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    My boyfriend and I went on a Groupon deal - $35 for 2 glasses of wine, an appetizer, and 2 entrees. First of all, do NOT order the house riesling. It was quite possibly the worst wine I have ever tasted in my entire life. The service was fine but the place had a weird smell - a mildew-ish smell coming from downstairs (since it's a small venue, it was hard to avoid). The food was okay, nothing special but certainly edible. We ordered the chicken parm & sirloin steak (they were out of filet mignon) - it was okay. The veggies were soaked in butter and the meat was well done when we ordered medium. Overall, it was fine for the price of the Groupon but we will never return.

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    We made a last minute decision to rescue a dog from a kill shelter. This was our first dog and we were nervous, not knowing what to expect from him. His first week with us was a little stressful, he seemed to be protective and a little territorial. We decided that regardless of his personality, it was important to get him some basic obedience training...that's when we called Sits & Wiggles.

    We had a consultation with Ferdie and decided that we wanted to start working with him. He believes in positive reinforcement and we thought that was important. He has helped Bishop to learn all the basics - sit, down, stay, drop it, leave it, recalls, etc.  More importantly, he has given us the knowledge and tools to be able to continuously work with Bishop even after our sessions with him were finished.

    Ferdie was always on time, kind, patient, and very flexible with our scheduling needs. He provides follow-up e-mails after every session which is a wonderful tool, especially when you cover a lot in one session! He is always available as a resource if needed and he was great with our entire family & Bishop. Overall, he was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to anybody looking for any sort of dog training services.

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    My boyfriend and I moved to Inwood about six months ago. Since then, this has become one of our favorite spots to meet up & chat & have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It's very small, but in a cute, charming kind of way. I've only ate the food here once but it was good (and fresh!). Also, I love the name - Beans & Vines - how cute for a coffee and wine place. Overall, I just love the atmosphere here.

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    My boyfriend & I were in Philly last weekend for a 5K and decided to hang out and see the city. We stopped for a slice of pizza at some random shop & were quite disappointed - (we're from New York so we've had our share of amazing pizza!). We also stopped someplace to experience a Philly Cheesesteak - also disappointed.

    THEN we went to Gianfranco (thanks to Yelp reviews!) -- and we were very happy! The pizza was delicious, the cheesesteaks were delicious, and the owner and the other guy who was working there were very nice and personable! Great customer service + Yummy food = A good Yelp Review :) If we're ever in Philly again, we would definitely stop back!

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