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    Slowest drive thru ever!  After waiting in the DT for nearly 20 minutes (at a non-peak time), I discovered that my bagel was a hollow shell.  I was already back on the interstate & in no position to turn around.  Besides, I didn't have another 20 minutes to remedy the situation.  I called the store and emailed the regional manager.  Both responded to my contact fairly quickly, but there was no follow through.  No coupons, no re-do next time I was in the neighborhood.  Nothing but empty promises & an empty bagel.

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    We adopted our senior GSP here.  Our family found the adoption process to be thorough.  All of our questions were answered promptly and concerns addressed.

    This is a privately owned rescue - not a canine Hilton.  The living conditions are fine (especially considering that many of the dogs would be either dead or wilting away in shelters).  The dogs are well taken care of.  

    GSPs are naturally lean (in response to the other reviewer).  I did not see any ill or underweight dogs at RMGSP rescue.

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    I have to be honest - in the past I've been a big fan of Nick's.  Then....

    2 years ago in the fall, we bought an apple tree.  We followed the tree guy's directions to a T.  The tree was not doing well.  I contacted Nick's and asked for help.  I brought them a sample as well as pictures of the sick little tree.  Again, we followed their care instructions to the letter.  The tree died.  They told us to return the following spring to get a replacement.  2 weeks ago, we did just that - and they said NO!  The staff was short and quite rude about it.  We will not return to Nick's.  Ever.

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    I had an Americano here over the weekend.  It was smooth, a little nutty and just amazing :)  I love the individual attention the baristas pay to the drinks.  I did not love the long...very long...wait I had because there were a few drinks ahead of me.

    Bottom line - I'll definitely go again!

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    I did not care for the hostile way they treated my toddler.  She was frightened and they made it so much worse.  The tech applied the fluoride treatment to her teeth without my consent.  

    We see a new family dentist now.  My girl jumps right into the chair & is excited about seeing the dentist.

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    I went in for a Mayan Massage recently.  Marion was wonderful!  She made me feel so comfortable and I left with more knowledge and confidence.  I am a huge believer in 'alternative' therapies and will return to Apothecary Tinctura again and again.  Some things are pricey, but worth it!

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