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    This place is awesome in every way. If you're coming from SF and get off at 35th Ave, you'll have a really fun drive. Half the fun is the drive up. That's unless you get car sick easily then I'd recommend to find another way.

    It's $14 to shoot all day. They provide a target with payment. They sell bullets and target supplies if you need them. The bullets are a little costly so if you can bring your own. The people are friendly if you're a first time shooter like I was. The range officer, who is the guy that walks up and down the line to make sure nobody doing anything stupid helped me zero in my rifle.

    It's a pretty safe as the range officer and the people in the both will yell at you if you do something stupid, but just remember it's for your safety and others.

    This is my go to place to practice my shooting because we all know when 2012 comes around the Zombie Apocalypse will happen and I need to be prepared when the shit hits the fan.

  • 9 St. Marks Pl
    New York, NY 10003
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    It was late and freezing. I decided not to buy the $8 dinner on the airplane so my stomach decide it would eat itself. I get off the subway and call my friend to see where she is. Nope she not picking up. Why did I come here again!? Starving we walk to grab some food. For the city that never sleeps a lot of places close at 2:00 am. Yes I know places in SF close earlier but I hold NYC to a much higher degree. This place was open and the food was good too.

    This place was packed but we were able to get a seat quickly, ordering on the other hand took a bit longer. Finally we were able to order, I don't know what my friend ordered but all I can tell those are  reading this is, don't get the salad with the tuna. I didn't know tuna sashimi could be chewy to the point that it was like chewing gum. I had some kind of pork skewer that was delicious and a good start to my New York meals. The place is pretty small and noisy but seems like a good place to get some food and drinks with some friends.

    As for my friend, I haven't seen her in 5 years. Having a conversation was like pulling teeth from her. Really I haven't seen you in five years and you say nothing? Seriously WTF do mean by their comfortable around you! It was a long week. WHY DID I GO NEW YORK!?

  • 92 3rd Ave
    New York, NY 10003
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    I figured I tried this place out since I read from another food site that the burgers here tasted like In-N-Out.Yes, I didn't use Yelp to find where I was going to eat next. Why? Well New York made me do lots of crazy things I can't explain so let's just leave it at that. I was craving for some food that had a familiar taste of home so this sounded like the best place. If this place had one thing in common with In-N-Out is that sure took their sweet time getting the burger out to me. The burger looked like something from In-N-Out so I closed my eyes and took one bite out of it, in hopes of being transported to sunny California. Nope it didn't taste like anything from In-N-Out, anybody that says it does is freaking crazy. It's a decent burger but I didn't get that sense that I was back in California biting into a double-double. The fries were decent but seemed like all the ones I got were scraped from bottom of the fry basket since none of them were longer then inch and a half. Eating this burger made me realized I would surely miss California if I were ever to move to NYC.

  • 5937 Geary Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94121
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    I'm not really a fan of Thai food just because I can't eat spicy food. Never mind the fact that I love flaming hot Cheetos but can't eat Thai food without it making my stomach upset and my ass burn. But this place is worth the hour I'll be spending in the bathroom.

    As soon as we entered the host asked us to take off our shoes. Thankfully I wore some clean socks and they didn't have holes in them. The lightning is nice and dim  and it would be a great place to bring a date. We were seated on the floor and there a little hole under the table to hang your legs off of.

    The best part of the restaurant was our waiter. This was only because he was crazy and senile. Which to me means he was hilarious. My roommate being the alcoholic, had to have some wine. Our waiter brings back a glass of wine, and I ask for a glass of coke. The waiter looks at me and says "Why don't you ask when I bring glass of wine!? Don't you see I old man!?" then rushes to the back. I don't know old man, how badly do you want your tip? He comes backs to take our orders, we decided on the dinner special which is $20 per person. Our waiter takes a knee and whispers to us, "Don't order it, it's for the white people! Order each plate and you get more food! My boss just put it there so he can rip off the white people. We Asians stick together so that why I tell you. Don't tell anybody or I get fired". Then he scuttles back to the kitchen.

    We took a moment to laugh and think "WTF?" and then do what he told us to do because we're sheep. We ordered some Chicken Satay, Tom Yum Goong, prawns filled with beef and another beef dish. Our waiter writes down our orders and proceed to tell us he's going to get fired because he told us the secret to the dinner special. The food comes out of the kitchen kind of slow but it was delicious never the less. The Chicken Satay was perfect and the peanut sauce was even better. The soup, I wasn't so much a fan just because my roommate ordered it extra spicy, which means I would be in the bathroom an extra hour paying the price for it. It was still good, I'm just not a fan of spicy. Next time I hope to try the Tom Kha Gai. The prawns were crispy and big, but were a little bland. I enjoyed them never the less. The only thing that I didn't like was the beef dish. The beef was over cook and chewy. It felt like I was eating rubber. This was the only thing that stopped it from being 5 stars.

    As we leave the waiter comes and says "How come you leave with no saying good bye!?" He shakes my hand then proceeds to chase down my roommate who is outside just to shake his hand. Now if that's not friendly service, I don't know what is it!

