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  • 930 W Broadway Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85282
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    I mean, wierd. It looks closed from the outside. For a newbie, it took a little too long to get acknowledged but whatever, no bigs. They went through the concept of it, I guess the deal is you get two drinks with your purchase a shot of some Aloe Herbalife solution that's supposed to make you healthy (energy shot?) - You can do the shot straight or in a 12 oz iced tea.  Your second drink is a shake, pick your flavor they have about 20 if I recall.  No real fruit smoothies, no milk, or milk alternative ingredients, just water and their Herbalife powders.   I got the cake batter which turns out is the vanilla and the cookies & cream powders combined. $6, two drinks. It was yummy :). There are tables and a weird lounge area. Seems they have a bunch of regulars. Who knows. Will I come back?  If I'm in a "stick up my ass, skinny bitch mode" looking for a liquid lunch, meh- sure.   I do think one's better off just buying your Herbalife powders and packing a shaker for the office. Odd concept, whatevs Herbalife shake, $3 "healthy aloe shot" tea end a $3 Herbalife shake. Idk....

  • 12621 N Paradise Village Pkwy W
    Phoenix, AZ 85032
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    Great service.  I didnt feel like they were trying to rip me off :)  The guys were friendly and helped a damzel in distress when I had no other resource.

    They really were great, I definitely recomend.

  • 1928 E Highland Ave Ste F104
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
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    Was not greeted or assisted when I came in. The place is disorderly and dirty looking. Finally when I figured things out on my own I waited for the ladies to finish their conversation about whatever trivial weekend blunder they were talking about. Kimberly was the raised eyebrow, gum chewing teller indifferent to the clients needs. She input the information from my sheet, and tried to tell me that if the recipient is not there upon first delivery, UPS sends it back to the sender and that I should get additional services added.  I'm no shipping pro but obviously they take it back to the nearest UPS store and leave a note at the door.  I then said that I was ok without extra services and said "I don't care how it gets there as long as it actually gets there" in a friendly way. She then half rolled her eyes and smirked and said "I don't care either" in a smart a** way.  Her smart attitude was a turn off considering I'm usually patient with lazy service people. All In all I do not recommend this store I don't feel trustful or secure in sending my important document with them, I'm afraid it could get lost now- I checked the status I my shipment using the tracking number and it says its not available.  Don't recommend, find another location to ship from. :)

  • 401 W Clarendon Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85013
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    Good diggs - service isn't great but its alright I guess.  THE CORTADA SALAD IS MY FAVORITE SALAD in the WORLD!!!!! Try it try it try it, I feel healthy while satisfied when I'm halfway eating that salad.  It's fantastic!!  The cheese tower/chicharron de queso is....interesting.  I didnt mind it but have gone with a group of people,  who really enjoyed it and called it "una cosa bien especial".  I didn't exactly like that they don't offer complementary chips and salsa, and also the carne asada was a bit dry/overcooked.  The Torta with the fried eggs on top is sssooo flirtatious so I'll try that next time and I'm psyched!  Oh also, the Prickley Pear Marg is juice - if you're an alkie, just stick with beer, they can't really get that wrong.  Overall its ok, I guess if you like to explore different flavors - which I'm glad/proud they offer.  It's a good spot, I'd definitely recommend!  Have fun tasting all their yummy stuff and their bland stuff too!!  Enjoy!

  • 4538 N 19th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85015
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    Zero stars. Close early and are not accommodating to hungry and hopeful pho fans.  This place closes at 8:30pm on a saturday and so I called in "anticipation" at 8:00p to my surprise they told me not to come in because they were closing!!  I was so upset! Still am!! I dont recommend this place because of some very terrible customer service.  Hmph!

  • 2221 N 7th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85006
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    All day I'd dreamt about a bowl of awesome Pho. When it came time to finally go (7:30p) my boyfriend and I left on our quest to find a rad Viet diggs to get some legit food. He'd never had Vietnamese food and was curious and I was super psyched to get the bowl of pho I'd been dreaming of. We first went to VaDang, nothing- "we are crosed" at 8p on the DOT on a Saturday the chefs has already been long gone and they were shooing everyone out.  We called Pho Tahn at 8p, they close at 8:30p but even then they tried to convince us to not come because they were closing...WHAT?!?  We tried to go and squeeze in and order "to go" but because the little old guy at the register was telling us to hurry I became upset and decided to leave that damn place. What the hell is up with these lazy Vietnamese food places?!?! We then saw that Rice Paper was open until midnight and went there despite it having less favorable reviews and because it was next obvious choice. Reluctantly we went, the s server was nice but forgot my extra limes for the bland bowl of pho, my boyfriend had the Shaking Beef or whatever it's called and although I didn't want any (not because it didn't look good) I decided to not ask for any since the "entree" platter was so tiny!! $9/bowl of underwhelming bowl of Pho does not garner recommendation. At Rice Paper you are paying for the view of the hipster waitstaff, and cute chandelliers, not the food :(. I am unsure if Rice Paper satisfies my itch for Pho and I'm ok with it or if it only fanned the flames for me to continue my quest In search for good pho in my area.  I might have to cave and plan a road trip to Little Saigon in Glendizzy for the pho I so desire.

