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  • 629 Succotash Rd
    South Kingstown, RI 02879
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    So what do you say that hasn't already been said about a restaurant that has been reviewed so many times and has gained such a reputation and cult following.  I have been here a few times and i have some thoughts to add to what others are saying.

    First of all this place has been a very fast success. Because of this it is an extremely busy restaurant.  It is busy almost anytime it is open regardless of time or day of week.  It gets worse in the summer and at peak dinner times any day and particularly on the weekends.  It is clear from this fast growth and from reading other reviews that there are some growing pains.  Sometimes the service falters a little and sometimes the food quality is a little off.  All things considered i think they are doing their best to manage growth and i am confident they will continue to improve but you are going to wait.  And in the winter the waiting area is small and so is the parking lot for that matter.  If you don't like waiting this is not the place for you.  If you can relax and make the best of it and enjoy the combination of local color and tourists you will have a good time.  But to be clear, IF YOU DON'T LIKE WAITING OR CROWDS THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU.  

    The Food:
    So many people rave about the food that it seems some reviewers end up being let down.  It is not a fine dining restaurant.  It is a local fresh seafood restaurant and raw bar.  I have tried many items on the menu and liked them all and loved most of them.  The clams and Chorizo appetizer is something i could eat as a meal at least 3 times a week I like it so much.  Try it.  The raw bar is excellent too.  They have a variety of fantastic oysters and clams and paired with one of their blood mary's it is fabulous.  I have not had an entree I didn't like but I have only tried a few.  I seem to always get full on the raw bar and those damn amazing clams and Chorizo.  Two in my party ordered salad lat time we were in.  A Ceasar and a green salad.  Both were under dressed.  The Cesar was actually less than spectacular and I wouldn't recommend it.  

    Overall, I would advise going at off times and midweek if you don't want to wait.  And the best time to enjoy this place is in the summer.  You can have cocktails and raw bar on their nice patio while waiting for your table and then have dinner outside as well.  Give it a try, I am betting you will like it.

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    This was my first time here.  What great little music venue.  Tables with cocktail and food service in a ring around a  very nice dance floor.  It has plenty of room, it is clean, it is well managed and the sound was great.  Mixed very well and the right volume for my taste.  Also the beer selection was above average.  I would not hesitate to come back here for another show.  I hope they have great success and continue to book great toiuring bands.

  • $$ Hotel
    16 Park Pl
    Hudson, NY 12534
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    We were in town for a concert and this is really the only Hotel in town and to be honest that is why we chose it.  This place is not much to look at from the outside that is for sure.  In fact, some might pull in to the parking lot, take one look and say NO WAY.  There are no frills here.  Just a check-in desk and straight to the room.  They do offer free continental breakfast but we had to leave so early that I wasn't able to try it.  

    The Rooms:
    I was with a group of people and we had 2 connected double bed rooms.  The rooms had clearly been renovated recently.  The furniture and beds seemed new.  The room was a decent size.  The bathroom was very small and no frills that's for sure.  The view was in a word...ugly.  You looked out upon the backyards of a couple of triple-decker apartment buildings and a dumpster and and old mattress laying on the  ground.  Not pretty but the windows were actually so small that unless you made an effort you couldn't see out them anyway.  

    All in all I would say if you need a quick place to stay in Hudson this is an affordable room.  If you are in town for a show at Club Helsinki this is walking distance.  And in my personal experience seeing two rooms they were clean.  If you are very particular about what kind of hotel you stay in this is probably not the place for you.

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    We have had lunch here at least twice the last two times we have stayed on Isla Verde Beach.  And I have to say my family loves this place.  It is right of the far eastern end of Isla Verde Beach, perfect for lunch while spending the day at the beach.  It is open air dining with a view of the bay and the Ritz-Carlton.  Beautiful view.  Yes, the view is dampened a bit by the dilapidated hotel next to it  but this is Puerto Rico, not a luxury all-inclusive.  It is what it is and that is a cool place to eat right off the beach by the water.  Make sure to check in to get your free Coco Loco, a delicious rum drink made by cutting the top off a fresh coconut and using the water inside to make a rum drink that is then served inside the coconut.  

    The Service:
    Hey, this is Puerto can be slow.  Sometimes we go and it is quick sometimes not so much.  I would not recommend La Playita if you are in a hurry.  Relax, take your time and try to enjoy "Island Time".  If you are incapable of that, then don't come here.  But the staff is nice and friendly, and the place is clean.  Just laid back.  Anyone who goes out to eat around here and doesn't frequent the corporate chains and hotels should already have the proper expectation.

    The Food:
    In a word, delicious.  We have only been here for lunch so I can't comment on the entrees but we have loved everything we have had for lunch there.  hey have a $7 dollar burger special...add cheese for $2.  So for $9 you get a fresh, 8oz. hand pressed grilled burger.  I have had it at least for times and it has been cooked as ordered each time, seasoned properly and served with fresh hot fries.  It may not be the best burger of your life but it is the best burger around this area.  And a great deal too.  My son had the grilled chicken wrap and he also said it was great.  My wife always gets the grilled shrimp and avocado salad and it may be her favorite meal in PR, lol.  Look up her review (Jennifer M) dated 3-1-12 for a better description of the salad.  We have also had the calamari which good.  I wish I could comment on more food but we always seem the get burgers and avocado salads.  Try this place, I think you will really like it.  I am already looking forward to coming back next year.

  • 3362 Kingstown Rd
    South Kingstown, RI 02892
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I have been stopping by here off and on since they opened a few years ago.  It is local small business specializing house roasted coffee, breakfast sandwiches and lunch.  For me the frustrating part about this place is if they spent a little more time on the atmosphere it could be so much better.  The coffee is good.  Certainly better than what you can get around there but not what I would call a premier coffee roaster.  I had a breakfast sandwich there was and it was good.  Fresh made with real eggs.  I had a wrap for lunch there a couple of times as well.  That was also good.  Nice fresh ingredients and they do try to offer some healthy food options as well as organic an whole grain foods.  

    As far as the service goes, I would have to say, "they try".  The staff is usually very friendly, cheerful and kind, and i really appreciate that.  The problem is there seems to be no real system to how things are done so it can seem very disorganized so the experience is a little different every time, which can be frustrating.  But they are so nice it makes up for it.

    My biggest criticism would be the place just seems to be a mess most of the time, both inside and out.  As if they really don't spend anytime on the way the place looks.  Chaotic would be the word I would use.  

    Overall though, if you are passing buy and need a quick cup of coffee or a sandwich, give it a try.

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