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    Ma première et dernière séance s'est terminée quand la " psychologue " face à moi s'est prise d'un fou rire avant de me sortir que ma vie était - je cite - ridicule. En bref, si vous envisagez de vous rendre dans ce centre, ne vous attendez pas à recevoir le moindre conseil ni le moindre soutien et, surtout, n'y allez pas si vous êtes affaiblis mentalement, cela pourrait avoir des répercutions catastrophiques sur votre santé mentale. En plus de faire face à une éventuelle humiliation au cours de votre séance, soyez conscient qu'il vous faudra aussi accepter que votre vie servira d'histoire drôle à raconter aux collègues sur le temps de midi (et à qui d'autres? Allez savoir!). Vous voilà averti, malgré les 10 euros de frais d'honoraire, il s'agit bien d'un centre de psychologues à deux balles.
    Je recommande à tout service de pompes funèbres de s'installer à proximité de ce centre, il a le potentiel de vous apporter de nouveaux clients.

  • $$ Hotel
    31 Lorong 18 Geylang
    Singapore 398828
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    We opened the door of our room and saw about 20 cockroaches staring at us. The air-conditioning is centralized. So, the room is filled in of cockroaches and cigarette smoke and contain just enough oxygen to survive. The level of humidity is higher inside the room than on the street. It's not clean - leave the dead body of an insect, two days later, it will still be there. I guess the pros are the location (it's close to the metro, convenient store, restaurants,...), a free wifi that works and its "cheap" price (ca. $65/night). Still, I'm sure you can find better elsewhere. I don't recommend to stay there.

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    Capoue offre de nombreux choix en termes de parfums et de coupes de glaces, gaufres et crepes. Vous pouvez aussi créer votre propre coupe. Les glaces sont a manger sur place ou a emporter.  Les plats salés sont également a essayer.

    Best ice-cream in town. They offer a large choice of flavors. Some are quite original (such as speculoos or violet). You can either opt for an ice-cream, a waffle or a crepe listed on their menu or you can also make your own. Ice-creams can be taken away. If you're not in the mood for sweet, they also serve excellent crepes salés Mmmmmh ice-cream!

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    Ils servent leurs frites dans un cornet et elles sont bonnes.

    Fries were invented in Namur and even though nowadays you can eat them all around the world, they only taste like tradition in Belgium. No, seriously, their taste in Belgium is unique. Real ones are served in a cone named "cornet". If you're looking for authentic, try this place. No seat, it's on the street.

  • 1-5 Springfield Mount
    Leeds LS2 9NG
    Vereinigtes Königreich
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    I had good and bad times there. Franz Ferdinand was good. £15 in a room that doesn't fit more than 250 persons, just a tiny metal bar to separate the band from the crowd. You get an idea of the kind of surprise you can get there. Dj nights are unpredictable. Sometimes excellent, sometimes ok, sometimes bad. Sometimes, it was easy to guess. Sometimes, it wasn't.
    Basically, you know the Fav if you work or study at the University. So, the crowd is a mix of students and employers, mostly scientists as it's close from the science departments. If you're not part of them, most likely you won't interact with them. So, crowd is average. Drinks are ok. Food is ok (they serve burgers, meat pies or soup). Price is ok. The Fav is not fab but who cares? It's ok.

  • 57-59 Albion Street
    Leeds LS1 5AA
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    Aggressive sell is the politic there - which is already not a good thing - but when it comes to insist, almost force, people to buy fake products, it gets really close to THEFT.

    Concretely, I bought a laptop there. It was ready-to-use. For about 30 min I had to repeatedly refuse to get their team of "experts" installing who knows what on a laptop that did not require any sort of installation (this fake installation costs £30), I had to say no to a shiny box that contain a rubbish anti-virus and other useless garbage softwares, no to a £8/month warranty that does not cover anything, no to another shiny box that must contain something cooooool for me. I finally got my laptop when the seller realised I was about to leave. From my first refusal till the end, he looked even more pissed than I was.
    Currys might sell good electronics but it's only a fair price if you manage to bypass the harassments from their sellers. I personally think they should reconsider their selling method. Showing respect to their customers and stopping to consider them as stupid would be a good start. Just sayin...

  • Unit H31 The Light
    Leeds LS1 8TL
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    Best take away for lunch I know in the city centre of Leeds.
    They serve bagels ...Who would have guessed?

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    The entire menu is excellent. If you don't know the place (which means you're not from the UK), try their lassi, their chapatti, their tikka masala, korma and naan bread.
    The only con with this restaurant is its popularity. As a result, it's busy and noisy. Still, it's worth to try it. Actually, on the 25 and more restaurants I tried in Leeds, it's the only restaurant I'd recommend. srlsy.

  • Café
    Rue de la Cité 9
    4000 Liège
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    Chez Sam est un véritable bar a Tapas. Vous ne devez pas vous attendre a un restaurant chic et guindé mais a un cadre convivial, des plats simples, bons et bons marchés. Le service y est excellent et je ne dis pas ca seulement parce que quand j'y suis allé, on nous a offert une délicieuse tarte faite maison.

    The atmosphere of the city vibrates inside the walls of this tapas bar. The place is perfect if you're looking for a cheap and good meal or for relaxing while drinking a beer or "un liegeois". As long as they're open they serve food - which is not common in Belgium.

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    Tout simplement dans le top du top des meilleurs restaurants de la ville. Personnellement, mon numéro 1. Il s'agit de gastronomie belge (ou francaise ...en gros, c'est pas un bar a sushi).

    If you end up for an unknown reason visiting the tiny city of Huy, it won't take you more than a half day but your visit won't be complete if you don't stop by a local restaurant.

    If you are interested in eating real fine Belgian cuisine, this is where you want to go.

    I'm not a food critic, I don't know the words to describe it. Still, this place deserves 5 stars and deserves to be known. From the decoration to the service to the menu, the entire atmosphere is excellent. This restaurant is all about food culture and about experiencing it. They offer menu that in the afternoon costs about 20 euros and in the evening about 30 - 40 euros. Entrees (in French, plats) are a bit less than 25 euros. It might look expensive for some people but for what they have to offer, it's quite affordable. The best way to know more about their menu (it changes every week) is to click on their website link. They seem to keep it up-to-date. Although the inside isn't big, they can accommodate large groups, enough to organize your wedding diner there (srsly) but tables are usually organized for groups of 2, 4 and 8.

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