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    I've always been a in love with fighters since I was a kid with the help of "Topgun" and "The Final Countdown"  been playing around with model planes all the way to computer sims to be apart of the action.

    When I heard about this place, I knew I had to visit it and pay some respects.  I was in town for some business, and though I didn't make a reservation early, I called last minute and they were very friendly to get me in.

    I have to say, from walking into the facility to sitting into the mock cockpit, the feeling and immersion that the staff at flightdeck provide is so awesome.  The price paid for the immersion and the feeling of being a fighter pilot is well worth the money and time spent here.

    The program started sitting in briefing for basic controls of the aircraft and the weapons used on the plane during the simulation.  

    Let me let you guys in on a secret and some truth about the "video game" you think you are "playing"... first of all... Don't let the reviews here fool you.. this is far from a video game... its based off of a VERY well built simulation that over the years have been well polished.. even by todays standards, this simulation still holds the bar, and have not been surpassed.  it is the most realistic thing you can get your hands on... but for Flightdecks uses, they turn it down so even people who are not crazy Jet nuts can enjoy!!  So no, it isn't a video game...

    My favorite part is walking up to the Mock F-16 cockpit and going up the ladder with the canopy come down!!!  I fly sims at home, but the immersion of sitting inside a mock cockpit adds realism by ten folds... we spent time time here and there practice air combat maneuvers, dog fights, and landings were included into flying the jet in the simulation.

    During my hop, the instructors and the ATC were very cool, The folks I flew with were all strangers, we all had fun, but I felt bad, because I think I crashed their party of four....and then I outgunned all of them that day....

    Flightline is my kinda place, as a jet junkie, and a proud American.  I think it is a place people should go to pay respects to our uniform men and women, as I believe though its a fun away to enjoy our time; but also it provides a small glimpse into what discipline and dedication  the men and women in uniform  has to keep us safe!!!

    I wish this place stay to do well and stay in business forever; simulations are a dying breed now a days... with a place like this, kids can get to know about simulations and keep this interest alive!  

    I will be back next time in the LA area... for sure.

    Peter "KIDD" Wong,

  • 16459 N Scottsdale Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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    I am for one, very very glad,

    there is finally a Korean place in scottsdale.  YES, you heard me, a Korean place, not a Japanese Place.  

    Lunch specials are pretty legit.  Bento boxes starting at 6.95.  Comes with salad and soup, good portions of the main item, rice, four california rolls, deep fried korean dumplings (mandoo), and tempura vegetables.

    The sushi reminds me of the Korean loose rice sushi back from the Bay Area, its nice to have a taste of the Bay Area in Scottsdale from the Korean owners here.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, Koreans and Chinese have good Sushi places too, but they arn't Japanese.  So know your differences in Sushi before you comment on things like Yume is not as good as places near by like like RA or Sushi Brokers, it makes you uneducated.  

    if anything people need to know, RA and Sushi Brokers and Sapporo on the lowest end of Japanese places...  

    and if you wanted authentic sushi, you would only know that Toyama is the best in Scottsdale, hands down... other great places like Hiro and Sushi Ko are Japanese Sushi bars; owned and ran by Japanese folks.

    five stars to the first Korean place in Scottsdale, Kalbi, Bulgogi, and Bi bim bop for lunch.

    five stars to the krew that works there, the ladies that serve you are super nice and keeps an eye out for our needs, tea cups were always full.

    five stars to the food, it is exactly what is supposed to be a Korean sushi place; with variety of good cooked Korean items on the menu.

    five stars for a completey crazy affordable price.  For a real cooked and sit down meal, at 6.95 bento box, not even the cheapest of the cheap fast food makes any sense anymore if you are eatingon the budget.

    highly recommended.


  • 23415 N Scottsdale Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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    I moved to Scottsdale from the SF Bay Area for work relocation.

    I was very worried I would not able to find good sushi; since well... we are in a desert.

