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    I went in to buy two different hiking boots for different types of hikes coming up this month. I walked in and was greeted as I walked back to the boots area. There was already someone being service and I looked around waiting my turn. After about 30 mins I walked out. I would have stayed if the person manning the boot area would have acknowledged me to let me know I would be next. Instead I walked around in the small area, surely making the other customer upset.

    I understand the limited staff to maximize profit, but they have to have a way to let a customer wander around the store, while still being "in line" to purchase boots. Maybe if the attendant said "I will come find you when we're done" or take a number.

  • 9201 S Avenida Del Yaqui
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    It looks like a neighborhood bike shop, which I think is very cool. Looking in the window I saw old 10 speeds and the like. I said looking in the window because I never got into the shop, no one was there. After reading other yelp reviews, I realize this was a small shop, with weird hours. I called about 9am and ask what the hours for that day were... "10-7".  I got there at 10:15, and no one was there.  OK, everyone can run behind, at 10:30 I went to the restaurant next to the bike shop for a snack, at 10:45 they still were not there and their phone is going to voice mail. I guess if you go there, go on the weekend, do not count on them being there even if you call ahead to confirm.

    The reason it is a two and not a one is because they answered the phone at 9am.

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    The Sandbar is a place to pick up or to be picked up; I went there for a goodbye party for a coworker. We had 6 in our booth, all ordering different drinks and food. The appetizers are pretty good, the nachos are a little better than most, the fried clams are very good (tender not chewy) and there is a great Thai chili dipping sauce.

    They have a heavy pour on their drinks which is great when you're drinking Knob Creek, however they need a little work on their mix drinks the Mojitos were just bad.

    We went 01/25/13 and Kyle was our server. He was very nice at the end of the night to help sort out everyone bill. This rating should be a 3.5 but I round up.

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    First and foremost the food was good and the wait staff friendly. This was my first time here so I went with a couple of menu items that received raves on Yelp, the pizza muffins and pizza.

    I was a little disappointed in the pizza muffins, maybe because of all the hype I was expecting something that could not be achieved by a pizza muffin. It was good, but not a must have good. You might want to order these for small children as their dinner, or order them before you leave so you could pack them in the kids lunch for school.

    The pizza, a large special, was one of the better pizzas that I have had. It actual had dimension; one might say layers of flavor. This will be one of the pizzas that I will start ordering instead of delivery because the place is so close.

    The restaurant was casual and very open and was just a little too loud for my liking. It was very busy when I went at 7pm on a Sunday. Take a suggestion from me, and use the takeout.

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    Good sushi, and a fun time. A good place to take a casual first date. The staff is very nice. The belt always had something I wanted to try, or have another one of. At dinner on a Friday at 5:30pm it was not crowded at all.

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    What can I say, APC even made my junkyard steel look good. It cost me $30 for what others wanted $100 for, $110 if I wanted something else then black (I did). I did 5 pieces all together 3 medium size 2 small.  Make sure its  APC on Washington, looking at websites I almost went to the wrong one

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