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    I have never used a cleaning service - and I work a ton of hours these days. I thought it was a valuable investment and to treat myself. While I wanted a clean house, my goal was piece of mind, stress relief and having my place back in order - so I can come home and relax at the end of a day. Groupon had an offer for cleaning at a great price, so I bought two. When I first tried to schedule my appointment, I rec'd an auto text, not a call. It said I will be with you shortly. I waited, and nothing. I reached out again and again. I then heard back and the owner said she was just married. Okay, cool! No worries, lets get this on track. Then I kept getting texts, no calls. I mean, I've NEVER had a cleaning service to my house and this kind of freaked me out. But I moved forward. They crew was supposed to come late morning one day. We confirmed by text. They arrived 1.5-2 hours EARLY! I had people at the house, the dog wasn't away, and I had a conference call for work. Instead of stress relief this caused more stress. The crew cleaned in a frenzy and did a decent job. They claimed to have washed down the baseboards - yet the entire hall wasn't touched. They did a stellar job on the bathroom and kitchen - so that was a super positive. They did give a slight hassle about windows. The groupon clearly said "indoor windows" not outside. Yet, they caused a fuss about this. But at end of this day things were cool. I enjoyed having a house cleaner than I could have gotten it.

    Then I scheduled my next visit. Again, no phone calls from owner, she only would text. Again, not the service I prefer but I was forced to roll with it. This time the owner knew I had to be somewhere at given time and it was important to be there at 9am. By 9:17am the crew arrived. The cleaning was for 2 hours. They rushed and did it so I could get to my 11am, but in doing so they left so much to be desired. The person who came the first time took the downstairs, she was pretty good. But she gave me a hastle about dishes and putting them in washer. In fact they didn't want to even pick up dirty dishes that were here and there in house. Why bother coming then? They then agreed to do this after a hastle and communication with their owner. They made it clear this wasn't a service they do, yet their materials didn't exclude this.

    The girl that did the upstairs - she put the bed spread on upside down, and didn't even tuck in corners or make it neat. I asked her to clean up something from floor. The service said "focus in on specific areas was okay." I asked to clean up spill on carpet and she didn't do a good job at all. She also didn't even put the toilet paper on the roll in bathroom, and again the hallway baseboards were dusty/dirty.

    At end of visit, which was fast but left some areas for improvement I asked something about windows and they insisted again that they don't even do inside windows. I referenced the specific note on the Groupon that they do. They said something like oh well.

    When they left I could tell the rush job wasn't nearly as good as the first time. I also was again stressed at their lack of timeliness, missing some items and arguing about things they should have made clear in offer.

    For the record, their website says this:
    From ceiling fans to woodwork, we want to make sure we don't miss a spot!On our first visit, we will get down to the nitty-gritty! Some houses are tidier than others, some are messier than others, and some are just dirtier than others. Regardless of the condition, we will spend whatever time necessary to bring your house to a level of superior cleanliness!

    The page I reference says nothing about "no windows" doesn't even mention dishes, and if you read the balance of the page, talks about dirty messy jobs. Moving a few cups and dishes or washing a single pan sounds way easier than what most people probably request of them. (Yes, they wouldn't wash the single pan in my sink. It was left on the counter dirty.)

    I will say that I am "sold" on the benefits of having cleaner come when you are busy at work. I really wanted these folks to work out so I could have them back. I wasn't even going to write a yelp review as maybe they just overbooked. However, when I just walked down the hall, saw dust flying off baseboards and saw state of my upstairs, I decided I should speak up.

    Kathleen F.
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    23.11.2013 Hoping for a chance to redeem myself.
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    I was on my way to brunch in the city when I spotted the door to Belle Cakery open.  I hadn't been by for a dessert yet, and it seemed like a great "pre-brunch" treat!

