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  • 49 Franklin St
    Boston, MA 02110
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    Maybe I'm cranky because I had a 12-hour workday today and didn't get to eat lunch until 3 PM. But, when I did go to get lunch at 3 PM, I made the unfortunate choice of trying Bonapita.

    There was nobody else at the restaurant when I arrived. It's a cool space (check out the ceiling), but I'm not sure who made the decision to show America's Funniest Home Videos on the TVs.

    I go to place my order and ask which dishes are vegan. The cashier explains that the black bean patties and lentil mushroom are vegan. I look at the menu and one is labelled "v" and another "vg." So I ask why they're labelled differently if they're both vegan. She asks someone else. Apparently one of the dishes uses egg as a binder. I choose what I thought was the vegan option (why would I be inquiring otherwise?).

    I ask what she prefers between the sandwich, salad, and plate options. She says the plate, so I opt for that.

    I sit down to wait, and watch the three, then four, employees behind the counter gossip and do anything but make my food in a timely manner. I had work to get back to, and I expect downtown takeout options to be fast. This was not, despite the fact that I was the only person in the restaurant. I make eye contact with the cashier who asks her coworker if my food was ready. He replied that the patties were still frying.

    Finally, I get my food and grab some hot sauce.

    I get back to my desk and open the plate and it looks thoroughly disappointing. When I taste it, it doesn't taste much better. The rice was hard, and the plate was dry overall.

    But the icing on the cake was when I looked at the pictures on the Yelp page and realized that the lentil dish is not in patty-form. In other words, if my logic is correct, the dish with the egg as binder is the black bean patties that I ate, and the vegan dish is the lentil dish. So, despite the fact that I made special care to ask about vegan dishes, I somehow ended up with something non-vegan. I was not pleased.

    Needing to finish a bunch of work and having no time to get something else, I pretend I didn't come to this conclusion, covered the rest of the dish in the oily hot sauce, and eat it as fast as possible. Please don't tell the vegan police.

    Overall, I have no idea how this place is so highly rated. The food nor the customer service was anywhere near adequate. The only positive is that there is a vegan option, if you can figure out which is which.

  • 100 City Hall Plz
    Boston, MA 02108
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    I have been silly excited for this place to open. It is the overpriced, organic, hip (not hippie) take-out joint that Boston has been dying for. It's sort of absurd that every other major city everywhere has a plethora of vegan options, and Boston's are relegated to Allston and Cambridge. I work very close by (and live not too far away, either), so I've been passing by, peering in the windows, and "liking" everything they've been posting on Facebook for the past few weeks, since it's right up my yuppie, plant-based alley.

    Yesterday, I passed by and noticed the plastic was taken down from the windows, so I cautiously went in. They had a few salads, juices, and other items in the refrigerator cases, and told me they were working on the rest of the food, but couldn't wait to open any longer. I got myself a Green Energy salad, a Blue Coconut smoothie, and a bowl of Tomato Chia Chili, which totaled around $25. I chatted with the owners(?) as they scrambled trying to find cups, utensils, and the like. They were very nice, excited for their new business, and seemed to want my input. They also (embarrassingly) recognized my name from Facebook. They rang me up on their iPad cash register, and I was on my way.

    The smoothie was tasty, and I was pleased that the salad had a half an avocado and some delicious (slightly spicy!) dressing. The chili was hearty and healthy, containing chia and shiitake mushrooms, I believe. I certainly can't afford to eat there every day, but I'll absolutely be back.

  • 72 Kilmarnock St
    Boston, MA 02215
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    I'm reading so many awful reviews that sound EXACTLY like what I experienced. I, too, had a cab voucher for Boston Cab from my workplace, so I was forced to use this company. I too, had an EXTREMELY rude dispatcher. I, too, had a cab that NEVER SHOWED UP.

    A little while back, I booked a cab to get from downtown to Charlestown for an event for work. I booked the cab to get to my office so I'd be at the event with plenty of time to set up. 45 minutes later, the cab isn't there. I call the dispatcher. He says the cab is "on its way," but tells me that he can't tell me when it was going to come, since it was rush hour.  A little bit later, I call again, and the dispatcher hangs up on me. Then they ignore my phone calls. So, my co-worker calls. The dispatcher tries to tell her that I only called to book the cab 15 minutes ago, when I had called hours earlier to schedule the cab to come AT A SPECIFIC TIME. Eventually we gave up and took the T to Sullivan and walked with boxes of stuff for the event, which we were 45 minutes late to.

    I took a Boston Cab again tonight from my workplace to get to another event for work. This time, we just took the first cab we saw near the office. When I got out of the cab, I think I may have accidentally left a bag on the cab, so I call the dispatcher to ask if he has a lost and found. He says, "yeah, it's at the police department." "At the police department?" I ask, laughing a bit. "Glad you think it's funny," he replies. "Thanks," I say, and hang up. You might be right, but I don't need that attitude, bro.

    I only give them 2 stars because the cab I took for work was very clean and took credit cards. Very convenient. But if I'm choosing a cab for a non-work related reason, I'll always go with Yellow Cab, which has older cabs that only take credit cards if the driver feels like calling it in (and sometimes their system is apparently down, but I've never had a driver having a problem stopping at an ATM). I live in Medford, though, and their dispatch is in Medford, so they always manage to show up at my house within about five minutes. It's incredible.

