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    I went here today for a mani/pedi and eyebrow wax. They did fine on my eyebrows, but my mani/pedi is another story. I paid extra for the "spa" pedicure and overall it felt like a basic pedicure with a few extra minutes of massage thrown in. The mani was pretty bad, and the woman barely worked on my cuticles. The nail polish also looks streaky and uneven, like the polish was old. I think the manicurist realized it looked bad because she slapped some extra polish on to try to smooth it out. For the amount I paid I feel like it was an overall mediocre experience.

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    We have been taking our frenchie Rufus here for several months and have been very happy with everything at Happy Dogs. The place is clean, cheerful and well run. The staff is very friendly and you can tell they love dogs. Rufus loves coming to day care and runs inside each morning ready to play. The staff is also great at giving daily updates on how Rufus is doing. Love this place and highly recommend them, Rufus also gives them two paws up!

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    I'm allergic to shellfish, he served me shrimp instead of chicken, and didn't care when I told him I was allergic.

    Went here tonight with my husband for dinner as we wanted to try a new local restaurant.  At first we thought the place was fine although the service was really slow.  I had ordered the chicken parmigiana.  They brought out my dish and I bit into it and thought the texture was a little off.  I asked my husband to taste it and he agreed.  We asked the waiter to come over and he says, "Oh, yeah this is shrimp parmigiana."  I tell him I'm allergic to shellfish.  His response "oh, do you want me to remake it?"  

    Seriously they had no reaction to the fact that they had served me the wrong dish and that I told them I'm allergic to shellfish.  I sent the dish back and they didn't even take it off the bill.  My husband and I wanted out of there so badly (mainly so I could rush home and take my medicine) that we didn't argue.

    I realize mistakes happen, but at least seem like you care.  I could have overlooked slow service if the food was decent.  I could have overlooked their mistake in serving me shrimp if they would have apologized.   Never going back.

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    Novella Bridal is a great boutique that has some amazing dresses by Pronovias, Casablanca and Essence of Australia.  The store is beautiful with hardwood floors and a great open airy vibe.  The staff, especially Elyse are very friendly and don't pressure you at all to make a purchase.  I had a great time during both of my visits to Novella bridal and really liked the ladies who worked there. I ultimately decided to not purchase my dress at Novella, but would highly recommend it to any bride looking for a friendly shop with great dresses.

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    Wow!  This boutique is great and has a wonderful selection of dresses that don't break the bank. Bridal Image is elegant, warm and open which makes the whole experience fun.  The shop is also great about setting up a special area for your friends and family to sit, complete with a sign welcoming you to the store.  How cute is that?!  The fact that they provide a robe and slippers to wear while you're in between dresses is also a huge plus that not every bridal boutique offers.

    Beyond the experience of the store, their dress selection is great.  They have a large selection of dresses from Maggie Sottero and other designers in a wide variety of sizes.  This was one of the only stores in SF that I could actually try on multiple dresses in my size so I could really tell what they looked like!

    The best part is their customer service.  Elizabeth, Despina and Xiu were very sweet and thoughtful.  On my first appointment, I worked with Despina and she was incredibly kind.  She knew her dresses and was great at gauging what looked good on me and offering helpful suggestions.  I was alone on that appointment, but she made me feel like I had a "friend" working with me.  I also never felt pressured to buy anything.

    On my second appointment when I came back I brought my Mom and my best friend.  Elizabeth the manager of the shop and Xiu helped me on this visit and were great.  They were so calm and friendly that we felt at ease.  There was no fakeness or pressure from either of these ladies.  They simply offered up some great dresses to try on and let my Mom, my friend and I have a good time.

    The total experience I got at Bridal Image made me feel comfortable about purchasing my wedding gown here.  The process was simple and I know that I will have an easy time working with the ladies at Bridal Image as I go through alterations on my gown.

    Couldn't recommend enough!

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    Masala has great Indian food but don't try to order delivery! My boyfriend and I ordered delivery from them on Friday night at 7pm. An hour and a half later we still had no food. So we call and are told our order is on it's way. After another 45 mins with no food we call back to cancel our order and were told we should be patient as customers in the restaurant come first. Well news flash, don't offer delivery! They were rude didn't apologize for making us wait over 2 hours for food that never came.

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