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    I was satisfied with this vet up until last year. The actual vet is great but her staff has taken a nosedive. My dog was scheduled to have surgery and I was told to arrive at 7:30am. I waited a half an hour for someone to show up to open the clinic and when they did arrive they spouted a long list of excuses and then told me about the other person they would need to go pick up and all their drama, too. I expressed my concern and offered to reschedule my appointment on a day when they were not short handed. She insisted it would be ok.

    At this time I asked for the estimate they were supposed to have prepared for me. I was told that they could not tell me how much it would cost until after the surgery. I get it, but an approximation of the costs is not asking a lot.

    I decided it was not ok to leave my best friend in the hands of people who don't show up for work on time, have more interest in sharing their drama with strangers and are unwilling to prepare a simple estimate with their clients. So I left the clinic.

    What has become even more disturbing is that phone calls and messages are never returned . This morning after several unanswered calls I drove there during regular business hours and they were closed. Apparently the icing on the fruit cake is that they are not always open during their own regular posted hours.

    I know if this vet got a better staff (which I imagine would be easy in an economy where people are looking for jobs) it could go back to the way it was from 2005 - 2009.

    Truly a loss for the small animal guardians of Tucson.

  • 2642 N Campbell Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85719
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    Staff is well informed and friendly. They have a great selection despite it's size. Gluten Free Beer in 4 varieties. Beer from all over the world. Wine to suit your purpose and budget. If you are not sure what to get ask the staff. You will not be sorry. They won't make you feel like an idiot for not knowing what to get to go with duck.

    Plus this place is locally owned...WE MUST SUPPORT THEM!

  • 1540 E Broadway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85719
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    Axis Mart is the best around. They have a great selection of nearly everything they carry. They even carry a gluten free beer! They are the only variety store I know of in Tucson that carries the small batch New Grist.  They do have kegs available and bags of ice for mixed beverages, which you can get the booze for there as well.

    Wine selection is predictable, but at least you know what you're getting.  Prices are competitive. The people there are nice and helpful, which is the best feature of all!

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    This was a great place to spend an evening. They even have room for tents in the back! Staff was very nice and helpful. Guests were also pretty fab. I met a couple that lives around the corner from me back home! The facilities were clean and they had everything you needed to have a nice stay. Thanks a ton to the staff here!

  • $$ Hotel
    364 W Washington St
    Sequim, WA 98382
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    You will be wise to avoid this motel. Rude staff turned us away even though the parking lot was empty. We had a coupon from a local publication. It was not expired but we were told it was a misprint and she would not honor the coupon.

    We pulled off the highway especially to stay there so to be turned away without a reason was a drag. The savings was not that big so we were willing to pay the full amount, but before we could express that we wanted to stay here anyway she told us that we were not welcome to stay here and asked us to leave.

    The conversation never escalated it was very civil but we never found out what the "misprint" was or why she was not willing to let to us for the night.

  • 4343 N Oracle Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85705
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    These guys really are great they have a nice variety of supplies and know how to use them...and if they don't they google it on the spot and make sure you are getting the right stuff.

  • 5320 E Speedway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85712
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    Unless you know someone who works there don't expect to be helped in any sort of reasonable time line. The gals who work at this place, save RollerGrrl, are more concerned with their own conversations than helping  their customers. I have been here several times and have never had a great or even a good experience with the customer RollerGrrl. While the selection is pretty great and very affordable I always question why I went in after I leave and always put off going until there are no other options. My standards for customer service have dwindled since moving to Tucson, but these gals are not even remotely trying.

    Whomever owns this place should seriously consider an overhaul on the staff or a secret shopper service. The conversation the clerks had while they helped no one and  we waited on line to be called up to the counter was so banal I don't even remember a single detail.

    If you gotta go clear your schedule and pop an energy pill. Don't forget your glasses and possibly a flashlight. It was dark and hot and the background chatter is bound to put you to sleep while you wait in line for one of the employees to cut off a few yards of that fabric you're saving a couple bucks on.

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    Where to begin...I really expected more from Garland. This place could really pack them in with some fundamental changes in service. We went over on a Friday evening because there was live music by an acoustic guitarist. This was pleasant and we enjoyed the music. Pass.

    Upon entering the dining room I noticed the lights were very bright. Ambiance was left to die on the empty outdoor patio. Fail.

    We ordered a cup of coffee, a lemonade, the soup of the day, a vegetable chowder, mushroom and spinach lasagna and the tofu curry. The food was alright. The chowder was kinda watery for a "chowder".  Eh.
    The lasagna was very good. Pass.
    The curry, which I ordered to illustrate to my date that tofu is not always bland when prepared well, did not at all illustrate this. So, while it was very good, the tofu tasted very much like  tofu and not the sauce that it was in.

    Our water came in plastic cups. Fail. The coffee cup was never refilled. We were never offered more coffee. Fail. There was no silverware on the table and we had to seek it out for ourselves. Fail. The lemonade was warm. Fail.

    The server/owner only cleared dishes in order to give us the check while we were still eating our dinner. We did not ask for the check.  FAIL. Really, we were no where near done and it was no where near closing time. We got there at 6:30pm and paid at 7:26pm.

    We were never offered desert. Fail.

    The knob on the bathroom door was broken and there was no alternative way to lock it. Fail.

    I would tell you how much the items were but our check consisted of a scrap of register tape with a number on it $32 and change.

    We were one of five parties in the house the whole time we were there. How this place is still open is beyond me.

  • 1750 E Fort Lowell Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85719
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    I am a fiend for the guacamole tacos! Rosa's salsa is the best around. Together they are a powerful and delicious combo!

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    I love this place! Bohemia is as good as it gets for local Tucson art. There are amazing works from every medium here. Everything is handmade by artists in the area. Favorites like DD Co and Rand Carlson grace the walls. The openings are always fabulous and fun and a great opportunity to meet the artist and shop late, too. They offer later hours in the holiday shopping season, too.

    Last time I was at Bohemia they had just received merchandise from a new artist. I was excited to be one of the first to purchase the little painted rocks because they spoke to me. They always have a perfect and unique gift, for myself...and friends, sometimes! Bohemia is such a great part of the Tucson art scene. I can't think of anywhere, Tucson or otherwise, that provides high quality works from as many local artists at such reasonable prices.

    Keep up the good work!

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