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  • 3037 N Clark St
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    Just found about this place recently in the neighborhood--love it!
    The food is a whole lot healthier than the average eatery in my neck of the woods. I really enjoyed the shoestring potato fries with barbecue sauce, definitely a nice touch to go along with my sandwich.
    I also had an opportunity to speak briefly with the owner Justin. Really nice, laid back guy who didn't seem at all above getting some skin-in-the-game and helping out his employees during the lunch rush. I'm always impressed to see ownership behave this way.

    Bottom line, I highly recommend checking out Sandwich Me In the next time you're looking for a new lunch spot that offers more than the average plate 'o grease.

  • 3345 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60657
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    I live and Lakeview and frequent P.S. Bangkok for sit-in lunch as well as takeout. Most especially for dining in the establishment, one will undoubtedly note the clever design of the space and inviting staff. The owner--Miss Sue--is there pretty much daily, and is one of the friendliest business owners in the neighborhood.

    As a Thai food joint, P.S. Bangkok is definitely on the higher end. Portions are sizeable but not so much so that one feels "bloated-and-beat" following a meal. I definitely recommend trying it out if you're ever in Lakeview. I doubt very much that Sue will disappoint.

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    The guys at Bannerville are extremely accommodating. Our office has them place banners on street-poles throughout our neighborhood. They have been quite helpful during the processes of installation and maintenance. Tom, in particular, has always been friendly and knowledgeable in his craft. They're a great crew to work with and have my most sincere recommendation.

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    We were referred to Guy due to his close proximity to our office. He does a fair amount of printing for us including postcards, fliers, booklets, etc. Everything we receive from Dunwel is extremely high in quality, and most worthy of note is the man's speed. Frequently we'll send Guy projects towards the end of the workday and find the order ready for pickup first-thing the next morning. Simply can't say enough about his fast delivery and unbeatable product!

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    Matt's a great insurance agent. I'm new to the city and just recently reached the age where insuring myself became necessary. I admittedly knew basically nothing on the subject--this is where Mr. Maloney came in.

    He helped me figure out exactly what insurance was and what wasn't necessary at my age, as well as finding the least expensive package possible given what I needed which was a definite must.

    Matt's a super personable guy as well as being quite knowledgable on the subject of insurance. I highly recommend him if you're trying to get insured in Chicago.

  • 1859 N Elston Ave
    Chicago, IL 60642
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    I just had these guys install Synlawn synthetic grass in my back and front yards. Really appreciated the level of professionalism and quality of the grass itself. The staff's explanation of the benefits and necessary maintenance procedures of what is a pretty modern product was thorough and unassuming.
    Also, I was pleased by the fact that prices were clearly defined from the very first meeting and were not altered throughout the process of installation.
    As far as labor is concerned, the project was carried out in a timely fashion--in fact, installation was even completed prior to the agreed upon deadline.
    My lawn looks fantastic. I love it, a surprisingly authentic looking/feeling solution to an otherwise stereotypically concrete Chicago landscape.
    As a side note, my wife is far happier with the appearance of our place after adding the lawn--which is, of course always a bonus!

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