    Jessie, the owner, was behind the counter. She was super friendly and greeted me promptly.  She started telling me about her delicious pastries including many of the summer-inspired lemon offerings that colorfully danced around behind the glass.  I also spied a delicious caramel cheesecake, and some french macaroons.   I was torn but knew what I had to do.  It was another scorching hot day - and I saw a big sign that stated Jessie made homeade ice cream and sorbets.  I ordered myself a big scoop of the coffee, caramel, cocoa nib ice cream.  It was perfection!  I got not only my sugar fix but I was bouncing off the walls all afternoon from the caffeine jolt.  The crushed beans and nibbs gave the smooth cream a great texture - and everything was perfectly balanced.

    Before I left, I took a few notes for my next visit, with a big star next to the homeade brittles on the shelves by the door.   The sorbets also had some unusual flavor combinations that might need additional exploration.  

    As I was about to walk out, I got an extra treat in that I met Jessie's new husband, Lee Styer from Fond.  Score!

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    Every year, right around this time, I start to envy all my friends who live in Philadelphia's suburbs.  I enviously watch them open pools, stretch out lawn chairs and fire up the grill.  These activities usually send me into a frenzy where I embark on a futile shopping trip to Walmart and Home Depot, seeking out a city-size grill that is low cost, small, easy to use and low maintenance.  Deep inside I know a grill like this doesn't work for my South Philly concrete backyard, especially with a dog, but yet I persist.  This year, I decided to take a different path and check out restaurants that can give me that "made in the backyard" taste.  I found a winner with Seasons 52 and their new summer menu.  It is the next best thing besides being back home with the family - and it comes with half the calories, none of the mosquitoes and absolutely no cleanup.  Who's the winner NOW!?

    This summer they are serving up a new seasonally-inspired menu that immediately said, "Summer loving!"   First up was a series of flatbreads that would have made my family do cartwheels.  They love (LOVE!) Sunday afternoons sitting around and grilling barbecue chicken.  They also couldn't get enough of the neighbor's homemade artichoke and spinach dip.  It helped fend off the munchies until the meat was good and cooked.  Seasons 52 took both crowd pleasing favorites and packed them into healthy flatbreads that made my mouth water.  The chicken barbecue flatbread contained a sauce that was as sweet as honey with a finger licking good aftertaste.  The artichoke flatbread contained bright green spinach with onions and roasted peppers.

    I had my eye on the entire artichoke flatbread, until I laid my eyes on the summer salad.  I will readily admit salad isn't something that gets my juices flowing. I try to eat salads regularly at home, but they often are more of a choir than an enjoyable experience.  So when their Organic Arugula walked into the room, I was pleasantly surprised. The greens were topped with ripe watermelon, grilled golden beets, jicama and goat cheese.  The real star of the show, however, was the crunchy, recently toasted pistachio nuts.  Each bite had the bite of the goat cheese, the flair of the fruit and the crunchy texture that made me do a double take.

    For entrees, Seasons 52 served salmon, which was perfectly charred and flavored, with a zesty fresh dill sauce for finish.    The zesty dill was in fact so addictive that I had to request some for my oversized asparagus.  The cream-corn risotto brought back fond memories of great grandma whipping up masterpieces using old fashioned Blue Boy canned veggies.  The other new summer entree is the Piedmontese Bone-In Strip Steak (pictured).  In all honesty, my dinner companions convinced me to try the steak.  Frankly, steak on the bone just isn't my cup of tea.  Maybe its the bone, maybe the dish is too "grown up" for my taste, who knows, really.  I do know that when it arrived it looked, no smelled, so good I had to give it at least a little try.  I was VERY pleasantly surprised.  Surprised, in fact, until I emptied my plate.  Recommended by the American Heart Association as a "heart healthy food", Piedmontese beef is low in saturated fats, and it has half the cholesterol of regular beef.  In fact, it has less fat than my usual standby, grilled chicken.   The steak itself was tender, flavorful and it was void of all fat.  Better yet, it was complimented by grilled fingerling potatoes that were also perfectly seasoned. The whole dish was only 475 calories - and thank goodness for that - as dessert was a real knock-out!

    For the vegetarians in the house, Seasons brings you a hearty meal that is almost more filling than the meat-based entrees.  Summer Vegetarian Tasting (pictured) features the "grains of life," soft taco, chili relleno, vegetables, cedar roasted tofu and mango chutney.  My favorite from this list was the chili relleno, which was a mild pepper which packed a big punch of Mexican flavor.