    I tried several other places in and around Scottsdale area that were the "hip" type of sushi places like Sapporo and Sushi Brokers. Yeah they were entertaining, and expensive and not authentic. Yeah they had full bars and very hot looking women and men at those "fashion-ney" places. A sushi bar is not for me to sit at a "bar' and then have a piece of paper stuck in my face and ask me to order by ticking off little square boxes. When I want a drink; I will go to a bar... but when I want sushi... those are places are not the places to goto. If you know what the hell you are eating... steer clear of these fake sushi places... besides you don't want to eat those ridiculous rolls with too much fish and sauce and... my god someone kill me.

    But I want an authentic sushi bar... a sushi bar where I can talk to a real Japanese sushi master; where I can say the word "omakase" and he will know what to do... where the maguro looks like its fresh and not from the ice box; and when they have aji, and toro, and none of those hyped up rolls with too much crap in them... simple; clean; no gimmick sushi.

    Price was really what tipped me over for the final five stars...(give them six if I can) I had ordered the Omakse that night; which is chef special; I end up having... 2 pieces each order.

    good maguro (pink ending; close to the toro part)
    crisp mirugai
    fresh scallops
    new Zealand salmon
    large sweet ama ebi
    Aji with ponzu and ginger/ green onions (the way to really eat it)
    Suzuki with ponzu

    and a Large Kirin..

    my bill come out to be 65 dollars with tax and tip... for a chef menu @ 16 pieces and beer... not to mention a kick ass chef and good conversations; while watching USC raping Wash on TV that night.

    People who really know sushi will realize that 65 dollars for this kind of meal is absolute steal. Even from where I am from the best; Sushi Sams @ san mateo... appetizer; 10pc nigiri; small desert comes to 50 dollars a head... no drink. So the price range is right, if not a bit of cost savings.

    Finding Toyama has really really saved me from self destruction!

    The place is ran and owned by Japanese folks.... they are very nice and very humble... I have to say; the fish was beyond my expectation; and I dare compare this place to many of the BEST SF Bay Area sushi places. Sushi Sam of San Mateo is still the best on my list; but this place takes the cake for PHX area hands down... and is besides from creativity; a relatively close second to Sams.

    note... if you love wasabi... as them to bring you the chopped wasabi.. its not paste; and its awesome.

    Yelpers... thanks for steering me to this one; my chances of survival in the desert just hit up a couple more notches.

  • 218 E 3rd Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401
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    im not a selfish person by nature.

    but Sam's omakase changes people....

    don't come here please.... (simple lie to divert all other person(s) away from sam's so I don't have to queue in line; and have all the fish to myself)

    house appetizer to start, 12pc nigiri selection from the chef, and a home made green tea tiramisu to finish ...

    This place tops it all in terms of freshest of all fresh fish.... it really can't get any better in the Bay Area then Sam's.

    Warning ** Do not complain about this place due to parking, waiting long in lines, and price.  Those are the factors you MUST sacrifice to get the best of the best...  losers can go home and cry to their moms....

  • 1800 Monument Blvd
    Concord, CA 94520
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    Momoyama is a place where they serve huge portions of everything.

    The sushi is filled with different fish and topped like a mountian full of fish eggs and imitation crab.  the Korean style sushi is a good bang for the buck.  

    Staff is friendly, will be swamped at times because of the value factor of this place.  To satisfy customers, the owners know how to please clients with free food, which is a plus to customer service; and compromise for some wait time.

    Not the freshest sushi,  you won't get food poisoning, but the grade of fish they buy is sure not the best on the market.  But over all a good place to eat if you are looking for quantity over quality.   I think its a good family place for people with children and big groups.

    if you are looking for more authentic and really good sushi, you owe yourself to head to Jo's in Pleasant Hill.  But if Korean style "sushi house" kinda sushi is your boat, and you are not looking to break a wallet to have a good meal, this place is your best bet.

    Hands down the best value sushi around the area.

