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    This is my third visit in the last 2 months and they never have ice.  Pitas are good, but it's hard to handle the warm beverage.  Can't recommend nor will I be likely to return.  Hopefully the owner realizes the value of ice as the summer heats up.

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    We've been using the Lorrie's for a couple of years.  Before that we used a groomer in Claremont and we are much happier now!  It's not easy to groom a Bouv, but they do a great job every time!

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    We purchased three minis through this dealership and the sales experiences have been generally positive.  Although I should add that during the last purchase there appears to have been an effort to modify the financing rate higher, but in the end, they did apologize and kept it at the level originally quoted.   I wish I could say the same thing about their service department......During the last couple of visits, the car was never done on time.  We consistently had to call for updates, despite the service rep specifically stating that a call would be forthcoming.  We're now on day 2 for a broken spark plug and when we called, they didn't even know which tech was working on it (aka oops, nobody is working on it).  Oh well, the service is still free and it's better than the last time.........3 days before they even opened the hood.  

    We'll be trying another mini dealer next time.  If you choose Monrovia, I hope it works out better for you.

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