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  • 3031 Telegraph Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94705
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    CVS Closed this location in late 2013... so you'll have to find another pharmacy to cover your needs. The San Francisco CarePlus location (in The Castro) is still open.

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    Having Cancer is no joke and the last thing you want to worry about is getting your medications -… Weiterlesen
  • 482 B 49th St
    Oakland, CA 94609
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    An awesome doughnut theater awaits you as you enter this paradise of artisan desert baking delight. The setup is like Beard Papa for Doughnuts - you have a raised solid (no hole) doughnut that is injected with your requested filling.

    The Naked Cream is awesome... I have to return to try more flavors (and update this review).

  • $ Donuts
    1934 Broadway
    Oakland, CA 94612
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    (Note: This was written in 2012 - just saw on 5/12/14 that it didn't post!)
    This may be the best of the "21st Century doughnut shops" found in the East Bay. While some restaurants and pop-up vendors have started creating their own artisan doughnuts, Donut Savant has taken the best of new & old in remaking the classic doughnut and doughnut hole.

    The largest selection of doughnuts are large-sized doughnut wholes. Those of you who are California transplants will recognize these as Dunkin Donut Muchkin-like pastries (so say my wife, who is from Boston). As a California native I was skeptical of this large fried cake doughnut and was very surprised to find that they are delicious. My favorite was the Vanilla glazed puff, followed by the Chocolate dusted. Both have a hard sugary glaze on the outside with a medium dense cake texture on the inside.

    For me the real treat was the raised glazed doughnut. I have been a connoisseur of glazed doughnuts since I was a young child buying a few each week at Winchell's doughnuts,  now defunct chain that was the CA version of Dunkin Donuts. A few franchises still exist in SoCal.  The raised glazed had a unique texture that was slightly denser than your typical yeast-raised doughnut but was far lighter than any of the cake doughnut-like holes sold here. The doughnut had a wonderful sweet taste with what seemed like a touch of honey. It reminds me of Verna's, a Cambridge, MA store that is one of the best doughnuts shops in the US (they have been voted Boston's best doughnut for a number of years). I also tried the chocolate frosted raised doughnut that had a rich dark chocolate glaze. It was unlike any chocolate raised doughnut with a high quality glaze that did not melt like the more typical chocolate glaze.

    This store is a great addition to Oakland and I wish the co-owners much success: I haven't seen to many people here so I hope they can stay in business for the long term.

    Finally make sure you arrive early: only one batch of raised doughnuts are made at the beginning of the day. However the doughnut holes are made continuously throughout the day. Check out their twitter feed for more up to date info on doughnuts that are available: @DounutsSavant

  • 3070 E 9th St
    Oakland, CA 94601
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    Best location to drop off or pickup equipment in the Oakland/Berkeley area. O on weekdays there are plenty of staff available to help with service or billing issues. Way better than the Berkeley office where one has to stand in a long line. It's also a short walk from Fruitvale BART.

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    Decent Mexican food located close to a lot of Oakland residents - well, middle & upper class residents who live near the Lake. This is no Fruitvale Taqueria and it does not make the list of a restaurant that I would bike, bus or drive out of the way to visit to grab a burrito. However, if you are walking the late or want to get a bite it's sufficient.

    The tacos are pretty descent here - as recommended by others go for the prawns or fish tacos over a burrito.

    Historical side note: Before it's current incarnation as a Mexican restaurant, this was the first location of the now-defunct Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles Oakland location.

  • 1805 E Sky Harbor Cir S
    Phoenix, AZ 85034
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    My penance for not using Kayak or reviews on Google for picking a rental company was to rent from this establishment.

    Short Version:  Suck it up, pay a little extra and rent from one of the major Car Rental Companies.  Don't Rent from Payless.

    Long Version:  What a horrible racket - from telling us just before we were driving away that we were given the wrong car and that we had to switch to a different car to indicating the wrong drop off time on the contract.  After about 30 minutes in waiting in line and dealing with the staff, I was finally able to leave and arrive late at my important meeting (ok, it was a Spring Training Baseball game, but it was the last home game of the season for the A's!).  

