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  • $$ Friseur
    4250 SW Hall Blvd
    Beaverton, OR 97005
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    I've been seeing Alan for almost 20 years and have followed him as he moved to different locations around Beaverton. Alan is the best. He's an award wining colorist and just a cool laid back guy. His schedule is packed which will attest to his strong following. I've referred several friends to him and they all love him. His new location IMHO is the best - centrally located and lots of parking. If you look at the reviews it's just 5 stars and 1 stars. As with all yelps it's good to trim a couple reviews from the top and bottom to rule out haters and over the toppers. Which leaves you with... 5 stars. Check him out

  • 3724 NE Broadway
    Portland, OR 97232
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    My kids and i have a joke about this place. We always suggest that we eat at shandong because we'd NEVER EVER want to eat there again.  Food really isn't very good.

  • 1401 SW Naito Pkwy
    Portland, OR 97201
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    Went here for Portland dining month. Highlights Include: yummy bacon cheese potato soup with pearl bakery bread, house made tagliatelle, crab risotto, and cookie. Waiter was very friendly and attentive. I usually am wary about eating at hotel restaurants but this one was pretty good.

  • 306 NW Broadway
    Portland, OR 97209
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    Swung by for a drink during first thurs.  Have heard a lot about this place, particularly the drinks.  Cool atmosphere, hipster lighting and seats.  Extensive drink menu, hand shaken at the table for you.  Food was ... meh.

    Got the duck fries - fries w duck cracklins and cheese.  Sounded better than it was.  Fries were a bit on the soggy side and not a ton of flavor.  

    Table next to us had a sweeeet looking burger but they gave it a thumbs down for oily and salty.  

    Drinks all looked cool.  I had a sparkle pants - some fruity foo foo drink w a rock candy stirrer (I ordered it for the stirrer).  Friend got a tea-infused manhattan.  Drinks were fine tho nothing to write home about.  

    I'd come again if in the neighborhood but wouldnt seek this place out

  • 1300 NW Lovejoy Ave
    Portland, OR 97209
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    Aufgelistet in Happy Happy Joy Joy

    Happy hour search continues...

    Kicked off first thursday festivities at Pink Rose.  Had a few recommends so finally decided to check this place out...

    The good: happy hour goes till 7.  The latest happy hour I know of in the Pearl
    The better: really friendly staff.  Kept my glass full and always around for friendly chit-chat
    The best: good food good prices.  We happened to be there on date nite thurs - small plate, large plate and 2 drinks for 20.  We got the brussel sprout salad - nice mixture of brussel sprouts, bacon with a little citrus, and the flat iron steak.  two small pieces topped w pickled onions and fried shallots.  Salad was great, steak was good, price was awesome - actually a better deal than happy hour.

    Their burger also looked really good.  On the todo list for my next visit...

    They also have a late HH starting at 10.  Had such a nice time we stopped by for one last drink.  But they close at 10... huh?

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    I love pizza.  Raised on tombstone and pizza hut (hey that's all they have in Hawaii).   BUT my taste has refined going to school in NY, and I've found a few favorites in PDX (scholls, pyro).

    Had a groupon, and it's near my place so decided to check it  out.  Got the house special - took out the ground beef (because 4 other meats is quite enough) sub roasted red peppers (nice variety in toppings).  Got it togo and the staff was super friendly.  Pizza looked good - bacon was in long slices (not cut) never saw that before.  And it tasted...okay.  I'd say a notch below hot lips and pizzicato so good but nothing to write home about.  But the price ... ouch.  20 bucks for a 14"?  Pretty penny for a plain jane pizza experience.  

    Repeat I will not.

  • 3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd
    Portland, OR 97214
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    Happy hour tour continues.  Time for some spicy chinese.  
    Been going to Lucky Strike hh for a while because: it's 7 days a wk (for a nice cheap wkend meal) and prices were good (regular menu is a tad on the expensive side).  

    Havent been for a while - a few changes (listed below)...In the past would have given this place 5 stars, now just 3.5

    HH hours are the same: 4-6, 7 days a wk
    Food is still great.  My top picks:
      - Crispy tofu
      - spicy dumplings
      - dan dan noodles and sesame noodles
      - beans beans
    Their HH servings have gotten bigger, and it seems like the prices are the same.  I used to order 3-4 dishes for 2 people.  Now you'd just need 2 - 3 max.

