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  • 600 E Broad St
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    This review is of the Tap House. The Smoke House is the resturaunt across the street.

    If you like micro-brewed beer made locally, then this is the best Tap House in the Triangle.  Large selection of many different beer types.  If you are hungry, your order can be taken at the bar and they carry it over from across the street.  The smoked meat is great.

    The outdoor deck is great.  They have live music on the weekends, but it is a little loud sometimes.  Very clean front patio with nice view of downtown.  It is so nice to be able to walk or bike to grab a pint whenever I like!

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    I have had a great experience here.  I picked up a nice Patagonia shirt for 30% off.  The staff was great. The owner was a pretty cool guy.  This is one of the gems of downtown Apex.  They carry great gift ideas like Guy Harvey shirts and tons of fleece jackets and sweaters.  

    I don't think they carry fishing gear anymore, but now stock some high end skateboards.  I'm too old.....Not on par with REI for gear like tents and bags, but a way hipper clothing selection.

    Staff is friendly.  Not robots from Banana Republic, but cool locals.  It's OK to say, "hi" to them.  They will help you out.  They also have a rarely seen public restroom in downtown Apex.

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    Hands down the best outdoor clothing and gear store in the Triangle.  Great selection and their regular prices ARE in line with everybody else, but they seem to have way better sales than most.  Also, the gift wrapping during the holidays is great.  The staff is engaging and will not only answer all your questions about gear, but they will point you in the right direction for camping, hiking and paddling.  I don't understand the poor reviews, sorry they aren't eBay or the mall. I stop by once every month or so to see the new seasonal stuff and check out the sales.  Very relaxing to be there.

    I once bought trail running shoes at their other location and they had a manufacture's defect.  I wore them in an mentioned the tear in passing. They told me that Salomon had a poor design and I walked out with new Vasques!  No receipt was no problemo.  Customer for life!

  • 306 Butler St
    Saugatuck, MI 49453
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    The best clothing store for active people in a 5 hundred mile radius.  They stand by their products 100% and they only carry great stuff.  You'll sleep with a clear conscience when you buy here.  Great staff, great ownership and great stuff.  Get your will updated because this stuff will last forever.   Patagonia, Chacos, Smartwool, and other great stuff with a Saugatuck flair, if you know what I mean.

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    I really wanted to write a glowing review, but I can't after the sub-par experience I recently had. I have eaten here 3 times, but may not again.

    I did eat with a larger party of 10, but that should not throw off a restaurant in it's second month with more than enough staff.    Everybody who works there besides the bartenders looks lost, annoyed, and/or confused.

    Our waitress never smiled, asked how our food was, and I think she was genuinely pissed at us when we asked for dessert.(she had the bill ready) We ordered together as a group, but received our food in 3 waves, each 5 minutes apart.  When there are only 2 main courses to choose from, it is hard to comprehend this.  

    I have worked in the restaurant biz myself.  Large parties can suck, but when you take forever to serve everybody, forget to ask if they want desert, and then take about 15 minutes to figure out the check, you shoot yourself in the foot....  5 couples are more than likely going to split the check up. Learn the computer system.....  Ask ahead of time.... Smile....

    Food: it is a great chicken sandwich, but avoid the greens.  Way too salty.  The potato salad is good, not great and the portion is microscopic.  Warm Mac and cheese cut in a block from tray in back is below her abilities.......

    The atmosphere is a little generic and almost feels corporate. No soul.

    SWEAT TEA....... not here.

    Bottom line: I may grab the sandwich to go, grab a beer at the bar, but they really need to have a manager with experience watch a Saturday night shift and review how the seat, take orders, and serve guests.  They look like a bunch of first timers..... Snobby first timers.

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