  • 4405 N Saddlebag Trl
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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    Terrible place, excruciatingly bad service, douchebags galore, lame drinks.  Only thing keeping them in biz is that sometimes they have cool DJ's there and the place is OK looking inside.  Management in particular is what really screws the place over.  Scottsdale is ready for the next management team to take over the space and really turn the concept of Wild Knight into a thriving business, not a bland place that pisses people off.  It was embarrassing, I had a friend in from Miami (he's been to some very exciting clubs all over the country including Liv in Miami, #2 in the WORLD) and I thought it'd be a good idea to bring him here.  Terrible experience, underwhelming to say the least, I FULLY regret showing this place to him since now he has a super bad impression of what Scottsdale nightlife can really be.  Blah.

  • 1916 E Camelback Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
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    Went in on with idea of eating someplace we'd never been before but have always been curious about.  Starting with the location, excellent spot, very centric and near everything in central Phoenix.  The facade with the star wall is excellent marketing and identity management technique since they also use it as a brand stamp throughout, also really cool looking.  Entry is cute with the little organic veggie gardens growing.  Inside is cute although the chairs in the main tabled dining area were rather uncomfortable.  Waiter was good, and a great atmosphere, pretty people, a good place to go on a date.  Now the good stuff.  We tried two pizzas 12 in.  The marguerita was delicious n very stretch melty cheese, fresh basil and warm juicy tomatoes on the crispy clean dough was excellent.  Tried the Funghi pizza and was VERY delicious!  The special and delicate flavors of the wild mushroom and truffle oil came out nicely and were the centerpiece of the pizza.  They are a bit pricey, and honestly considered going to oreganos down the road for bigger bang for the buck, but stayed to humor our craving for  some high priced gourmet pizza.  Beats Picassoz blandness any day.  Definitely recommend it for going on a date, or hanging out with a pretty, cool friend.  :)

  • 2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy
    Tempe, AZ 85281
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    From a Mexican girl, who adores exploring all that Mexican cuisine has to offer, I felt as though this place was an excellent place to experience Mexican cuisine.  I went with my brother and his super fun girlfriend one night and had a very nice evening!  What stood out to me was the kind of food they had to offer.  The regional reach this restaurant has was very gratifying being that in my family road trip travels through along the eastern coast of Mexico to our destination, and my birthplace, Veracruz their nostalgia laden menu stirred me inside.  What was particularly satisfying was the fact that they had some dishes like the fried plantanes (platanos machos) with the sticky sweet condensed sweetened milk to compliment the caramelized fruit.  They also had "frijoles rancheros" or ranch style beans, a black bean soup dish that is starchy and satisfying and brought me back to times of being served the frijoles rancheros by my abuelita, may she R.I.P.  The decor was very nice, and so were the wait staff.  I really enjoyed this place and I have a very soft spot for it in my heart because of the type of regional dishes they serve and their ability to bring my memories of childhood dish delights to my current self.

  • $ Pub
    3414 W Union Hills Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85027
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    This is my boyfriends regular spot.  When I was approaching Bailey's for the first time, I was oh hell here goes a crumbly dive bar complete with raggedy cougars, mustaches and beer guts all along the bar.  To my surprise, it is a pretty cool neighborhood spot to get some drinks on the cheap, the margaritas by Clay are great, stiff but not too strong.  Friendly bar staff, wait staff could be quicker, more outgoing, they're "aiight" thoough, lol.  The crowd varies with the day and time, yes there are the beer belly's and the nascar hats being proudly worn, but some evenings they play top 40's and the crowd is younger, and a notch or two better looking.  At this come as you are bar, people seem to have a good time shooting pool and having some belly laughs with friends.  Again, drinks are way cheap and that helps a ton for a fridays night out or pre-drinking on a sat night to get the party started.  It feels like going to Mulligans in Scottsdale, but for a lesser dime and a mile less pretentious.

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