    No good barbecue or picnic would be complete without a smorgasbord of American favorites for dessert.  Seasons 52 had you covered - with a sampling of desserts that would please even a hard-core sweet-tooth like me.  American and classic flavors were presented with a modern twist.   Small shooters, with about 5-8 bites in each, were blossoming with Raspberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Fresh Fruit Tart, Key Lime Pie and Carrot Cake. My personal favorite was Pecan Pie (pictured) - with gooey caramel, plump pecans and luscious cream filling.  It was enough to make me want to take out a red and white gingham napkin, wipe the corners of my mouth, and take a nap in the grass.

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    Sometimes it seems all I ever talk about is cupcakes. As Philly's unofficial "King of Desserts," I have to ensure that no cupcake goes untasted in our busy Philly market.  Someone this weekend actually walked by me, pointed and said, "Hey, there's the cupcake guy!"  While I do love (L.O.V.E.) my cupcakes, I have a lesser known but life-time long sweet tooth for all things ice cream.  (In fact, in between cupcake feedings, I can often be found lurking at PYT, Franklin Square's Square Burger and Bobby's Burger Place slurping down alcoholic and non-alcoholic shake concoctions filled with Tastykakes, birthday cake, candy bars, real pistachios and graham cracker. Needless to say, when I therefore heard that this Shake Shack place from NYC was moving to Philly I was excited!  I heard only good things about them - and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of their cool treats.

    Finally, it's opening day and a new shack is in town! With loud buzz and much fan fair, Shake Shack opened its doors today with it's delicious menu of burgers, hot dogs, fries, shakes, custard and "Concretes."   They even have specially made dog treats.  I was fortunate enough to attend two previews - and here's my full report!

    When I first entered Shake Shack I was first power greeted by the super friendly hostess right at the door. She was joined by a team that would then welcome me, find out if I had any questions, provide recommendations and move me in and out of the line in a timely manner.  (Sometimes that is no small feat as I can dilly dally!)  The crew's high spirits, hand shaking and enthusiastic voice set the tone for what would be a fun experience.  As I worked my way towards the menu I was greeted by delicious but much smaller menu than I expected.  Apparently, the menu is not enormous but what they do, they do well! After great inspection, I  placed my order with the super friendly and helpful cashier.  She provided me with a buzzer and directed me to the back of the restaurant.   Then I waited, for what seemed like an eternity.  It wasn't in fact more than 10 minutes, but I was so hungry and so excited I nearly burst from my chair and ran track-style down the corridor to pick up my first tray of treats.  (No, seriously!)

    From first glance, they didn't look like anything out of the ordinary. Then I tasted then and realized why Shake Shack had such a magic hold on New York City.   The stand-outs in the bunch are the Liberty Shell Concrete, the Shack-cago Dog and the Caramel Shake.  The Liberty Shell Concrete was a blend of vanilla custard with strawberry pure,  lemon ricotta and Termini Bros. cannoli shells.  The shells added a nice crispness to the blend -- and the lemon ricotta mingled with the custard was something dreams are made of.   The Shack-cago far exceeded my expectations!  In fact, it actually took my prize for best item on the menu -- which is a lot coming from someone who doesn't often order hot dogs.  What made it so special?  It was topped with everything I love:  Rick's Picks Shack relish, short pepper, celery salt, mustard, onion and pickle all literally.  It even had a cucumber on it, which provided some interesting texture against the dog itself.

    Additionally, I enjoyed the fries, cheese sauce, Black and White milkshake and the Fair Shake.  The ShackBurger was delicious, but the overly pink center ruined the tasty toppings for me.  (Crew reported that all burgers are cooked medium, so make sure to ask for it medium well or well if you don't want the pink.) I definitely would order it again with special instructions next time.   The Center City Pretzel was probably my least favorite item.  It was super sweet but none of the flavors stood out.  This could have been due to all the Marshmallow sauce.  While it wasn't on my list to order again, I could see how someone who loved caramel and banana would be a fan!

