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    An update for ISM,  I had a someone open a car door on me while driving. I took my car back to ISM because they had done a great job the last time.  Antonio was great, explaining how the whole insurance thing would work. The other drivers insurance paid for the repairs. Well...the day before I was going to take my car in for the bodywork the check engine comes on. I called Antonio and he said no worries we can take a look at it. They did the bodywork and Giovanni fixed the engine stuff. I will say I did have two things with the bodywork that they missed, one of them was major. I promptly called Antonio and he had me bring the car back so he could fix the problem. He also offered to give me a rental for the day. All in all awesome service and very professional. The car is running great and the bodywork is flawless. I will definitely go back next time.

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    A couple of weeks ago I was on my way to get my car serviced and I got rear ended. My mechanic… Weiterlesen
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    The best place in San Francisco to watch Green Bay Packer games...and the burgers are good too.

  • 1944 Main St
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    The Italian Sandwich is the best!!!! Oh the Jalapeno Mayonnaise is off the hook too!!!!

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    Took my partner's SUV in for tires (5-5-11) and the price was right on...same as on tirerack. They told me the brakes were soft when they called and I thought here we go with the you need all these other things fixed...Well turns out the brakes were fine and they also fixed the side mirror for a great price. They seem very trustworthy and they don't try and rip you off. I will definitely go back. Melinda and the other two service advisers are great.

  • 1525 Howard St
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    Update: I just spoke with Mike from Royal Motor. We agreed that the key issue could have been handled differently. He has offered to comp my next service to make it right. I told him I would give them another try. I have added one more star due to the fact that they admitted they could have handled the key issue differently. Not too many businesses do that these days. I will update this review next time I have my car serviced at Royal Motor.

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    I was going write a long detailed review about my recent experience at Royal Motors Repair. I will… Weiterlesen
    Mitchell K.
    Kommentar von Mitchell K. von Royal Audi Service
    18.4.2011 Ernie, I'm very sorry to hear about the key issue. You are correct as some of these models can be a… Weiterlesen

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