    They now have a $3 Drink minimum.  Yeah what's three bucks ... I'll tell you what 3 bucks is - another side dish, or chain 4 of these together and that's the cost of  another hh outing.  One nice trick around this is to get a juice spritzer (they have mango and pineapple juice) to hit the minimum w/o going over.

    Waitstaff is pretty unfriendly - I'd say same level as a korean restaurant :)

    Overall still a great place to check out, but wont be on my regular rotation anymore...

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    Contestant number three in my happy hour hunt...

    It's the Heathman, so I was already expecting pretty good but overpriced food.  Their happy hour is a bit of a scam ... they claim it's from 2 till close every day.  But it's really just a standard bar menu with standard hotel bar prices.  Oh but they do have a the $5 bistro burger ... but that's just from 4-6 / 9 till close.  So really they just have one happy hour item available at happy hour times.  Very tricky Mr Heathman....

    That said - food and drink was good.  THE thing to order is the clams and chorizo.  Didnt sound that great on the menu but it was gooood.  Clams swimming in a nice butter garlic sauce with clumps of fried chorizo.  Wait staff kept us loaded w bread for dipping.  Avoid the Shepherds Pie - mashed potatoes over hamburger helper.  Oysters and croque monsieur were OK (get a real one at St Honore)

    What gives Heathman just 3 stars is the price.  3 drinks 4 food items for 45 bucks.  Wouldnt call that much of a happy hour

  • $$ Lounge
    2108 NW Glisan St
    Portland, OR 97210
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    Contestant number 2 in my happy hour search.

    Been wanting to try this one for a while as I hit Urban Fondue now and then.  I always leave complaining how friggin expensive fondue is (no idea why they charge so much - i think it's a supply and demand thing) and remember you can get it a lot cheaper next door during happy hour.

    Drinks here are great - half off martinis (everything except their 'call martinis') which means you can get cosmos and lemon drops for 3 bucks.  My friend had a spicy cucumber martini, I had a foo foo strawberry one.  Both were great - hers was had some nice subtle and unique flavors, mine sweet but not overpowering.

    Food was...OK.  Ahi tuna sliders - sound kinda weird but I liked them.  My friend however poo pooed on the Safeway buns they were served on (I didn't mind but I like cheap hamburger buns for some reason - reminds me of the burger joints in Hawaii).  We both agreed that the shrimp tacos blew - especially with the costco corn tortillas.  Crab dip wasnt bad but again felt like something you can get from Safeway (including the fancy ritz crackers).  

    I would go here again for the drinks.  Food wasnt too pricey but not as cheap and good as Leaky Roof (see my other review).  The fondue is a good deal (6 bucks for cheese fondue and bread) tho they charge a premium for other sides (5 bucks for apples and pears).   Woulda ordered it but I just got a fondue pot (recommend the electric cuisinart from crate&barrel) so a bit fondue'd out... (and my $50 urban fondue meals are over!)

  • 1538 SW Jefferson St
    Portland, OR 97201
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    Aufgelistet in Happy Happy Joy Joy

    I've started my search for the best happy hour joints in Portland.  First contestant - Leaky Roof - recommended by a friend.  It's in Goose Hollow which is a neighborhood I rarely venture into.  But easy to get there from the west side - market street exit off 26, take your first left (heading north), left on Jefferson, take it to 15th.  Tons of street parking esp if you hit happy hr times (330-6).

    On to the food.  Two great things - good cheap food, no drink minimum.  Everything on the menu is less than 5 bucks.  We had the risotto of the day (chicken curry).  A good risotto - creamy, warm, tender with a nice chicken flavor with mild hints of curry.  Also had the pulled pork quesadilla which was THICK - good amount of meat (a little too much for my taste) but with some nice salsa fresca.  Food was good, service was nice.  And two food items and a glass of wine was just 11 bucks.  Cant beat that.

    On the TODO list for this place: 1/3lb burger w fries (hand formed patty) 4 bucks.  Guinness Irish Stew 3 bucks.  Did I mention this place was cheap?

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    Consider me completely unsurprised! I hope you enjoy brunch. :)

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