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  • 14415 SE Mill Plain Blvd
    Vancouver, WA 98684
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    I came here and saw Neena. I decided to go ombré with my hair and I was super nervous. Neena did a fantastic job and I will be coming back to her in the future!

  • 2510 SE Columbia House Blvd
    Vancouver, WA 98661
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    This was my second time coming here. The first time was wonderful and Kevin did a fantastic job.

    This time I called ahead for an appointment for 5:15 and he wasn't available so I scheduled with someone else. I didn't even get seated until almost 6pm. I should've left. You should never be asked to wait that long, especially after you'd made an appointment.

    The lady had attitude with me from the beginning. She ripped off my full set of acrylics without asking me. And it was painful. When I asked her to make them shorter she threw her nail file down and rolled her eyes at me. She did an okay job, but the shape of every nail is different. I'm to frustrated to go back to have them fixed, especially after the way I was treated. I felt extremely disrespected.

  • 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr
    Vancouver, WA 98662
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    The seats are comfy, screen size is great. But service is awful. No one came to take any food/drink orders before our movie started in the living room. What are we paying $17 for if no one takes our orders?

  • 7005 NE Hwy 99
    Vancouver, WA 98665
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    This place is DISGUSTING. The way that their staff treats long time customers is horrible. I went there tonight after seeing an ad that the OWNER, Jim himself had posted on facebook stating that sex on the beach drinks were $3.00 a piece. NO WHERE on his ad was there a word about it being a special from a specific start to end time. NO WHERE.

    His extremely rude staff insulted me and argued with me on this for OVER AN HOUR! Even after I'd shown them the post that their owner had posted himself! I told them to get him on the phone and have him explain it to me himself. Apparently he was "unreachable". If you own a bar, you should be reachable from open-close.

    His "lead" bartender then proceed to have me kicked out and then called me rude names.All because I stood up for what was right and because they over charge their customers and don't honor what the OWNER advertises.

    This place is trashy. Find another dive bar to go to.

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