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    Love this place! I've traveled all over asia, and I can find almost anything I need here to make the dishes I love from China, Japan and Indonesia.. Clean, cheap, friendly. Also the CHEAPEST place to buy huge bottle of soy sauce (a gazillion types) Rice Vine Vinegar, Soba sauce, etc.

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    I think the commerical sales might be fine, but the service department sucks. I took my car there on Christmas Eve for an oil change and tire rotation. I asked before and after if they checked/topped off fluids, and I was told that "yes" before and "we did" when I picked it up. I got my car home, and the washer fluid was empty, the coolant had not been topped off, only two tires were rotated (I did the chalk trick:)) AND they changed two of my preset radio stations to mexican techno and opera!!! I was more than nice when I came in,so I think they were just annoyed a scheduled an appoint on xmas eve. If the store is open , they should be offering the same time of customer service they would any day, not punishing me for bringing my car in then. Ra-ude.Never going back there.

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