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  • 65 Irving Street
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    I had a great experience with Isaac, one of Roto-Rooter's plumbers. He had good humor, lots of knowledge, and a ton of patience. We had a clogged sewer line that was causing flooding in our basement and he dealt with it. It was a long, difficult job, caused by years of main sewer line build up, but he and his trusty snake dealt with the job. He even helped me carry in the carpet cleaning gear I rented from Home Depot. He was so great that I gave him an extra $30 tip. While I hope I never have to hire a plumber again, Isaac made it as painless as it could be.

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    I'm surprised to see so many negative reviews here. The food was a bit pricey but very tasty. I had the shrimp etouffe and my wife had some gumbo. We both really, really enjoyed the live jazz. There was a $10 cover charge but it was totally worth it for the entertainment.

    They also have beer samplers (five 8oz beers served in small glasses on a paddle), which is one of my favorite things EVER.

    Also, the service was reasonably quick. It was busy on the night we were there, so I didn't mind a little bit of a wait. Our server was polite, friendly, quick, and full of suggestions on what to get. I think these guys may have looked at the negative service reviews here and cleaned up their act, because I have no service complaints.

    Totally worth the drive out from Jersey City. The wife and I had a double date with friends and all left so satisfied.

  • 327 Newark Ave
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
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    So this place came highly recommended from another friend of mine who also has a Honda. I dropped off my 2008 Honda Fit at the beginning of the winter. It was having a stalling problem when it first started up in the cold. They cleaned out the throttle body, which was clogged up, and changed the oil. All of that for a mere $100 or so, which was world's better than I would've gotten at the local Pep Boys. I still had problems intermittently, so I brought it back in. They thought it was the computer, and they're resetting it to factory settings - no charge! Another mechanic could've and probably would've charged me $100 just to hook up their analysis computer, but these guys didn't. There are few things better in this world than a good, honest mechanic. Trust Danny! He's awesome!

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    Definitely the nicest waiters in Chinatown. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. When I eat in Chinatown, I expect surly waiters that hustle you in and hustle you out as soon as the last bit of rice leaves your plate. But on Friday, I had a double date. My friend's girlfriend was an hour late due to a networking event. We took about a half an hour to get appetizers, and then another half hour to get entrees. Then we stayed another hour. While this isn't great behavior for diners, they were polite the whole time, refilled our tea probably five times, gave us water, were very patient and nice to us. The older Chinese waiters reminded me of my grandpa.

    The food was fast, cheap, and tasty. ($45 for four people - where else can you do that in Manhattan?!) I'll definitely be coming back, especially to try some of the more adventurous dishes.

  • ViV
    138 E 34th St
    New York, NY 10016
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    Good food at a decent, affordable price, with good beer specials (between $2.50 and $3 for a basic Tsingtao). My friend and I hung out here and had a blast. Good service, nice atmosphere, a great place to eat after work!

  • 97 Montgomery St
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
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    A delivery man sent from this restaurant assaulted a female friend of mine. Completely uncool. Even worse, the restaurant refused to address this issue, and disbelieved my friend's account. Absolutely unbelievable. And to add insult to injury, the police refused to help. I love good Chinese food, particularly places that are good enough to split the cuisine by region, but I will never order from here or patronize this business after the way my friend was treated.

  • 338 Flushing Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
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    While liberal / leftist organizations do not embrace / exploit explicitly racist or cryptoracist political talking points, that does not mean that they cannot commit racist deeds, say racist things, or throw racist parties. It's come to my attention that Rubalad, the organization throwing this insanely racist Orientalist party, is actually a group of corporate resisters / Occupiers.

    Let me be all-caps clear: FIGHTING CORPORATE GREED DOES NOT EXCUSE THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR. In fact, it only exacerbates the egregiousness of the offense. You are, by your own estimation, fighting for a better world. But that better world includes cultural appropriation, racist stereotypes, and silencing people of color who speak up against it. You are against corporate exploitation, but are more than willing to exploit harmful stereotypes for profit, in the name of a good time. In short, you have a giant fucking blind spot called white privilege, and if you truly want to make the world a better place, you need to start listening to (instead of silencing!) people of color and other marginalized people, educating yourself about your privilege, and learning about this country's history of racist violence and exploitation. Also, stop throwing bullshit ass parties like this.…

    UPDATE: So they came around, issued an apology, ditched the theme, and actively discouraged people from doing yellowface bullshit. I approve this, and thus revoke my 1 star rating and replace it with a 3 star rating. Thanks to Jezebel for helping this story reach critical mass!!

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    I'm only writing this review now because I'm about to leave. I've been a member here for almost six years. It started off as a really great place - expensive but definitely worth ~$100 a month. You felt pampered. There was shaving cream, disposable razors, really nice soaps and conditioner, free combs, etc. Everything was clean. Everything worked. The towels were great. The machines were in great condition, and there were tons of classes.

    Now, several years and a failed Club H foray into Manhattan later, it's the opposite. A lot of amenities in the locker room have disappeared - the shaving cream, when ti's there, is not very good. The razors are hit or miss. They often don't have towels and you have to wait for them, or go out to the front desk for them. They're even out of soap sometimes! SOAP! The dry sauna been broken forever, so don't believe them when they say it'll be fixed soon.

    The main saving grace of this place were the classes. Dedicated, professional, enjoyable - really good stuff. You could take all the classes you wanted. Now they lost the lease on the back area, so we're losing the yoga studio, the spin studio, the basketball court, the pilates area, and one of the spare cardio rooms.

    And they canceled my favorite core class and let nobody know, not even the teacher, as far as I know, because she would've told us it was the last class last week if she knew. That was the last straw.

    The members of this gym are paying way too much for what we're getting out of it. You can't roll like this in a recession. If they cut the monthly membership dues to $50 or $60, I would accept it and stick around. But no such deal has materialized, and it's time to move on.

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    Just went here for lunch with a work group. We were a large group, but the place was empty so we got seated right away. I initially thought this was a plus.

    I've never been to WW before, so I ordered a burger - something nobody could mess up, right? It costs extra for chili and cheese (a dollar each) and two dollars to substitute sweet potato fries for normal french fries.

    Granted, there were 12 of us, but the food came out very slowly, in drips and drabs, a few plates at a time, instead of all at once. That can be kind of shitty, as you're getting hungrier watching others eat. And come on, there was no one else there. How hard is it to make twelve meals, in a restaurant obviously designed to accommodate almost 10X that number of people? Sure, there was only one waitress on staff at the time, but come on. There was us and one other group of people.

    I found out why the place was empty when I got my burger. I asked for medium rare, and it was medium well, with barely a bit of pink in the center. The chili was flavorless and boring. The cheese was nice and gooey and the bun was good, but it didn't make up for how bland the whole thing was. The fries were also dry, and there were very, very few of them, especially given the fact that they cost $2 extra.

    I spent $13+tip all together for a dull, unsatisfying meal. I've had much better meals at half the cost at my company cafeteria.

    Between the bad service and the bland, forgettable food, I won't be back. There are dozens of places in the 07030 that are much better. Don't waste your time, Hobokenites.

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    They do Singapore Chow Fun. Not Signapore Chow Mei Fun, which are skinny noodles, akin to angel air. No! Chow Fun - wide flat noodles! That alone is going to make me come back.

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