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  • 2045 Wilson Blvd
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    I've been here before and their food has always been good. Tonight was exceptional. We had a snafoo and found ourselves without food for an event with 25 people starting in 30 minutes. I called in a panic. I spoke with Esther on the phone. She was excellent! First, she has the friendliest voice! She was also VERY helpful! She listened to what I needed and checked to be sure it was something they could do before taking my order.

    I placed an order for 25 people with kabobs, hummus, bread, and salad! I knew it was a tall order. She said they would need at least 45 minutes. I totally understood and I was SO thankful they were even accepting my order.

    30 minutes later I received a call from the delivery driver and he was there!!! I couldn't believe it! The food was amazing and arrived in perfect timing! I wish I had caught the name of the driver but he was phenomenal as well.

    If I could give them a million stars I would! You have to have a great team that works well together to accomplish this with such excellence!

  • 6555 Frontier Dr
    Springfield, VA 22150
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    We bought a new iPhone here today. After having had a frustrating experience with Verizon Wireless service directly we wised up and visited Best Buy. In general, we had one of the worst couple days you could imagine (except no one died.) Not sure why we decided buying a phone today would be a good idea.... But that's on us. Anyway, after we figured out the issues Verizon had messed up on our account we worked with Ubaid to complete the transaction. His service was nothing short of excellent with a splash of a sense of humor which was just what we needed. When he realized the loyalty plan we had on our current phone could not be transferred to the new phone, he worked with his manager Sam to call their Verizon rep to complete it for us so we wouldn't have to deal with it later. Ubaid went above and beyond and ensured everything we needed was handled before we walked out the door.

  • 13880 Braddock Road
    Centreville, VA 20121
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    As first time parents, we felt very comfortable at our first visit. We have recently adopted and the office staff have been fantastic and timely with all of the paperwork we need to complete at each well visit. The front office staff is friendly and efficient. We have never waited a long time for our appointment.

    The nurses are wonderful and friendly. They are competent and love on our little girl! We love this office and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good pediatrician.

    We were very impressed with how quickly we were able to get in for the first newborn appointment. We were released on Friday and they insisted on seeing us on Saturday. The hospital we were at was very impressed that they wanted to see us so quickly. They made us feel that our child's well being was important to them.

    It's a great start to our partnership in the health of our child.

  • 2143 Vista Cir
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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    We went on a rainy night and it was still good. We had a great view of the water. The food and service were excellent.

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    Best Moroccan food we have had in the area. We went on a Sunday and were nervous because the place next door was packed and this place was empty. We are glad we stuck with it. The tea was fantastic and we fully enjoyed the chicken bastille. We did get the baklava, too be honest, it's a good idea to skip dessert. Everything else was amazing though so, I still give it 5 stars!

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    Still our favorite Sushi place. We used to get it delivered when we lived in Falls Church. Now we live in Centreville and unfortunately Centreville does not have any good sushi. We drive here for the Sushi. Favorite's are the spicy tuna roll and volcano roll.

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    Best Sushi in the area. We drive from Centreville to come here. The spicy tuna is fantastic and we… Weiterlesen
  • 1800 N Glebe Rd
    Arlington, VA 22207
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    I'm a little bias. We moved to the area from FL about 10 years ago. We came to this church first and we have never left. We immediately felt at home and loved. We made friends quickly even though we only knew 1 person when we first moved here. The messages are always on point and encouraging. It's a message you can always take into your everyday. Our friendships here are like no other. In an area where shallow relationships seem to be the norm, it's refreshing to find others who are like minded and willing to walk through the hard stuff with you. It truly feels like family. If you are just checking it out for the first time, check out the Life Groups!

    If you take the metro, check out the Free shuttle to and from the Ballston Metro (details at Free parking in the church parking lot, at Glebe Elementary School behind us, and in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • 5100 Wilson Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22203
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    We stumbled upon this restaurant today thanks to Yelp! What a gem! We walked in to an empty restaurant while the one next door looked like it was overflowing with people. It made us nervous and we started to question our decision and if we should just leave. We decided to stay and check it out, and we are SO glad we did! This place is amazing! Some of the best Moroccan food I've had in the DC area. We were pleasantly surprised and we will be back on a regular basis. The food is very fresh and the flavors are perfection.

  • 3903 Fair Ridge Dr
    Fairfax, VA 22033
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    Came in for our annual girls pedicure while family is in town for Christmas. It was our first visit and it was perfect. They took great care of my niece and made sure she was comfortable and enjoyed her experience. I'm allergic to the exfoliation and they let me do the moisture mask instead for an additional price. They were very accommodating and did not argue with anything we asked for. We used to go to InStyle nails but we will now drive a little further to come here. It's worth it.

  • 1100 S Hayes St
    Arlington, VA 22202
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    We stumbled upon this place after we finished ice skating and attempted to find something in the food court. We checked it out and were pleasantly surprised from the host all the way through. However, Sonya was our server and she made our lunch an enjoyable experience. She is friendly and efficient. We had 3 kids with us and she made sure to check in with their Mom and get some food in their bellies ASAP. It was perfect. We had a group of 9 and we were visiting with family from out of town for the holidays. So, instead of sitting in the loud food court getting bumped into and rushing out to get home, we sat down and had a fantastic meal together and enjoyed our experience. It's a meal we won't forget and we are SO thankful Sonya made it happen. We will definitely be back!

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