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  • 6833 N Golden State Blvd
    Fresno, CA 93702
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    We ordered take out. The salad and soup were good. Everything else was bad. The potato was dry and my ribeye(ordered med-rare) came out well below rare.

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    15.10.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Food is good. The drinks are icy cold which is a plus. Good for late night hunger since they open… Weiterlesen
  • 4500 W Shaw Ave
    Fresno, CA 93722
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    We own a family restaurant and my mother would regularly send us to pick up supplies. the st*pid cashiers here would harass us on how we shouldn't/couldn't use the card. I would understand if someone was abusing the "privilege" but what household uses 5-6 50lb flour, sugar or even TOGO boxes. Are you freaking serious, wheres the common sense?

    Sometimes we would come here regularly to grab quick lunches at the food court. Recently the a-hole in front now says we still need a card to get through the exit side. Fine they lost my business!! Even if I ever decide to join (highly unlikely now) how am I suppose to if I can't even get in???

  • $ Burger
    1207 Willow Ave
    Clovis, CA 93612
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    After passing this place a billions times and hearing about we decided to try it. Decor is unique and food is decent. Wasn't blown away.

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    Food was very ehh since all received were our $1 tacos.

    Service is unimaginable. Our party of 9  was ignored and we had to put our own tables together. After seating our server came to us and asked us what we wanted without even menus present. So I stuck with the tacos and beer. A friends order from the menu was only to get a response that they closed the kitchen after everyone got tacos. He offered to order tacos only to come back stating they're out of tortillas. Really???!? A taco shop out of tortillas... If they didn't want our business we would have gladly went someplace else.

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    Good, tasty stuff! Fairly new when I went. Although I'm not quite familiar with the dishes it's still somewhat similar to typical Asian dishes. Wished there were a little more selection, but I will be back!

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    Best Beef Chow Fun in town!
    Singapore curry noodles
    Hot & spicy fish filet
    Green beans with x.o. Sauce
    Mandarin spareribs
    Beef stew
    Roast duck
    Soy sauce chicken
    Spicy clams in black bean
    Steamed pork with salty egg
    Lobster with scallions and egg

    Skip the chow mein and fried rice stuff, although a crispy chow mein from time to time hits the spot.

  • 365 Gellert Blvd
    Daly City, CA 94015
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    I have been to koi palace numerous time when I travel to the bay. This final time would be my last. After we spent a whole week in the bay we decided to end it with some great Chinese food.

    Pros: 4 stars!!!
    -Food is delicious, it's known.
    -Waiters we very quick to take order
    -Nice decor inside and out, except the tanks are in need of major cleaning
    -Hot tea pot was never low

    Cons: Minus 3 stars!!
    -With reservations on lunch they didn't have our name so we had to wait an hour+ (reduce tip!)

    -Servers were a bit annoying with orders due to perhaps it was near end of lunch hours, they RUSHED us to order (reduce tip!)

    -After finishing our meal there were still plenty of tables left so we were not the last, but when we paid we left roughly 7% tip. When the server picked up our check he quickly stated "hey we did not charge you gratuity!" then he turned to his coworker and said in Chinese (I'm Chinese) "These fools left us only XX amount of tip!"

    Insulted we got the check back and crossed it off. Take that! I'm sorry I am not cheap but tip is based on performance and is not mandatory!

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    After watching them open up we decided to check it out.

    -Decor is nice and service is friendly and prompt, at least on the day we went. Lighting was plentiful with a colorful full bar and plenty of LCD tvs.

    -Drinks were plentiful all except the alcohol. Granted it is a newly setup bar, all they had were 5 popular beers and brand name liquor, which would limit them to what drinks they can make. So we ordered a beer and a simple x-rated with pineapple. Beer was cold which is good but the mix confused the server so I kindly stated it's a shot of x and filled with pineapple. When it came to us it was in a rock glass, it shows they don't have a bar tender. Looking over the bar I didn't see any bucket glasses just martini, rock, and margarita glasses. Overall not a big big deal, so we decided to let the food speak.

    -Food was ok, wasn't "OMG". Unique spring rolls add a twist to the menu, so we got the 3 c's (chef, crab, and ??) The rolls were decent but the wrapping was tough. The appetizer spicy wings were hot and fresh but had a stale oily after taste, not good. Then we got two main entrees, a Duck rice dish and Grilled pork w/ vermicillli When it arrived the dishes were pleasin to look at except our grilled pork came with rice instead of vermicillli. Not a problem probably miss communication. The pork was nice, the duck was drowned with the sauce so it had no duck taste. The side salad it came with had a strange stingy smell perhaps from the dressing.

    Overall disappointing.
    Hope to return later on maybe after they set up everything.

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