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    Good Lord...

    never knew chowder and soups can be this amazing

    my friends and I came to Carmel for the weekend.  Decided to come here to try their famous chowder in a bowl.

    six of us ordered the Clam Chowder, and I ordered the Seafood Bisque all in bread bowls with cheese tops...

    We were all very surprised at the hearty full flavored chowders and soups we got.  

    Will come back again.  And I will order more and more soups!

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    came here for the weekend with a group of friends.  We were pretty determined to try the local hot spots and not get conned into any tourist traps.

    Yelpers, thanks for yelping this place.

    We had a whole group of seven walk into the place.  We took tables in the back.  The waitress was relaxing and very down to earth.  Service was nice and hospitality was wonderful while we dined there.

    Please drink their Shucks Ales... its a very very good beer going with the seafood offered at this joint.  

    We ordered pretty much all the stuff people recommended.  

    The crab cake burger was very good, the cake inside was so huge; mine was so big the hamburger bun had a hard time to contain the crab cake in its place!  

    The calimari while more expensive then most places were huge whole calimaris, not legs and bodies seperated; quite a huge dish.  

    My girlfriend has the Oyster sampler which she said was very fresh; and for the main she had the fish and chips; good lord the batter on the cod was great!  

    Some of my friends had the cold seafood sampler which had some of the most amazing cocktails.

    for people who need to know, the horse radish with the cocktail sauce is HOT and SPICY.  I love it for that fact, but some people who didn't know sure had a kick!  So beware for those who don't like too much horse radish on their food.

    Since Carmel does not believe in house numbers.  the place is hard to find for first timers... but!  the directions given to us by the waitress as is...

    " between san carlos and delores on ocean avenue.... next to the rockport shoe store."

    I will come back to this place everytime I come to carmel.

  • 516 Hayes St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
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    Aufgelistet in Born to Shop

    Huf SF,

    all their stores have a nice feel to it, its clean and simple.  The staff are friendly and not snot nosed like other boutique type stores around the area...

    NIKE SB's... good acct... they usually carry most of the line up, and they don't mark up on SB no matter how hyped up they are.  

    Honest people, good selections of shoes, Hayes Huf is the place to shop for new sneakers.

  • $$$ Schuhe
    112 1/2 S La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Aufgelistet in Born to Shop

    Undefeated LA...

    how I look forward to come visit you everytime I'm in LA.  Great selection of shoes and clothing.  They carry very exclusive stuff; last time I was in they had the New Balance A09; which was a ATMOS drop in Japan.  Their hoodies and zip ups are my absolute favorite; best items are in the Fall/Winter.      

    Store is very contemporary/ zen feel, its nice and clean; staff is down to earth and chill.

    Don't forget the sneaker heads... JASON MARKK shoe cleaner...

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    I'm not so sure why all the commotion.

    On campus around the area, all Chinese restaurants are the same... they are the American fair Chinese; so I give them three stars for that, being on pair.  Steam tables are just as good as the kitchen, cause it don't mean anything, if you think other Chinese restaurants do things different in the kitchen and you can't see it, you must be kidding yourself.  Standard American fair Chinese food; this is what this place can offer; solid food that you can eat and enjoy; I admit it isn't a Chinese seafood restaurant, but common, be realistic.  

    However, where they deserve the extra two stars and barely anyone really knows OR realizes the beauty of it is.... they have a secret menu...

    YES! just like if you goto Jamba juice and ask for a White gummi; or a In and Out and ask for a Animal Style burger... this place have a secret menu.  For you northern chinese/ koreans this is the place.  If you live on campus area and you don't want to drive to El Camino for Jajiang and other great northern chinese/ korean authentic eats.  I am not joking.

    Other reasons this place is good.

    Service is great, good people
    American Chinese fair is good or on par with everyone else around
    You don't need to drive far from school for Chinese
    They have Jiajang... do I need to say more?

    It is good for what it is, with gas prices running aloof, a nice neighborhood chinese place is a good resolution for you students and tight budget eaters...

    This is the Chinese best kept secret on Campus, hands down.  thanks for the secret menu Fortune Cookie.

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