    The upshot (and downside) of this experience was that as my girlfriend and I were cleaning out the car for the return, we realized that someone had left an extra set of keys from another car with us.  I am sure that resulted in another disgruntled renter who waited while the staff looked for the keys to their car.

    Upon returning the car, the staff seemed as disorganized as they were when we dropped it off even though the crew was different.  We were also told that even though the car was returned a couple of hours after the original return time, we would be charged for an entire day.  The only way to appeal was to talk to a manager who didn't appear in 20 minutes (I think he didn't exist) and then we had to leave to catch our flight.  There is something wrong with the management culture of this rental organization.  Stay Away!

  • 2140 University Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94704
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    It seems inexcusable to serve poor Thai food in downtown Berkeley given the competition that exists from surrounding businesses. Yes, that includes Plearn Thai Kitchen and Tuk Tuk Thai, all within close walking distance.

    Yet, Lucky House seems to have ignored this edict with oily soaked Pad See Ew and Pad Thai noodles. I would recommend choosing another adventure, not the mystery lunch here.

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    I have had a Patelco Account for several years (opened at the former SF HQ) and recently moved to Oakland. The service from the staff at this branch and the customer service line have been phenomenal in my opinion.

    Case #1: When I finally got time to take my girlfriend to Patelco to open an account, we picked this location since it is within walking distance of our house. Even though we arrived with 30 minutes of closing and their was a line ahead of us to open new accounts, the staff quickly processed opening not only her account, but setting up a new account for both of us to use! All of this and we got out of the branch only 5 minutes after closing.  

    Case #2: When I needed another separate account to collect donations for my medical expenses, a wonderful customer service representative in their call center in Atwater, CA (yes, they use a domestic call center) answered my call. She promptly created a new account after verifying my ID verbally and set it up in time so that I could have deposits made the same day under both my full name and my middle name!

    I have been very impressed by Patelco. I will knock them one star because this branch still needs more tellers. Lines are extremely long in the afternoon before closing. And Patelco needs a mobile app so you can deposit checks by scanning them (I believe they are working on this).  

    All-in-all, I would open an account here again. I am looking at switching most of my financial activity to this institution.

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    Two words: Buttermilk Pancakes
    For some reason, creating a fresh batch of pancakes seems to elude most brunch restaurants in the Bay Area. Not so for Lynn & Lu's. The Buttermilk Pancakes here are soft, fluffy, dense and cooked thoroughly.  I'm not sure about the review that challenged Mama's in S.F. (still the best in the Bay to me), but with a side of blueberry sauce these pancakes are the best in Oakland.

    The bacon and scrambled eggs were ok, decent for breakfast but nothing impressive. My partner had the Lynn Special (Waffle/Eggs/Bacon combo) and she was less than impressed with the Waffle. It was a bit overcooked and crunchy. I've only had a few visits here so I haven't tasted everything in the menu.

    Overall, Lynn & Lu's get's a three for a good quality breakfast place that isn't too pretentious - it's a basic dinner-style restaurant with dinner-style quality. Except the pancakes: They are awesome!

  • $ Burger
    308 E Compton Blvd
    Compton, CA 90221
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    Like someone said years ago here on Yelp, the Hamburger is very disappointing. The burger is made with a typical wholesale generic fast food patty. Someone should inform the owners that in the 21st Century you can have higher quality meat & cheap burgers! I mean you can purchase better hamburger meat at Fresh & Easy! Having had wide range of quality burgers in my life may have set me up to be disappointed.

    The one redeeming factor is the fries - they are nicely seasoned in a way that you can usually only find at home. Some foodies say that frozen fries trump fresh cut fries, an argument supported by the fries sold here.

    Bottom line: order fries to go and leave the burgers for In-N-Out or Mom's Burger

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