  • 100 CambridgeSide Pl
    Cambridge, MA 02141
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    Falafel in the mall! What isn't there to love? I've always had a good experience here, and I appreciate that there's something a bit more healthy that I can get than Taco Bell or greasy generic Chinese noodles. I've only had the generously sized falafel sandwich and the okra dish, and I enjoy both. My only complaint is the lemonade (or whatever drink is on the counter) is not kept cold, so it's lukewarm, and I don't think they have an ice machine (or at least they didn't offer me ice).

  • 1933 Massachusetts Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02140
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    9.11.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag
    Aufgelistet in Vegan +1

    I've never updated a review before, but I really have to. Am I the only one who has noticed the food quality going downhill? At the very least, they have started stuffing their spring rolls and veggie dumplings with some sort of unidentifiable vegetable-like matter instead of fresh vegetables. Honestly, it's gross. I used to love this place (hence the previous five star review), and the drunken noodles with tofu are still decent so I don't want to dock more than two stars, but the bad appetizers are unacceptable.

    5.0 Sterne
    18.4.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I love this place. Granted, the only entree I have ever gotten here are the drunken noodles (with… Weiterlesen
  • 400 Highland Ave
    Somerville, MA 02144
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    I ate here with my boyfriend late one night about a week ago. It's pretty solid, but definitely not anything out of this world. Our main complaint was that the service was somewhat abrupt, especially considering that the restaurant wasn't crowded.

    For an appetizer, we ordered the white bean hummus which hit the spot. For entrees, my boyfriend ordered the kentucky fried cornish game hen, and I got the pumpkin pie pizza. My boyfriend said the k.f.c.g.h. was good, but definitely not exactly a healthy option. The pumpkin pie pizza was alright, but the kale on the pizza was a little gritty, like it wasn't fully washed.

    However, I love the fact that the vegan and vegetarian items on the menu are clearly labeled. It makes going out to dinner a much easier and much more enjoyable experience for me, so for that fact alone, I can definitely see myself returning.

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    RIP Kee Kar Lau. You were so much better than Golden Light. I'm so upset that you burned down.

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    You know what, this place is amazing.

    I visited them during their first week, and I had a fairly decent experience. The waitress was new, and seemed a bit nervous, but I can forgive that. The butternut squash ravioli was absolutely delicious, and my seitan piccata was alright. The pear pastry with ice cream dessert thing was good, as well. They forgot the ice cream at first, but again, it was only their second day open or something like that, so I forgave it. If I had written a review after this, I'd probably give it four stars.


    I went here for Valentine's Day dinner, and I was really impressed (as I should have been for the price that we paid). They had a special menu that consisted of a salad, a ravioli dish, a choice of either a cashew cheese and veggie filo dough deal or a potato encrusted portabella mushroom, and either a apple walnut cake with ice cream or a chocolate pot du creme with the same ice cream

    My boyfriend and I got alternate dishes when we had a choice, so we could try a bit of everything, and everything was solid. I'm a sucker for portobello mushrooms, so I loved the mushroom entree, and the chocolate cake deal came with this raspberry syrup and it was absolutely amazing. My boyfriend also does not believe at all that their ice cream is vegan, because it's so good. As a final touch, I was handed a small bunch of roses on my way out the door. That definitely sealed the deal. Five stars.

  • $$ Café
    195 Elm St
    Somerville, MA 02144
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    I'm really torn here. I love having a vegan restaurant around, but, unfortunately, this place is somewhat inconsistent. On my last visit, I had the sweet potato quesadilla, which was great, and a delicious homemade donut (the first donut I've had in over a year and a half). My boyfriend had the tempeh reuben, which was also very good. However, for my entree, I got the shredded seitan and BBQ sandwich which was absolutely disgusting. It was tasteless seitan, with a bunch of BBQ stuff on top, in between a bun. The coleslaw on the side was the only redeeming factor.

    When the waitress came by and asked if I wanted the sandwich wrapped up, I said "No, it was actually pretty bad." Instead of saying "I'm sorry, would you like something else?," she said, "Oh, that's odd. Other people really liked it. I'll take it off of your bill," then left. I was fully intending to order something else, because I was still hungry. So I got her attention and told her that. I got a tempeh reuben to go for myself, and called it a day.

    I, like some other people here, don't really like where they're going with the increase in the amount of sandwiches and the decreased other dishes. I guess this is because they're trying to distinguish themselves from True Bistro. Unfortunately, I feel like the menu shift is kind of lazy. Having a bacon veggie burger, veggie cheeseburger, and a veggie burger listed as three separate items on the menu just seems like a waste of space.

    On other visits, I've had the buffalo tofu bites, which are very good, the gyro which is also very good, and this BBQ tofu plate with cornbread which is amazing, but I haven't seen on the menu in a while.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I will be honest right from the beginning. I'm giving this place five stars on behalf of my boyfriend who loves this place. I'm a vegan, so the only sandwich I eat here is a veggie one where I take off the cheese. The veggies are pretty fresh, though, and the people here are friendly.

    This was the first place I ate when I came up to these here parts, when I was a vegetarian, and I think it was okay, then, but that was two and a half years ago, so I don't really remember.

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