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    I went here a few weeks ago on a date around 9pm. The food was cooked perfectly here. Nothing to complain about there. The restaurant is in a good location, but it is a little small (not out of the ordinary for the area). Great drinks, great bartender, wonderful atmosphere. This could become a usual hangout.

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    This is a cool chill spot. Its good for after work or just on a whim. They serve you a drink.. IN A BUCKET! That is creative. My guy and I stared into each other's eyes as we sipped on the one we shared.. Just for a second then we cracked up laughing. The food is pretty good too. We had some fries that had barbecue sauce and chicken on top of it. Pretty tasty and creative. Neat spot. The only problem I had was that there is a HUGE amount of liquid in the bucket and we had to force it down so my stomach was aching when I left. Not such a bad problem...

  • 1 South Broad St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    This is my favorite restaurant. I love eating at McCormick and Schmicks. You will not be dissatisfied eating here. I  have been to this restaurant in different cities and still the quality is the same. The staff is very attentive and knowledgeable, the food is amazing and the prices are right. The ambiance is lovely. Not too bright, and not too dim. It is a very cozy restuarant. It is perfect to take a date, or even a family get together. Make sure to have the crab and shrimp dip as an appetizer. LOVE IT!

  • 312 Race St
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
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    I asked a group of friends to go here to celebrate my birthday with the hopes of getting some succulent crab legs.. We all decided we would never dine here again. First of all the place is as big as a city row house. The tables are all jam packed together. Its just a little too close. The lighting is very dim and the light over our table flickered the whole time. There is no background noise, no elevator music.. nothing. That in addition to the dim lights gave the restaurant an eerie feeling. Our waitress spilled drinks on us as she was setting them down. She did not know from which side to serve. The crab soup was nothing but canned veg soup with crab meat and added salt. Our entrees were tasty but 2 people ordered the crab cake and they both had shells in them. The food is overpriced (I ordered the king crab legs for $35 and received 2 {two} crab legs and a baked potato. One slice of boxed pumpkin cheesecake was $6.75) and the quality is extremely lacking. NOT fine dining in the least. I would never recommend this hole in the wall.

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