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    I just purchased condo in downtown Nashville and Farm House is right next to it. I went for dinner Monday and then today for lunch.

    Dinner was good. The biscuits are great! I had the duck as an entree. Was not a fan of the brussel sprouts with it but it was just an okay dish overall. Probably would not order again. I recommend ordering a side with the duck as it is not a big plate.

    Lunch was "good", not great. I had the BBQ sandwich with baked beans. The sandwich is with Yazoo Bread which I absolutely did not like. It was dry and very hard to eat the sandwich as the bread was falling apart. The bbq was very good with the chow chow relish/slaw. The baked beans were amazing. I will def be back, but will modify my choices. Oh, and I asked the bartender (I sat at the bar) what type of bread it was and she said Yazoo. I said yeah it said that on the menu so she says I don't know, we don't make it. And no one has ever asked us that. laughing. 2 minutes later she comes back from the kitchen and explains it is a multi-grain. Hmmm, can you say lack of training?

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    To reiterate, since you are oblivious to the point of this review Luca M., your establishment did not provide the type of service I am looking for which is allowing to bring in my own wine.

    You lost out of $40 of corkage which would more than cover the cost of providing the glassware, labor and utility of allowing people to bring in their wine.

    You lost out of the $94.00 (Price check avg of $47/pp- which is good) of revenue.

    And ultimately, you lost the chance to have repeat business, referrals, and more.

    Get the point now?

    And all this happened without my even having to actually visit your restaurant.

    That is the point.

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    Luca M.
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    Cancelled Wine Club Membership and Why.

    Lack of customer appreciation alive and thriving at Far Niente.

    I blogged this at

    Recently on an annual trip to Napa Valley my friends and I visited one of my long time favorite wineries: Far Niente
    I have been a long term proponent of this winery as normally their hospitality, attention to service, and general fun and informative tours are nothing short of amazing.
    My friends and I arrived at the winery (candidly) already buzzing from the previous activities of the day. It's Napa and a vacation right? We brought in a half bottle of another winery's wine as we did not want it to sit in the car for 90 minutes in the warm air. It was a 1997 Stags leap Cask 23 which is something we did not want to waste. We did not expect to actually drink it at Far Niente. We hoped they would simply store for us out of the sun.
    The beginning of the worst tour ever began.
    After being a member for years, the tour guide asked if anyone had ever been to the winery. Uh... yeah... I have been there probably 8-10 times. "And is anyone a member?" Uh... yeah, for years.
    Technology is pretty available these days to look at who made the reservation, see if they are in the system and welcome them as a member for say 3-4 years. Unacceptable.
    I won't get into detail how snobby the tour guide was as that wasn't the point of this blog. The lack of customer service by a gentleman, who I think is the manager, by the named of Tim Setzer was the kicker. And needless to say, the winery sold no wine, converted no new members (though I had one ready to join based on my recommendation) even though my friends purchased wine at the next tour, BV Vineyards.
    Our email exchange:
    ---Original Message---
    From: shawn thomas []
    Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 10:11 AM
    To: Tim Setzer
    Subject: last visit
    Wanted to give you feedback on my last visit on Easter weekend? Who is
    the best person to receive that feedback of the tour experience?
    Shawn Thomas
    Hi Shawn,
    I am happy to receive your feedback. I do remember your group's visit.
    Already a bit lively from the day's previous winery visits and lunch and
    brought in an outside winery's bottle...

    ---Original Message---
    From: shawn thomas []
    Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 10:51 AM
    To: Tim Setzer
    Subject: Re: last visit
    Actually, I'll make it easy Tim as it's obvious from your response there
    will be no sufficient resolution. Please terminate my membership
    immediately. Please email me confirmation.
    I have notified the club office of your request.

    There are plenty of other fantastic wineries to tour, buy wine from, and attend parties. How Far Niente, such an amazing company has allowed this type of service to occur is beyond me. Even I concede we were a little intoxicated. But we never got wild or crazy. But even if we did, the lack of ability of Tim to receive feedback and overcome my concerns is amazing. I have never seen a representive get snooty when asked if a guest can simply provide feedback. Most great companies love to hear feedback. I was going to say in my feedback that I realized we were intoxicated, I apologize, but it would have been nice for the representative to recognize me as a member. Very simply.
    Due to Tim's response, I immediately cancelled my membership, ($1,000 plus per year for wine), will no longer recommend Far Niente, and unfortunately, I will miss out on all the great things the winery actually does. And I heavily promote those experiences on social media.
    The lack of customer service caused a very unfortunate situation for everyone.
    If you are in the customer service business, maybe this can serve as a lesson. Or maybe you have such a fantastic business like Far Niente that you don't need to care. Hmmm
    I'm interested to see if someone higher up in the organization tries to remedy the situation or if the apparent disregard for thoughts of dollars of business doesn't matter.
    Disgruntled Shawn

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