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    Very surprised at the high ratings.  The hash brown was basic good, but aside from that everything was really quite boring and nothing special.  We went on a Saturday morning at 9:30am, and was expecting at least a 15 minute wait given the high ratings for a brunch place.   The place was small, but there was no wait.  We did have to sit a while before we were given menus, however, then another long wait before someone took our order.  The staff was very friendly once they did serve us. They regularly checked in on us after we got our food, and the chef even came over to greet us.   I ordered the frittata "with seasonal vegetables" and I guess I was expecting a good serving of fresh vegetables on the side but it was all diced up so small I had to hunt for them in my frittata.  My friend got the special of the day and ended only eating a third of it.  My first disappointing Yelp find.

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    Yogurt is fine; service stinks.  The last time I went there, I pulled out my frequent buyer card, and she refused it.  She said the stamp was not their stamp.  In a mental panic, I thought Did I get a stamp from somewhere else? Then I remembered the one time I went to the San Leandro Yogafina, they said they only stamp their own store card, which I expected.  So when I insisted to the Montclair store that this card was from Montclair, and even showed her the Montclair address printed on the bottom, she just gave a weak smile and refused to honor it. My guess is that she saw that the last 3 "stamps" were hand-written initials (the checkout woman at the time didn't have a stamp.) but didn't care to give me the benefit of the doubt, and basically accused me of lying.  I was furious, and emphatically announced, "I AM NOT LYING.  I GOT ALL THIS HERE!"  

    Your loss, Yogafina.  You don't get that by assuming I was lying you have lost all my future business, and infuriated a customer who can't but share her experience every time your store is mentioned in any conversation.  It's been many months, and I refuse to go back.  I happily take my boys to Tutti Frutti down the block.

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    Anyone who wants to replace or even reFACE their cabinets must make a trip to Grand Tile.  You might be shocked to find you can afford new cabinets on your budget.  

    I started out with a plan to reface my kitchen thinking that was all I could afford, until one contractor told me it was cheaper to replace than reface.  Aside from an IKEA kitchen I thought that was impossible.  But it never hurts to get a quote. So I drove around town visiting the different showrooms, and "kicked a few tires", and decided I wanted Kraftmaid cabinets.  The people at Granite Expo told me Kraftmaid was more expensive and that I should consider the cheaper line, but if I was going to replace with new, it better be good enough to last decades.  A friend also recently remodeled with Kraftmaid and loved them.  

    So the people at sent me the names of the local dealers in my area including Grand Tile.  After visiting them all, it was obvious Grand Tile was going to give me the best service and price.  Even the Diamond Certified dealer gave me poor service. (somewhat friendly but slow to return emails and just didn't seem all that interested in my business.)

    Grand Tile had a less than impressive showroom which left me a little doubtful at first, but I quickly found that they more than made up for it in the AMAZING service, price and quality of cabinets that I ordered. If I could I'd give them more than 5 stars.  (note: they are moving to a new location so hopefully they will have a better showroom.)  Luckily, I had pored over the Kraftmaid catalog and website, and seen enough Kraftmaid cabinets at the big box stores that I knew which cabinet combinations I wanted.

    Because I went in with a good idea of what I wanted for my kitchen,   Sharon, the owner/ designer at Grand Tile, was able to get on her Kraftmaid software, and with a few clicks, drags and drops, generate a sketch of my new kitchen.  Along with that came a surprisingly low quote.  Other places took over a week to get back to me with the same thing.  The only other dealer who whipped up a rendition just as quickly was a young computer-savvy recent college grad at Sincere Hardware in Oakland Chinatown.  While he was friendly he was just a hired hand with nothing more on his agenda than to crank out a quote and a few pretty pictures for me.  At Grand Tile, I was working directly with the owner who could answer all my questions and was keen on making me a happy customer.  (She also sells a few other cabinet lines).  I got the sense right away that she was very experienced in the industry and knew the kitchen design business well.  Best of all Sharon was able to work with my budget.  After signing on with her, she was on top of my kitchen project every step of the way.  She knew my kitchen dimensions inside and out, and on occasion has even called me while she was out driving because she had suddenly thought of a better solution for my kitchen's unique challenges.

    I also ended up using the contractor that Sharon recommended as well (Arthur To) who turned out to be another great find. He was also able to work with my budget, did an awesome job and got it all done in less than a month.  I consider myself quite picky and very detail-oriented, and I was extremely satisfied with Arthur and his assistant. Occasionally I saw minor details that I wanted fixed, and he was polite and professional and always got it done right away.  He's been in the business for decades and takes great pride in his craft. Sharon herself regularly checked in with me over the phone and at my home during the remodel.  After the cabinets were installed we found two or three slight defects in the cabinets.  Sharon came right out and had those parts ordered and replaced right away for free.

    You know you have found a great vendor when they continue to give great service after you've received the goods.  Definitely true here!  When we save up enough for a bathroom redo, we'll be giving Sharon a call.

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