    While I ate my meal and took photos, the staff surprised me yet again with a small touch that went a long way!  My cashier came out from behind the counter and addressed me by name.  She wanted to know about my favorite item and how my experience was.  I later learned that the cashiers are actually trained to remember customers names and connect with them again during their visit.  Due to the high volume in the Shack, it was amazing to think they can juggle this on top of providing great food in a timely manner. Bravo to her and the whole team!

    Overall, my experience was a good one!  I definitely will be dreaming of Liberty Shell Custards and Shack-Cago dogs this week.  I might even need to stop for another on my lunch break.

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    A week ago I brought my car to a local tire repair place on Oregon Ave as my tires had a SLOW leak (2-3 days average).  They said I needed new valves. Simple!  I drove my car to Pep Boys, told them "I need new valves as they are leaking and I am getting flats." I asked them to please check my tires otherwise to see if they were decent.  

    I got a call and the associate said, "You need brand new tires." I said, "Are you sure, the valves are broken, I just went somewhere else and they said they were otherwise fine, and the valves are why they are leaking."  She said, "No you need new tires." I return to get car, ask about valves, see on receipt they were fixed and I have two new tires... then....

    I wake up the next day with a bunch of flat tires!  I go back, they readily admit that they didn't fix the valves nor did the associate even know anything about them.  The associate actually then stated to a manager that she didn't even tell the mechanics that the valves were the reason I brought my car there.. THEN, I found out my one tire was perfectly fine yet they sold me two.   I was billed for balancing tires - yet they didn't do that as when my car hit 40 MPH it vibrated like crazy!  They put them on the wrong end of the car (Pep Boys policy is that they go on the back, not the front). And they didn't properly dispose of the tires.  They promised to fix most of this - then sent me home while they worked.  They admitted fault. Then I walk all the way back, nothing was done and they said they changed their minds.  

    They claim they are looking into this, but its been a whole other week now.

    As a funny anecdote, the tire repair shop by my house looks at my new deflating tires and they chuckle.  Maybe I should have trusted these total strangers over a well known brand entity.  I guess I will in the future...

    Joe D.
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    13.6.2012 Hi Kory, Service done right the first time is the Pep Boys standard. We're sorry that your… Weiterlesen
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    I decided to treat myself to a health and wellness day in South Jersey.  I found a great discount for Bernard's Salon and Spa.  I paired my spa day with a healthy, low-fat lunch and a trip to the gym.  I decided early on that it was a "no cupcake" kind of day.  My waistline was growing!  Short season started early!

    My self-imposed directive didn't seem difficult.  When I think of cupcakes, I don't think of South Jersey.  Philadelphia has really become the regional hub of all things cupcakes.  Logic suggested that there wouldn't be any temptations across the bridge.  I went along with my afternoon, and checked out of my last spa service.  Then I spied them.  They were sitting on the counter in mass numbers ready to gang up on me -- a huge tray of cupcake samples in assorted flavors and colors!  They literally said, "Free take me!"  How could I resist?  I tried a pink one, which led to a cookie-topped one, which led to several other samples.  The card on the tray taunted me, "Come down to Jilly B's Treats and Boutique."   The staff at Bernard's pointed me down the walkway, and there went my diet!

    When I entered the store, I first thought of a mix between an old western general store and an old-fashioned candy shop -- only it was cupcake-ified with pinks and pastels.  It was inviting, colorful and cheery.  On the large counter, behind the glass, were delicious looking cupcakes in several flavors.  They had cookies and cream, strawberry, peanut butter with chocolate, apple, chocolate, vanilla, carrot, tuxedo and more.   Next to them was another tray of samples.  Again, the cupcake chanted, "Take one! Take one!"  I sampled another pink one and learned it wasn't champagne as the color suggested, but instead it was strawberry.  I was instantly hooked.  The cupcake was moist, with a light flavor of strawberry.  The frosting was a delicious sugary-sweet buttercream with strawberry flavor.  If I had any critique it was that there was too much sugary deliciousness going on with all the frosting, but I took one for the team and ate every last morsel.

