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    Flip's Burgers offers some of the best food in town, the surrounding San Joaquin Valley, and tri-state area! I've been going to Flip's for years because their food amazing and uniquely their own but their friendly and warm energy is inviting and relaxing. What most food establishments are missing is the neighborhood feel that patrons from all social background can claim their own. When I say to friends, "I have a burger joint" I am proud to be doing the world a service by spreading the good words of heavenly burger kingdom that is Flip's.

    Unbeknownst to me, Flip's is under new management. The moment I strolled into Flip's I noticed certain but welcomed changes , like the entire place was immaculately clean. Honestly, I kinda miss the grime. I ordered the same thing I usually got, which is a Burger Royal, basket of fries, and a Nutella Shake. As I placed my order, I noticed the person taking my order was a tiny, young girl(whom I found out later was actually the owner). I told her the place is cleaner than normal and she said thank you, as if what I said was a compliment. As I sat and waited for my food, the thought had crossed my mind that Flip's might be different, but my fears were laid to rest when my food arrived all hot and smelling of goodness. I took a bite of the Royal Burger and all is right in the world. The burger, fries, and shake I love is exactly the same as the first time Flip's was introduced to the world. When I thank the girl who took my order, I told her the place seems a little different but the food is fantastically the same, she told me the place is under new management but she assured me the food will be as good or better.

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    The service was great and the ambience was warm and cozy; an ideal setting for a blissful meal amougnst a small group of friends or an intimate date. The turn around time for appetizers was speedy as it should be. To be honest, one of my pet-peeve is when the appetizer arrives just minutes before the entree. The hush puppies my friend and I had were plentiful in both quantity and quality. Although, the crab cakes were excellent, the arugula was welted far beyond my liking from an over tangy vinegar citrus dressing. I only had a couple of bites of the gumbo but that couple of bites was able to hit all the flavor nodes on my tongue, which is to say the least, excellent. Since there are so many variations of shrimp Creole as there are snow flakes, Angeline's shrimp Creole is some of the best I have ever had. The only thing that kept Angeline's shrimp Creole from topping my list is that the shrimp was slightly over cooked. For the coup de grâce to a magnificent meal that would make anyone's "last supper" echo an eternity; my friend and I each ordered the pecan pie, topped with a dollop of what looked like freshly whipped cream. To think we were going to skip out on dessert would be one the most near regretful decision of my life. Luckily the gentleman next to our table ordered a slice of pecan pie was enough to change our mind, and to be honest, it was worth every calorie. If I was on the verge of death from high cholesterol and overweight with a severe case of diabetes; I wish to finish my life off with some of the pecan pie from Angeline's.

  • 2699 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    The market was very easy to find especially with the bright green sign. The cubano sandwiches that my friends and i ordered were amazing. The cubano was a work or art; i fine balance of the entire livestock: pork, beef, and chicken(in form of eggs). The menu was short but you know that whatever is on the menu is amazing because the cook solely specialize on those few items. The wait was not bad at all considering there was only one person taking orders and cooking while at the same time extending a warm hospitality.

    If you're the type of person who enjoys a variety of seasoned and cured meats all sandwiched between soft pieces of bread the size of your head, then I highly recommend That's It Market.

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