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    This review is for the self service dog wash!

    I can't bathe my dog in the sink or tub as he's 50lbs and a bit stubborn. It's a pain in the butt to clean all that fur after, wash towels, mop floors. I went to a well known pet store and had my bulldog groomed there. They did not do a good job at all. I then took him to a small business groomers and he came back with FLEAS! So really, if you need something done right, the best thing to do is to do it yourself!!!

    Soon as I bring my bulldog in, everyone says, "awwww!" Everyone is very nice here, they greet you, and they are helpful. The dog was station in the back is nice. I think there are 7 total. Always clean. There's a good selection of shampoo (only once the Flea & Tick shampoo was out so that was inconvenient as I drove in from Hayward to bathe my dog but went ahead and used the other shampoo available). There's warm water and a blow dryer as well. If you need extra towels, just request.

    You get 25 minutes which is actually plenty of time. I think it is $11. If you purchase 3 tokens, you get on free! There are folks with much bigger dog than mine who finish quicker than me! I tend to take my time to make sure I give him a nice thorough wash.

    This is where Pet Food Express came in. I LOVE this place. I come here, meet nice people who are bathing their dogs, and it's always a great atmosphere. I bathe my dog the right way, I'm always happy with the results. He's happy, clean, fluffy like a cloud and smells so nice. Makes me one happy mama!

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    This review is for nail clipping/filing only!

    My poor bulldog refuses to get out of the car when we get here. He just smells it and he knows... It's time to get his nails done! I have gotten his nails done by others but I only request Jasmine now. She does such a good job! She clips them, files them, and she's never clipped to far to the cuticle. Jasmine seriously does a good job and I appreciate her for her great work. She's also so sweet to my boy and always remembers his name. Darcy is super nice and the Top Dog team is great!

  • 30081 Industrial Pkwy
    Union City, CA 94544
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    Priya is the BEST! She's the only one I trust my brows with. Aside from being talented, she is a good hearted woman. . If you need your brows done, I suggest you go to her.

    The address listed is incorrect. It is 30081 Industrial Pkwy. It is located in the plaza where Foodmaxx is located. Soon as you come into the parking lot, it is on your immediate right.

    Enjoy your lovely brows!

  • 2093 Newpark Mall
    Newark, CA 94560
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    Worst customer service EVER! What is up with this place???

    I went in today to buy some jeggings. The Philipino girl was NO help whatsoever. I asked her where the jeggings were and she pointed me to skinny jeans. I found the jeggings on my own! Then I ask her if there are any other colors and she says no, just the white and blue that I had found and the khaki she pointed out. Guess what? I found black jeggings. When I went to the fitting room she gave major attitude about it, like it was a difficult task for her to open the door.

    I had to help myself and it only took me 35 minutes to find what I wanted instead of a competent customer service rep to help me in 5 minutes. When I went up to pay, a guy was working on the store schedule. He didn't ring me up, instead I waited for a few minutes for that rude little troll to come help me. What is the deal here? Is she miserable working retail? Making minimum wage? Or is she just a rude troll? Probably all three. It really sucks when a customer walks into the store with zero attitude, just looking to buy some jeggings, having a good day and BAM! You go into Wet Seal and a troll makes you search an entire store yourself for 35 minutes.

    I came in today, August 16th at 10am - That should give the failing management an idea of that complete lack of customer service and politeness. What topped it all off was she asked me if I wanted to get the Wet Seal "discount" card, pay $16-20 and that card will last a year. Girl, I don't think I'll ever walk into that damn store again, not at Newpark.

  • One Southland Mall Drive
    Hayward, CA 94545
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    Want to get your eyebrows done and have someone do the most horrible job ever (Ever!) and then go home and cry about it?! Well this is the place to go! Talk about getting what you pay for!!!
    So I was desperate enough to try this place out. The girl took less than 10 minutes. Shaped my eyebrows. One was _okay_ and the other was super thin and misshaped. No, this was not because of the way my brows grow. They shouldn't charge for screwing up brows and doing such bad jobs. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.
    So after going to this place and having the most horrible brow job done ever in my entire life, I grew out my brows and went to Beauty Plus Salon (on Mission Blvd)  where Priya fixed them. After a couple more visits, I'll be good to go. She asked me who messed them up so bad. Thank goodness for Priya and her talent.
    I give Shapes Brow Bar a whopping ZERO.

    Customer S.
    Kommentar von Customer S. von Shapes Brow Bar
    17.5.2013 :Dear Greezi,

    Thank you for posting your review. We  value your your business and the time you took…
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    Beauty Plus Salon is awesome. I came here to get my eyebrows done. I did not make an appointment, I walked in, waited 15-20min understandably because Priya was with a client.
    I've been to a bunch of different places and had never been happy w the results once! I initially tried this place out from a friends recommendation and because I went to that horrible place at South Land Mall called Shapes Brow Bar. A woman there did the most horrible job ever. Ever. I went home and actually cried because of the results.
    So I grew them out and on a day off, walked in to the place where I will always go to. Priya spent a good amount of time with me (because she is awesome). She re-shaped them and did a very good job. She told me after a couple more visits, they will be perfect. She did such a great job on my brows. Eye brows shape the face and it's to me, a very important feature on the face.
    Anyway, after visiting this place, I'm a forever client of Priya. If you need someone to do a great job on your brows and not F them up, this is the place to go. Thanks, Priya! You're the best.

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