    The temptations didn't stop with the cupcakes at Jilly B's!  Oh no.  Next to the cupcakes, I eyed artfully decorated chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate "pizzas," and a high-end yogurt and topping bar.  (This is actually the third cupcake and frozen yogurt place I have discovered lately -- apparently they are a growing trend!)  In an effort to avoid a full out binge, I took my cupcake and sat at the big round tables in the front.  I was able to continue my relaxing afternoon, while watching people go by.

    While I shopped, I met up with the owner of Jilly B's, Jill Schafer.  She was as sweet and delightful as her cupcakes.  She told me some brief history about the store, the cupcakes, flavors and seasonal selections.  I was especially impressed by her modern marketing strategies in the store.  While she had an old-fashioned menu board above the counter, she also had a flat screen television plugging their products.   Jill also mentioned her Facebook page, which I immediately "liked" when I got home.

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    I made a reservation for Easter Sunday for my family.  While the day was Easter, I felt it was more like Christmas as I had been waiting for this place to open since I first read about it!  

    The moment we set foot in the doors, the friendly staff immediately greeted us as if they were hosting us in their own home.  To half of us, this seemed genuinely nice and warm, but to the other half of our party,  they came off as a little overattentive.  There are many worst things in the world!  As soon as we sat down, our waitress gave us the overview of the menu and I was ready to go to town.  My head was spinning from the huge list of inventive flavor combinations.  The drink menu had at minimum 10 "must tries."  The milkshake selection already had me shooting out "meeting" requests for July afternoons.  

    We decided to save the milkshakes for another day (and another review).  Instead, we started the meal with the Raspberry Thai Basil Lemonade.  This hot pink lady made us pucker as we fell in love with her tart, refreshing flavor.  For starters, we ordered an Easter classic with a twist.  The Deviled Eggs came with pickled mustard seeds and a light Wisabi mayo that packed a big punch.  We also enjoyed the Tacos in a Bag, which was Fritos, carnitas, queso creme and burnt scallions in an actual Fritos bag.  It is now hard to imagine tacos NOT coming in a Fritos bag.

    For entrees, I selected the Cheese Steak Pot Pie.  Others at the table ordered the Bananas Foster French Toast Pegs and the Fried Chicken.  We spread out our napkins, lined up our forks and we waited for the main event!

    My Cheese Steak Pot Pie arrived with a giant puff of pastry shell on top.  After digging (and digging and digging) my way to the bottom, I found the holy grail of pot pie fillings.  Cheese, steak and veggies mixed to perfection!  The pot pie has the POTENTIAL to be one of my favorite dishes in Philly.  The only thing holding it back is the puff pasty.  It was so high, and so much, that it made a big mess everywhere.  It also wasn't hot, and it was disconnected from the filling.  In reality, these are small details that are the difference between really good and great.  If they can tweak it a bit, its a definite grand slam!  The pot pie also came with hot sauce, which was finger licking good, but just not on my pot pie.  The boring side of my tongue wished it came with a spicy ketchup instead.  I did really enjoy amusing myself by playing with the squirt bottle, however!

    The Bananas Foster French Toast Pegs was predictably a safe hit with everyone at the table.  The pegs were exceptionally sweet, as could be expected.  They had just the right balance of coffee caramel syrup and bananas.

    The Fried Chicken ended up being the big winner of the day.  This was especially surprising as the presentation let something to be desired, and I simply don't eat fried chicken, ever.  The plate arrived with Kool Aid dipped watermelon, greens and a pool of more hot sauce. The watermelon sounds intriguing, but it fell flat with everyone at the table.  The pool of hot sauce also didn't do much for the dish.  However, the  chicken itself made up for these small items, as it was big, tender, juicy and OH SO tasty!  We had a debate about the exact spice combination.   I think it had hints of mustard and Indian/curry, but everyone else seemed to develop their own theories.  One thing we did agree on was that no one could put it down.  (Note:  The take home bag in the car mysteriously disappeared before I could grab it for myself..darn!)

