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    I didn't go in liking IPT.  In fact, I read the reviews and had horrible opinions, especially since the scheduling was such a pain in the a**.  They're not bad.  
    The actual physical therapists are very helpful, but some of the other staff seem like they're just waiting to go home.  Anyway, with that being said, I liked them overall and I liked the fact that they didn't pressure me into coming 3 times a week.  My Dr recommended 2-3 times a week, since I broke my ankle, had the surgery and metal installed.  I was already manipulating my ankle myself before the first visit and they just gave me exercises to give my ankle more range of motion.  When I went the second time, after getting the OK to walk, a different PT told me I was walking pretty good and to ice, elevate and keep up with the exercises.  It's good to go to get advice and it would be a great place to go, if you have no idea how to rehabilitate yourself.

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    I was admitted here for a broken leg. Worst experience ever. I spent the morning in the hallway next to a room where a guy had a bowel movement problem. I wasn't allowed water or ice chips, but no one knew when my surgery was.

    I finally get a room and still no ice chips or pain meds or any update whatsoever. I ask the incompetent nurse and she says it's because I could have surgery today... Or tomorrow. So shouldn't I be allowed to eat something or at least drink water if my surgery is tomorrow? Can you please find out? She finally comes back and says it will be at 5pm and I'll be prepped at 3pm.

    I haven't slept a wink and I'm drug free. Every minute feels like an eternity. 3 o'clock rolls around and I wait patiently. I was telling my family maybe they should leave, since I'll be going in now. 3:45 comes by and I ask my husband to ask the nurse wtf. She says oh yea... It's been delayed. Jee thanks for the update.

    Anyway, I see the surgeon after I'm being updated by a nervous n00b who has been going back and forth, because she's been forgetting everything. The surgeon is cold and not very warm at all. I asked if there was a way around the metal bolts and plate and he is mad at me for even asking that. Wtf? This is my body. I have the right to ask. Anyway, I decide it's OK, and we move on w the surgery. He says I'll get my prescription and everything I need after surgery.

    Surprise, surprise! I never get my prescription, a doctor's note, nothing. I never see that sob again. This seems to be the way things operate over here. I'm skipping so many details, but anyway, I hardly ever see a nurse. I can't use the bathroom w/o one, so I kind of have a problem w that, because I drink a lot of water, so I need to go often. Average waiting time to use the bathroom was 30 minutes. Longest waiting time was just over an hour. I understand they can be busy, but I need to urinate!

    After I'm gathering my stuff to leave the next night, I get a call. They want my billing info over the phone. I said no. My husband just arrived and I'll swipe my card when I leave then. This is so bizarre. I've never been asked to make a payment while in the hospital, unless it's an appointment. Anyway, when we're trying to leave nobody has any clue as to why I need to pay now, except for Rose. The B who called me and wants her co-pay for being admitted into an emergency room.

    The whole experience was horrible I hate little company of Mary and I wish I had been at Torrance memorial. I'm on my phone and I won't be reading it for errors, so I hope my rough draft makes sense. I lied. I logged into the website via my phone, because yelp told me to

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    I have no clue why that previous post put 4 stars for something under $100 and only took 30 minutes?  Mine took longer than I liked, only because someone had pulled in before me.  I was in a hurry, like everyday, to pick up my son from the sitter's.  Mine cost $85 and that's all I have to say about that! If you want it done quicker or a nicer place, go somewhere that charges you $250.  You can't have it all for $85!  Even insurance deductibles charge you more.  Will recommend this place to anyone and everyone I know.

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    it's McDonald's!!! These reviews are harsh!!!  I hope this raises their review.  This is 100 times better than the McDonald's in Baldwin Park where I used to live.  If you want a hard time, try that one!

    I stick to the 99 cent menu.  I started eating McDonald's after I found out I was pregnant, and it's exactly what I expected.  If everyone goes to McDonald's at the same time, there's no way to get everybody in and out quickly.  I'm sure all those minimum wage employees try as hard as they can with their crappy bosses pressuring them to sell those stupid apple pies.

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    This place gets 5 stars for being a $5 pizza place, and a 5 min walk from my house!  seriously tho, the pizza is friggin really good for being $5.  If you have a pizza brick at home, cook the pizza on that next time, and it comes out even better.  The crust plumps up and tastes better on the pizza brick.  the cheese tastes really good, along with the meat and sauce.  I think there's a hint of rosemary or something in there.  When ever we invite people over we always get those, because they taste great and they're super cheap!  This place is great!!  although, Rio's will always be my #1!!!

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    I had a bad experience as well

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