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    Bonds seemed like a good bet (we were referred to them) until we actually had to deal with them. When we signed up with them we had all of our own equipment from a previous homeowner installed, outside of one piece of hardware. WE paid for the hardware. In fact, we even had to pay for a spare battery.  

    Last weekend we had three false alarms with our motion sensor. Each time they called, I said not to send to police as there was no window or door alarms. I decided it better to drive all the way home and check things out myself.

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the house. It sat as it always does with nothing to set off the alarm.

    I called Bonds to try and find out why we had these issues. I was told they could only tell me the time of the alarm. The last thing I want is a false alarm when I don't catch my phone and have the police show up so I asked if they could check our system out. They said they could for a $60 trip fee, $80 an hour and fees for hardware if they decided I needed something replaced. So, I could be in this for a few hundred dollars.

    I called a competitor and was told that they would replace my old system with a new system I could access online, new panel, connected thermostat etc. for a $99 installation fee. NO extra cost for hardware. I lifetime guarantee on EVERYTHING. They will come and fix/replace anything for a $50 trip charge and NO hourly charges if we ever need it.

    All this for $15 more a month, including temperature monitoring, which we don't even have right now and would cost more with Bonds anyway.

    So, we tried to cancel with Bonds, but then found out we are on a 3 year contract even though WE paid for everything! I read through the fine print (which I should have done originally) and it is AWFUL.

    We've asked them to cancel our agreement and waive their termination fee, which is HUNDREDS of dollars, since they have not subsidized ANYTHING. WE PAID FOR EVERYTHING!!!

    I'm kicking myself for not reading the contract. That's what a slick salesman will get you! Lots of promises but no other options given. I wish I would have shopped around and found a company willing to go month to month since I own everything

    We're still try to get this settled after 4 phone calls and an email. I suspect we'll just end up being a VERY unhappy customer until the second our contract expires.

  • 15801 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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    8:30 on a Friday night, no food in the house. Starving. Thanks for the tip yelpers! This place is awesome! The food is really good, the price is amazing and you're eating 30 seconds after you sit down.

    The rolls are great and there's lots of variety. We topped off the night with mochi ice cream.

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    I have to admit, I was a little hesitant going here because of the reviews but I heard they had a huge selection and I was looking for something specific.

    Staff were friendly and helpful. They just asked (politely) that I let them take the guitar off the rack if I wanted to try one. I'm ok with that. When I wanted to try one out, a staff member took it down and quickly tuned it up for me, then left me to noodle around. No hovering. No pressure. Pretty low key to be honest.

    I left with a guitar that was on sale for an awesome price. Mint condition and set-up perfect. All around a good experience.

  • 20581 N Hayden Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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    I was pretty excited to try this place for brunch. The reviews looked great. I don't know if it was an off-day but it wasn't a great experience. The server was a [use your imagination]. Maybe he was hung over? It was Sunday morning. Our food arrived 45 minutes after we sat down. Food was cold. It was reasonably tasty but much too salty. We eat out a lot. I know when it's there's too much salt - even for restaurant food. Just to end the day on a high-note, the last gulp of coffee my wife took was all coffee grounds. The company was great and it was a nice morning but I expected MUCH better from this restaurant.

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    Seemed like a good idea. Good concept. Too bad the food was so bland and tasteless. Staff were pretty disinterested. Not good.

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    We hadn't been here in quite awhile. Food was ok but service was a little rough. Still a decent priced happy hour menu but not else going on.

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    We dropped in to grab a quick dinner on a Sunday and found out it was happy hour from 4-7 every day!… Weiterlesen
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    This place was ok last time we were here about 6 months ago. We should have known something was up when it was almost empty for Sunday brunch. I had made reservations because it used to be full.

    It took over an hour to get our food. I don't remember the last time I sent food back anywhere but today we sent back three out of four meals. The fourth was pretty bad too but our companion decided to push through. He said "I ordered the ham benedict." The waiter replied, "that is ham." Apparently the grey stringy mess was "like pulled pork." Good god!

    The food didn't taste fresh either. It was so bad that we refused to eat the seafood thinking we might get sick! Horrible service too! It seemed like the waiter just wanted to avoid all his tables to save himself from all of the complaints. No manager in sight. When we left the few tables in the place were still waiting for their orders. I hope they didn't hang on like we did. Just cut bait and go somewhere else.

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    Amazing meal. The duck breast is a new favorite! Highly recommend!

  • 6248 Cave Creek Rd
    Cave Creek, AZ 85331
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    Food was decent and atmosphere was great. Live music and dancing was a nice touch.

    Service was mediocre at best. There didn't seem to be a manager within sight and much of the staff seemed disinterested. They had a heck of a time just getting our order right and getting it to the table in some sort of orderly fashion.

    Enjoyable night but we had to ignore the disorganized and cranky staff.

  • $$ Barbier
    13610 N Scottsdale Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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    $2 beer aside (which is awesome) the actual barbershop leaves a much to be desired. I've come here a number of times, since it's across the street from my wife's favorite coffee shop. (Press Coffee. Great spot.)

    I've had some great service here and some bad service. When you walk in here your just rolling the dice. I guess I could go back to the same barber every time but it doesn't really seem like anyone actually stays very long. The only guy I recognize when I go in is the owner. Seems like a different bunch every time.

    Today was pretty terrible. I waited quite awhile to get in (due to the staff/owner drama - not a long lineup. Had a gut feeling I should walk out. Should have.) I was rushed through and left feeling like the job was half done, little bits of hair falling in my eyes and mouth all the way home then did a little clean-up on the missed parts with my own razor.

    I'll try somewhere else next time. Hopefully I'll find a place that is consistent.

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