    For the most important, and final, course, we ordered two desserts to share.  The first dessert was a cream-corn based creme caramel.  It was a light and fluffy way to end a big meal.  However, my attention was focused on the epic deliciousness in a jar, the Chocolate Pudding Pie.  The thick layers of chocolate pudding were broken up by a perfect pretzel crust.  The dish was topped with burnt bananas that added just a hint of flavor to the dish.  This is the sort of dish Philly dessert legends are made of -- and the sort of dish that I think about when I wake up in the middle of the night.

    Overall, Square Peg was everything I hoped for and more.  It is unusual for me to get excited about entrees, as I have such a weakness for drinks, starters and desserts.  Yet, their tempting offerings made me save some space for the main course.  With some small tweaks as they grow  Square Peg will be a fixture in the Philly dining scene -- and at the very least a place you will find me hanging out this summer.  I already am dreaming about more Chocolate Pudding Pie, and I eagerly await my next visit for a spiked milkshake.

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    Updated review: 01/19/2013

    It has been 10 months time for update! It really seemed as though things could only get better as it was rock bottom, but now 100% times worse. Equipment is broken even worse then before, equipment removed/not replaced, on any given day now 70-80% of the dumbells scatter the floor. After 6 cordial complaints to management they say its customers fault (direct quote). Dirty water fountains. Overflowing trash. Un-mopped floors. Dirty locker rooms. Staff are always working out themselves, eating, texting or on their personal cells. Lately the front desk not even is attended. Worse yet, no responses after calls/emails/tweets to corporate office. "F" for fail.

    Originally posted 3/18/2012
    I live right by this former Bally's location.  It is literally the most convenient gym in the world in proximity to my house. Years ago I stopped going here and switched to a gym in Center City.   In the last few months, I started looking for a gym closer to home.  I took a tour and scratched my head.  As I walked through I wondered, "Why on earth did I stop going here?"  Its a few blocks from my home.  Its bright and cheery.  They have lots of equipment.  It looks good "on paper." Then I signed up and I remembered....and now, most days, I wished I stayed away!

    Prior to LA Fitness taking over, the gym had many serious issues that are noticeable -- not on a walkthrough - but if you go day after day.  BUT Ballys was about to clean things up, give the gym its first face lift in many, many years, and bring in new equipment.  They were also about to expand their hours.  I was EXCITED!  

    LA Fitness took over and all that stopped.  If this was at all possible, things actually got worse, not better.   You would have thought LA Fitness would have been concerned about appearances and keep the newly acquired clubs up to the par of their already existing club.

    Recently, things have spiraled downward, prompting this review.  What you ask?  Equipment failure.  There are at LEAST four major pieces of equipment that have been broken.  I am not talking little things that people don't often use.  No.  Big pieces of critical equipment important to your workout.  The problem is amplified by the busy schedule at this gym and the long lines on some pieces.  Example:  The double-tower cables have been broken for not a week or two or three - but now going on FOUR!  Not only is the inner cable system broken - but the chair is actually missing from what used to be the back pull down.  Ditto for leg equipment on the other side of the floor.  

    Additional pesky things exist, like the ceiling and windows leaking during hard rains, the fasteners for barbells being literally decades old and too loose to fix anything (resulting in torn toilet tissue EVERYWHERE after folks throw them on the floor), and the bathrooms no longer having paper towels (and hand dryers are not at hand level - no they are 6 feet in the air - and usually occupied by people who just showered).

    Next, if you want to use anything in between 10 lbs and 20 lbs - good luck to you!  The 15 lbs weights most days don't exist in the gym.  When they do they are hidden in an office where no one can see them.  The very nice, attentive manager one day saw I was frustrated and went to find them.  She never did!  

    Additionally, the benches on the free weight side have a foul odor, especially as summer comes - and the pads are ripped, torn and pulling off.  I took a bunch of pictures in case someone asked.  Today, I used a step - and the whole thing started to cave in from the sides.  

    Outside of these issues, the club renovations have been cancelled or stalled.  LA Fitness has owned the club for months and nothing has occurred.  The hours that were being extended not are back to the usual.  The friendly front desk staff (and when I say friendly, I must mean it as I have a fairly critical eye) are now gone and replaced by folks who don't really care.  Where other LA Fitness gyms have a system to scan your card, here you have to wait sometimes what seems like FOREVER to have them check you in.  Again, something that LA Fitness did well that has gone down hill at this gym.