  • 3630 Balboa St
    San Francisco, CA 94121
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    Sometimes Yelp, you really fail me. Why do people keep giving 5 star to places when their really 2-3 stars? Is it because you have to be cool and support the independent places? Just because it independent, doesn't mean it's doesn't suck.

    I'm going to be frank here, this place literally smells like feet. It's like a collective of people wearing flip flops and sandals decide to rub their bare feet on the seats. I was watching Mongol and couldn't get over the fact that the smell kept hitting me every 30 seconds, it was like clockwork. I don't think a box of odor eaters could save this place from the smell.

    I'd might of given it another star if there wasn't the smell because it nice and small and has a independent feel to it but seriously this place had nothing special unless small seats, small screens and crappy sound is makes this place unique and great.

    Now excuse me while I put on these jeans that are obviously too skinny for me and protest the working conditions of laborers that made my jeans.

  • $$ Dim Sum
    5821 Geary Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94121
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    After signing the lease to our new flat we decide to get some dim-sum. My roommate suggested a place but didn't know the address for it.  "It's a place that's green tiles in the front. They serve food in those little push carts, and there tons of Asian people in it." Thanks that wasn't vague at all. We only have to look at every single Chinese restaurant on Geary and we'll find it. Parking was almost impossible to find but after 15 minutes I found one, 5 blocks away.

    I spot a line in the distance. I don't understand why but when I see a line I have to lineup. Kind of like in Soviet Russia where people would just line up and didn't know what they were getting. There wasn't a lot of Asian people in it, but there was a line so it was good enough for me This placed made me realized that just because there a line outside a building doesn't mean it's good or I should lineup for it.

    It was about a 10-15 minute for a table. They tell you what the stuff is in English, unfortunately for me I only know them in Chinese. Shrimp Dumplings? What's that? This is not a cheap place for dim-sum. It's about $3-$6 per dish. We got some Calamari that was cold, when they toss in some asian spices in it that instantly makes a dish Chinese. We were short on time because my roommate and I wanted to make it to the Yelp Cupcake Event, so we ordered some dim-sum off menu. Here where I'm pissed, every time I go to a dim-sum place I always order Sui Mai, well this was the first time I didn't get it. I asked one of the waitresses for my order and she said she would check up on the kitchen for me. Another 20 minutes later she serving some Ha Gao, WTF WHERE MY SUI MAI? Anyways I told them to cancel the other and just give us the check. So about 7 dishes, comes out to $36.

    Thanks Ton Kiang for making me miss my Cupcake Event with your crappy Dim Sim. Should of knew something was wrong when there weren't enough Asian people standing outside

  • $ Pizza
    1934 Ocean Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94127
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    As a way to bond, my roommates and I went to Mr. Pizza Man since it was close by. It was late and nothing is ever open passed 10pm on Ocean. Sometimes I just hate this city. Why can't there be a decent place close by where I can get food at anytime? Yes, I know I can go to Mission, but I don't wanna get stabbed by a crack head.

    We ordered in, and the pizza wasn't bad. Then again it was fresh out of the oven and anything tastes great fresh out of the oven. Except for shit. I bet shit tastes terrible. But that's not why I remembered this place. The real reason why I wanted to write this review is because of the a story. I wanted to get pizza for our house warming party. Here how our conversation went down at Mr. Pizza Man.

    Me: So I was thinking about getting some pizza for the house warming party...

    British Roommate: NO NO NO NO, pizza is bad. Vegans can't eat pizza and it contains wheat.

    (Alcoholic Roommate and I clearly confused and looking at each other..).

    Alcoholic Roommate: Are there any vegans coming?

    British Roommate: No, but I dated two vegans.

    (Puzzled look from Alcoholic Roommate and myself...)

    Alcoholic Roommate: What's wrong with wheat?

    British Roommate: Nothing, it's just that my friend is allergic to wheat.

    Alcoholic Roommate: OK, vegans can go get their own food and people that can't eat wheat can go fuck themselves.


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    What, you can't give half a star on yelp!!? Because this place is really below average. When I first moved to the area, my new roommate recommended this place. His words to describe this place were, "It's AMAZZZZING, so good. They're the best burritos in the city". I trusted him, plus his British accent made it seem like this place was going to be AMAZZZZING...

    They have a large menu with an array of meats to choose from. They will grill some of the meat for you, and you can ask them to put peppers and onions to cook the meat with. That's about the only good part about this place. Oh, and that and I live about 3 block away.

    They rised their prices because of the state of the economy, but that's what the economic stimulus package is for, right!? It's about $8 for a super burrito, which comes with cheese, sour cream and guacamole. The regular burrito is about $6, but it doesn't come with cheese!! What's a burrito without cheese? Not a fucking burrito.

    So the minute I bite into this thing, I get sprayed in the eye with a half-sour-cream-and-half-guacamole solution. Seriously, the sour cream and guacamole are runny and watery. I had to wrap the burrito in the plastic bag they gave me. I would've gotten a bowl for the "soup" and eaten it with chips but they don't even give you chips!! WTF, I paid $8 and you can't give me stale tortilla chips?

    After eating this burrito, I was unsatisfied and was thinking how on earth my roommate thought this was a good place. After living with him for a bit, I realized he was just a moron.

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