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  • 444 Battery St
    San Francisco, CA 94111
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    Only gets 3stars for acts. The food is horrible tastes like they microwave everything, ordered a chicken caesar who can mess that up? Salad was warm & soggy! Food is overpriced & drinks are weak & soda is flat....should i go on? I felt tickets were overpriced with a 2 drink minimum! Glasses were small! Don't do it...Had a way better experience at Tommy T's & no im not an employee!

  • $$ Massage
    915 C St
    Hayward, CA 94541
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    Let me begin by saying this is my first time but my bfs second. Half way through the service (we both had full body massage)
    another customer came in to be serviced but requested a female since the only two females were servicing us the male receptionist obliged the customer by asking my bfs massage therapist if she could take the new client. She agreed and left my bf & had the male receptionist complete my bfs service....which should of consisted of the second half of an hour service! From my bfs account the second half of the service was far below par consisting of a light facial massage & some toe grabbing when the receptionist asked him to sit up and began grabbing at his earlobes it was the end my bf couldnt take anymore and asked that the massage cease. When we left i was asked "how was everything?" This was a loaded question....for me fine, i replied but for my bf not fine! I let the receptionist/ massage therapist know we were not at all pleased withe the swap & how unprofessional this practice is. He began to defend his action telling me it was common practice there & that all his customers were pleased! PLEASE....i retorted that i am a customer & we were very displeased...he relented this banter went on for a few minutes as the gals tried to reason with him in Vietnamese. Save your money and pay more for a certified massage therapist! We have learned our lesson!

  • 17780 Hesperian Blvd
    San Lorenzo, CA 94580
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    I only give them one star cause they were open! Worst massage ever... Did i even get a massage! I wish i could write my review ithe native language of the owner....or whoever massages me! Between being a receptionist translator and my massage therapist oh and lets not forget gossiping with the gal that was giving my bf a massage... IT was the WORST 35$!!!!!

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    Do NOT Eat here...we watched the cook dig into garbage with bare hands & then go straight to touching the dough with their bare hands without washing them! Ewwee! Calling health department and every person i know! This is a health warning!

  • 20629 Redwood Rd
    Castro Valley, CA 94546
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    Ive lived in cv/ hwd my entire lufe and avoid this store like the plague but last night i give it a shot an it just reconfirmed for me why i dont shop here! I found an item that was less expensive at Luckys across the way and asked if i could have it priced matched. The mgr went into this long explanation about corporate office and how they dint do theyd rather me take my business to Luckys? She cont' by sayin esp not if its price matchin Luckys.... Really? Idk if its price matchin fuckys.... In the end she did it! I will continue going to the ugly L word across the way! Oh and i forgot to mention The Lines!!! Urgh!!!!!

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