    Other items which seem small but get on your nerves - almost every day in the last three weeks the locker room has NO paper towels.  The hand dryers are above six feet tall.  Shorter guys can't reach them.  And many days they are blocked with guys from the shower drying themselves.  Ask my workout notebook how this affects me - as its had to serve as my "paper towel" recently.  

    IN terms of management, the new manager is very friendly, she is creating a warm vibe when she helps you and talks to you, she always says hi, and is concerned.  However, in this case, the warm demeanor of the manager isn't enough to correct for the stark difference in front desk staff attitudes and service styles, and it apparently isn't enough to get corporate office to

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    I was looking for something different and fun for my Friday night.  I decided to check out Dubh Linn Square for drinks and a late night snack.  

    I visited several of the bars within this Irish Pub.  I found drinks to be fairly cheap ($3.50 for a Bud Light Bottle).  I also found that they had an amazing selection of draft beers.  Unfortunately, service for drinks was lacking. The bartenders seemed to favor the locals and their friends. I felt more left out than having no one to sit with at lunch in school! Bartenders at the main bar took 20 minutes to even acknowledge my presence.  At the other two bars, initial service was quick, but getting return refill service was slow.  It was also like being at a big party where everyone knew each other except for you.  The bartenders and extensive staff didn't do anything to make me feel at home.  There was no banter or small talk.

    Food service was quick and efficient.  I ordered the Irish Dubh Linn Sampler - and the food came out fast.  It was hot and it looked great!  I love condiments, so I especially appreciated the three dipping sauces.  My favorites on the sampler were the potato balls in wing sauce, the sausage roll and the cheesesteak spring rolls. The rest of the menu contained at least a handful of things that I would return to try.  I appreciated that the menu had traditional Irish fare, as well as some surprise dishes.

    In terms of atmosphere, I liked the nice woods that made up the bars and dining areas.  I liked the open nature of the main bar, as well as open round bar upstairs.  I thought I would like the intimate bar on the first floor.  However, the live band in the next room competed with music over a sound system.  Both were too loud to begin with.  The band itself was pretty good -- and if I had another beer or two I would have been inclined to dance with my friends.

    All in all, the visit was average.  On a positive, I would return and recommend the great food, the food service, the cheap drinks, the nice atmosphere and the draft beer selection.  On a negative, if service is important to you then you either want to go elsewhere or warm up to the bartenders when you arrive.  Also, if you are looking for somewhere fun that lets you talk to your friends, pick a night when there isn't so much noise.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of my favorite places for a hot, quality, low fat meal.  This location on the Main Line provides all of that, and a spacious dining room and FREE, close-by parking.

    I have been to this location three times.  I have found that the food is always piping hot and fresh.  During each visit I found the line fully stocked with food that was fresh, hot and recently stirred.  The store has many healthy options that fit into a 500-750 lunch diet.  My recommendation is the Burrito Bowl with the Barbacoa.  According to their website, the shredded beef Barbacoa is actually lower in fat than several of their other meat dishes.  This location now served brown rice - which combines the cilantro flair of the white rice, with a light nutty flavor.  Other lower fat and lower calories options include the tacos, the burrito and the salad.  (The meals fit so well into my calorie plan that I can even get some full fat shredded cheese.)  

    This location offers some extra perks versuses other Chipotles in Philadelphia.  There is a free, close-by parking lot just feet away.  You also get to stop by Starbucks after for coffee, and hit up the Target.  The location also has a spacious dining room with ample seating.  I can bring my laptop to get work done and never feel pressured to leave quickly.  The staff at this location have been friendly and efficient.

    Barbacoa Bowl with Brown Rice, Pinto Beans, Extra Salsa

    For a treat (not on the diet plan), don't skip the tortilla chips!  They by far are the best in Philadelphia with a hint of salt and lime.  Better yet, get a bag to go!

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    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words; I read this one twice.

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