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    I visited Dr. Collins' office several years ago, after having had dentists who were not particularly sensitive to my dental fears (this adds to the fear factor).  I called their office and spoke to Sylvia, who not only reassured me that everyone in their practice is extra gentle and caring, but that she understood my fears.
    She was right - Dr. Collins is extremely gentle & caring and very patient with cowards such as myself. His assistant Olga also has a calming and sensitive nature that is relaxing, and Wendy their dental hygienist makes teeth cleaning visits fun.
    The combination of the excellent dental work and great group of people have helped me go from paralyzing fear to slight nervousness (which for me is remarkable) prior to dental visits.
    It took a while to get my husband to also switch dentists to Dr. Collins, but when he had a nasty abcess years ago during the holidays, his dentist was of no help at all.  He contact Dr. Collins and immediately was helped.  He is now a firm believer in "TC" (Dr. Collins).

  • San Bruno, CA 94066
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    We had a dead rat in the ceiling of our crawlspace and called 3 local pest control services, who informed us that they only set traps and/or do preventative work.  That's not going to help when we have a smelly carcass rotting under our bedroom floor.  Rat Magic to the rescue!  My husband called in the a.m. and spoke to Jeff, who knew exactly what to do. He arrived quickly, especially considering they are not located close by.  They quickly located the stinky vermin, disposed of it, sanitized the area and checked for any other problems (none found).
    We were really impressed with these guys.

  • 12781 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
    Inverness, CA 94937
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    We love this place and can't wait to go back!  Stopped by early afternoon last week, and although the kitchen was running a little behind, they had fresh oysters just hauled in from nearby.  My husband, aka "Oyster Boy" was in 7th heaven and proclaimed the oysters the best ever (he is really picky, too).  Personally, I'm not fond of oysters, but rather than wait for other food, I decided to try one.  I liked it!  I even ate 3 more.  I was hoping salmon (my favorite fish) would be on the menu, but the seafood offered was mahi mahi,  Never had it, but it was amazing - and I would definitely order it there again.
    Friendly and efficient people running the Depot, small "cape cod" casual atmosphere with upscale food and nice selection of wine.  I wish we lived closer.  Next time I need to post photos - the food is as delicous as it looks.

  • 27 Ross Common
    Ross, CA 94957
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    Melanie moved from one great location in Ross, to another great location just a few doors down, which I was relieved about.  The current salon is in a comfy and attractive Victorian building with a cute patio.  I had my hair trimmed and root touch-up recently and it is looking amazing!  Melanie is one of the few people to style my hair and I don't have to re-do it when I get home.  I get a lot of compliments on the cut & style and it's even gotten easier to manage.

  • 501 Magnolia Ave
    Larkspur, CA 94939
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    This is our go-to place for flowers.  Even though we haven't bought flowers in a long time, Bloomers is still top notch.  Our most recent purchase was for a friend in the hospital - the owner was so sweet and actually added more flowers to an already beautiful arrangement, with sincere well wishes for our friend (who btw, loved them and it brightened her day!).  Also great bang for the buck.

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    Just when you think you can't find that little gem of a restaurant, it exists in Ross Common.  Marco is very creative with amazing salads and pastas, although we have a hard time not ordering the grilled Salmon or Trout because it is so fresh and tasty w/drizzled truffle oil and great side dishes.  This has become our favorite restaurant in Marin and when you're married to someone named Guido, you take Italian food seriously.

  • 1212 Strawberry Vlg
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
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    I've shopped at Ideal since they were at the other end of Strawberry Shopping Center and have always enjoyed the "Mom & Pop" atmosphere and great selection.  However, after a recent visit, "Pop" provided substandard service.
    Warning to consumers: make sure you're getting the correct product.  I purchased an ink cartridge for my printer and brought in my prior package and asked for a replacement (they are kept behind the register, so you need to ask for one).  After getting home and opening the package, I realized that they gave me a different cartridge than the package I gave them.  They would not exchange it because I opened the package, even though opening the package is the only way I found out it was the wrong one!
    This is the only reason for 2 stars.

  • $$$$ Teestube
    2 New Montgomery St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
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    First of all, let me say that I give the ambience 5 stars - the most beautiful dining room ever!  The food is extremely mediocre, my husband had a tuna tartar that was totally bland and had a bad odor.  He ate 3 bites and left the rest.  The waitress didn't seem to care that he didn't like it.  Although our waitress had a pleasant personality, the 2 hostesses at the front were a couple of sourpusses with no personality.  We were elegantly dressed, celebrating our anniversary and made reservations 3 weeks in advance and greeted them cheerfully.  They looked down their noses at us as if we were a couple of bums.

  • $$ Friseur
    23 Ross Common
    Ross, CA 94957
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    I have had so many failed attempts at getting decent highlights for my dark brown hair that I stopped getting them for several years.  I'm so happy that I tried MC23 and trusted Melanie to try again.  She did the best job I've ever had and I LOVE, LOVE my highlights! I've never been the type of person to check myself out in the mirror much, but I can't stop looking at my hair (it looks that good).  After 4 months they don't have even a hint of brassiness (how refreshing).
    Melanie and Christy are both sincerely friendly and have created a comfortable and stylish space.

  • 85 Liberty Ship Way
    Sausalito, CA 94965
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    My husband and I have been frequenting LeGarage since shortly after it opened and remains one of our favorite destinations at all hours of the day. The atmosphere is mesmerizing and the entire staff is like an extended family (if you had a fun, great family). Love the food, especially fish dishes. Great mochas, iiced or hot, as well as soups, summer or winter variety. Any time we have a not-so-great time elsewhere, we like to end up at LeGarage, because it saves the night and makes everything right.

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