menu.  

    Great location and potential here.

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    Though I do not venture this far into Denver very much,  my daughter wanted to go here to buy tea recently so I accompanied her.

    I love the friendliness of Zamzam,  as well the freshness of the food items, and the amazing selection.

    Today I just bought coffee for the office,  but in the future I've already got a whole big long list in my head of everything I would like to buy.   Delightful!

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    Locking yourself out is the worst!  Glad it worked out okay for you!

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    Love Marv's. And AAA sends him anyway so it's a win for me. The only people… Mehr »

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    Sounds like a plan.

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