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  • 1081 The Alameda
    San Jose, CA 95126
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    What a crappy croissant, stale.

  • 100 West Broadway, Suite 700
    Glendale, CA 91210
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Not your typical mall, has a nice outdoor courtyard area with a huge fountain, grassy areas, and a choo choo train.  The Apple store is the largest one I've ever seen, it's like a warehouse with so many laptops and iphones out for display.  Cross the street and you'll be in the traditional indoor mall, with Target, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, and the other mall standards.  Fun place to kill a couple of hours.

  • 4.0 Sterne
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    Scene 1: College days, group of mech E. students on tour of beer factory on the premise that... there are machines involved in beer making? Eh, whatever, free beer!  We got to walk through the facilities and see the huge fermenters, and end with a beer tasting.  So many beers, my favorite was the hefeweizen, and many others liked the apricot too.  With all the free samples, it adds up to about 1-2 beers, good stuff.  

    Scene 2: About two months ago, went here for lunch with a few people, had the snowcap (only available during winter months) and a stout.  Snowcap is def worth the trip.  Food was okay, but not great :/  Fries are good though!

  • $$$ Hotel
    300 W Station Square Dr
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Was here for a conference, the main lobby area is pretty spacious with lots of seating in the cafe/restaurant area.  Meeting rooms are bright and has good projectors, though I thought some of the room layouts were kind of weird, creating really long narrow rooms that made it hard for people in back to see the presenters in front.  Banquet room has nice dark paneled walls, with amazing views of the bridge, river, and downtown.

  • 5.0 Sterne
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    Yes yes the lamb is awesome, especially with the cumin powder spices, but don't be afraid to venture to the rest of the menu.  We got a quail, chicken, beef, and squid, probalby missing a few others but they were all pretty good!  The quail was especially fun to roast cause he was all splayed out and could barely fit on the grill space, but a little warming up shrunk him a bit :)  My gf also insists that they have an amazing juilliened potato banchan, but they didn't have it the time we went, so I guess the banchans rotate.  

    Fun unique mix of Chinese/Korean cuisines.  It was pretty empty at lunch time, price is also super cheap for so much food.

  • $ Pizza
    1304 1st St
    Livermore, CA 94550
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Back a few years ago, my coworkers and I used to go to MM's for lunch almost twice a week.  The lunch buffet (at least back then) was only $6 including tax, and included all you can eat pizza and salad; drinks are separate.  I don't know exactly what the lunch buffet price is now but it's still a crazy good deal for less than 10 bucks.  Also loved the sweet "desert" pizza that was basically honey and cinnamon on pizza dough.  Word has it that they actually use real pepperonis here (they curl up at the edges), and the cheese is also used sparingly, a plus for me.  If you're dining in for dinner, they also have beer, pitchers, and tvs games on.  Look for the coupons in the mail too, for cheap large size pizzas.

  • 4.0 Sterne
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    Cool atmosphere, check.  Asian crowd, mostly dressed up, girls lookin' nice, check.  Soju, neat and in yogurt mixers, check.  Good buzz, check.  

    This place was most recently called Hue, but is now called the Answer.  What was the question?  I don't know, and I don't really care as long as this place keeps its anchor position as the more loungy and less jail-baity version of VIP on El Camino.  Fun place to hang out with your friends, watch skinny asian girls get progressively more ghetto, and snack on some wings, kim chee fried rice.  Can get pretty crowded, and the tables are super close together so sometimes you may be literally stepping over people to get out.

  • 2041 1st St
    Livermore, CA 94550
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Kind of a hybrid style fast-food hibachi/sit down restaurant.  Lots of options for fried rice, you can get almost any meat, or noodles combo.  For some reason I settled for the udon soup with seafood, and even though you do get a lot of seafood (mussels, clams, imitation crab), the noodles are over cooked and a bit mushy.  Just stick to the hibachi dishes.  Sushi also avaiable, my coworkers who had the sashimi said it was pretty fresh and tasty.  Most dishes are around 10 bucks.  

    Family-run, the waitress is the daughter and is very friendly/quick with service.  Never seen a chirpier restaurant daughter/server before.  The layout is a bit sparse, there's like a giantic space in the middle and more tables on the two sides, they should fill this space in a bit more to make it look like a sit-down place.  I was tempted to go up to the counter to pay, but it is full service at your table.

  • 1851 McCarthy Blvd
    Milpitas, CA 95035
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I've just started taking classes here and can't be more pleased with my choice.  I literally looked them up hours before the start of the first class for Winter quarter, called and talked to Dr. Koo and sent in the registration form, and went to class that same evening!  The Milpitas campus has the most students, my class has about 10 ppl, while the San Leandro and Palo Alto locations only have a few students each.  For this reason, Milpitas campus gets a 3 hour class while the others only get 2.  Dr. Koo is very talented as a teacher, she establishes rapport with the students very quickly and has lessons planned out to the last detail.  Classes typically start with a short video on some aspect of Korean culture (ceremonies, arts, house architecture, etc), then proceed with learning words and pronunciation.  This is one of the nights in my week that I look forward to the most, lots of fun and easy way to learn Korean.

  • 3120 16th St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Sangria pitchers for cheap!  it's a bit too sweet for my taste, possibly cause of the fruits, but probably just me not being able to tolerate sweets ;]  It's sorta dark and chaotic at times, but has a nice friendly/casual atmosphere with tapas coming out as soon as you order, no awkward waiting for everyone's food to arrive here.  The potatoes had a spicy sauce with a good kick.  Paella pan is huge, loaded with lots of calimari rings and mussels.  The rice didn't really do it for me, but again I'm pretty particular with rice consistency and grain size, these giantic Spanish rice threw me off a bit haha.  Good place for a casual date or Friday evening happy hour.

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