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    Food is just OK.  I've had every single item on the menu.  The only thing that's ever been excellent is one night they had a chicken thigh special that was AMAZING.  That's it.  The rest I may as well have made myself.  Just average.  As far as service- oh boy!  These people think they're doing us a favor by serving us.  Hostesses are nice, but servers and bartenders are completely hrroible, except for maybe 2 we've encountered.  Worst example: Husband and I get a sitter to go out for a couple drinks after dinner. We get to the bar around 8:30, sit down. Male bartender brings menus.  We look, decide.  He comes back and takes ONLY my order and walks away.  Doesn't ask what my husband wants.  I ordered a mixed drink and instead of making it, goes to the other side of the bar and is pouring beers for some guys.  We're confused.  Then, female bartender (super! nice!) asks if we'd been helped and we said we weren't sure but since husband jsut wants a beer, she can get it.  Male tender comes back and is so upset that we 'split the tab' which is completely 'unacceptable' that he is now refusing to make my drink.  "She can just make your drink then," he says!  So she brings back the beer and asks if I want a drink.  I say no because by this time, I've had it with this place. We never get good service and we'll never eat/drink there again. Male tender then brings over my drink (it's now been 20 minutes since we first arrived) and proceeds to tell me that he was just being sarcastic before.  It was crazy.  Here we are trying to have a night with no kids, getting attitude from a bartender over who we ordered a drink from.  Both bartenders serving the whole bar (not in sections) but we're supposed to feel loyalty to the one not helping us.  This was the most tangilbe story I have on bad service, but it's indicative of how we have been treated every single time we've been.  

    I gave 2 stars because the atmosphere is really nice and parking is easy.  I wish they'd hire nice people and a better chef.

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    This is such a great and welcoming place for kids to explore their artistic side.  My daughter has been attending for 6 months now and she looks forward to it each week.  She has done many paintings, sculptures, and crafts.  One really great thing about the program is they provide guidance such as a book of Monet paintings for inspiration or a theme such as animals, but the work itself if entirely by the students.  It's something they can really own and be proud of.

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    OConnor is the best lumber yard in town.  There is always someone there to help you--you don't have to search around for help.  There is a really great selection of things, easy parking, and a lot of knowledgable staff.  They also have a TON of lumber.

  • 139 Kentucky St
    Petaluma, CA 94952
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    Just got my kids' and myself haircuts.  Just kind of walked by and thought we should do it.  I will definitely go back!  They were nice, welcoming, great with the kids, and easy.  My son had his first cut their and the stylist did great.  The stylist cutting my daughter's hair was so sweet with her.  So nice to have a good, convenient place for a cut in Petaluma.  And note their hours!  So convenient!

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    Jen was professional, patient, and knowledgeable in helping us decide whether or not to list our home, how to find another one, and what options were available to us.  She obviously knows this industry inside and out and I trusted her judgement from the very beginning, which proved to be right on target.  There is no doubt that anyone who uses her for either a sale or purchase will find that she's honest, reliable, and well-informed about the industry, and can help reach their real estate goals.  She definitely helped us with ours.  We will not hesitate to refer her to anyone interested in selling or buying a home.

  • $$ Hotel
    406 Alvarado st
    Monterey, CA 93940
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    If you like janky, you'll love the Monterey Hotel.  From the disgusting carpets, teensy tiny rooms (and we paid $$$ for teh junior suite) to the noise, there is no reason to stay at this hotel when there are so many options in the same general area.  The staff were friendly, but it is obvious that this hotel does the very bare minumum to keep this business running. Just because something is old, does not make it antique.  There was little comfortable about the room, although I did sleep well once I was able to drown out all the people talking in rooms around us and in the halls/stairwell, the flushing of toilets, and creaking of floors/ceilings.  Honestly, because we have kids, I think they gave us the worst room they have.  My husband actually referred to it as a shack and he's a really easy going guy.

  • 18449 Brookhurst St
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
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    If I could give zero stars I would.  This bridal shop is a nightmare!  They are overpriced and have horrible customer service.  DON'T sign a contract!

    I am maid of honor for a friend that is getting married in Newport.  All of us bridesmaids live in nor cal or even out of country.  The bride went to Wedding Day and found the bridesmaid dress she wanted, but she wasn't ready to commit to it until she ran it by all of us.  They women at the shop told her that it was 'no pressure' to buy, but that to expedite things for all the out-of-towers, she should sign a non binding contract in case she did decide to order the dresses.  The plan was for each of us to call them with our sizes and payment information within a week to get the dresses ordered, but that nothing would be ordered until we all had called in.  One bridesmaid called in right away as she was leaving on a trip.  The rest of us had to call several times to get ahold of the shop and when we did, they just directed us to a website to fill out some form and fax it back to them.  Lame!  Like I said, some girls are out of country and fax is a pain!  

    Meanwhile, I found the dress for HALF the cost elsewhere and told the other girls not to send in their orders to Wedding Day.  The bride called the shop to tell them we werent going through with the order and they told her that she owed them a 25% consultation fee (which of course had never been mentioned before during their 'no pressure' nonsense)  So, she said, fine, she would pay 25% of the one dress order that had been placed, which would be $50, but they claimed that they could charge for the entire bridal party order, which hadn't even been placed!  No one had called in or placed their order besides the one girl.  So, the bride said she would pay the entire $250 fee they were requesting and they said no, they were billing the one bridesmaid who had provided credit card info!  So crazy!  Bride is crying, all upset.  So, I call the shop and tell them that we're not ordering the dresses from them and don't run the other girl's credit card.  They say that bride signed a contract and that even though no order had actually been placed, they were owed money.  I ask that they just rip up their stupid little form, no harm, no foul.  They suggest that I order the one dress from them and the remaining from the other place.  Seriously?!  I refuse and repeatedly ask to understand exactly what they are charging for and all they can say is bride signed a contract.  They say they will review their 'notes' and call me back.  Bride also calls that day and leaves a message (because they don't answer their phone, ever!) saying that we aren't ordering the dresses and to call her if they still feel there is $$ owed.  Bride wants to pay it.  They don't call either one of us back, but they did run the girl's credit card for the full amount of the dress.  

    We are all so confused as to why this shop feels like they are owed money for accepting a form.  They charged $226 for nothing!

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    Kirk is by far the best contractor I have ever worked with, and we have completed extensive remodeling o four home.  He is punctual, honest, fair, cleans up after himself, and does superb work!  He has great ideas, really listens and brings to life your goals, and treats every project, large or small, as if it's the most important thing in the world.  His work is exact, as he is quite the perfectionist.  I have not hesitated to call on Kirk for projects large and small, or to recommend himto anyone who needs anything from a new fence to a new house.

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    I've been getting my hair cut and colored with Patrick for almost 8 years now.  I have definitely followed him to Muse because he is the best!  I am a very picky lady and am always trying to balance between something that doesn't make me look too old or too young.  He always has great ideas, is fun to be around, and of course, does fabulous hair.  He also styled my hair and a few of my bridesmaids for my wedding and all of us had gorgeous, but different hair, fitting to each person's taste and style.  Go see Patrick--you won't go wrong.

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    I just picked up my car, which had moderate paint damage with a paint color that was difficult to match, and my care looks brand new!  The men and women at Gulicks are prompt, polite, fair, and do excellent work.  I have never in my life had as good experience with anything auto related as I did this week.  This is a family-owned business and they pride themselves on their customer service---obviously.  They even detailed the inside of my car!!!!  I cannot say enough great things about them.  You will not go wrong financially or quality if you let this awesome shop do your work.

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