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  • 11 Carmine St
    New York, NY 10014
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    I've been to almost all of the Dos Toros restaurants in the city, and I've eaten way too much of their chicken and chips at my last job. (They cater to a business that I used to work for.) I also eat Chipotle nearly every day for lunch. I really wanted to like Dos Toros when my coworkers introduced me to it a few months ago. Unfortunately, I have yet to be impressed.

    I always get a chicken burrito or chicken burrito bowl, so I can't speak to their beef or pork. Their rice lacks the punch that makes me crave Chipotle's lemon-marinated recipe, their chicken always tastes burnt and unflavorful, and their guacamole always tastes flat (to me). Wholly Guacamole tastes better than theirs. Additionally, their portions are always smaller than what I get at Chipotle, which bothers me considering that their offerings aren't that much cheaper. (I usually order a double-chicken plato/bowl; this costs me $13 at Chipotle vs. $12.25 at Toros.) Lastly, I haven't found their service to be any better than my experiences with the Big Pepper. My order has been priced incorrectly more consistently at Toros than at Chipotle; I do like that they've given me free chips when I've pointed out the error, though.

    Meanwhile, Chipotle offers more options (brown rice, HEAVENLY sofritas, more salsas), online pick-up ordering (which gives me much more control than waiting on a Seamless delivery), nutritional facts with an online calculator (which is actually a much healthier option than smaller portion sizes) and many, many, MANY more locations.

    I'll keep giving Dos Toros a try in hopes that they can finally lure me away from my unhealthy obsession with Chipotle, but until that happens, pass the sofritas and triple chicken burritos please!

  • 5119 4th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11220
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    If bodybuilding, powerlifting or just lifting heavy things is something that interests you, this gym is the real deal.

    It has one changing room and one shower, very few cardio machines, weights are all over the place and their other locations are extremely spread out about Brooklyn and Queens. However, they have every machine and rack that you'll need to make gains, and all of it is in fine condition. Many of the people who lift here know what they're doing.

    I cancelled my NYSC gym membership after spending some time here. It works for me.

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    I've been spending four days a week at this gym for several weeks, and have trained at many of the other facilities around Brooklyn and Manhattan.

    Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first:

    * This building is old and small. (It used to be a local gym before getting bought out several times by different chains.)

    * I've seen daycares *at other gyms* bigger than this gym's cardio section.

    * Every single bathroom amenity you can possibly think of that isn't a fundamental need is not provided by this gym. You've got lockers and showers. That's it.

    * The weight scale has always been uncalibrated, which makes tracking my weight here impossible.

    Despite these flaws, this is, by far and away, my favourite location out of all of the gyms that I've tried.

    This facility was born for lifting. The free-weights section is *massive*, despite having most of the same equipment as every other NYSC gym, and is incredibly easy to get to, unlike *every other location that I've trained at.* You can see everything from the stairs. I took a picture on my second day there. It would be nice if they had a few Oly boxes and more bumper plates (they have more than any other gym, which is nice), so I could do real Oly lifts without making a ton of noise, but the tarp they have out for the TRX training stuff works fine. It would also be nice if they had some belts.

    I do not think I'm alone in thinking this way, because this gym also has the highest quantity of strong and shredded people that I've seen within the network of NYSC gyms that I've trained at. Nearly everyone I've seen at this gym looks like they practically live here. I've seen *kids* doing perfect sets of squats at this gym. This is rare.

    This is also the *only* gym that I've been to where I've seen more women actually lifting than doing cardio. I've often seen women post about feeling insecure in the weight room on fitness forums. This is absolutely not a problem here.

    Additionally, the small locker rooms are actually really nice for one important reason: they are much, much easier to clean. The cleaning crew here does a bang-up job with keeping the place clean. I've rarely worried about finding nasty stuff on the bathroom floor, which is something that I worry about often at other gyms.

    Finally, I spend a lot of time in the cycling studio, as most of my training is for long and reasonably quick bike rides. I absolutely *love* the spinning machines that they have here. They all use quick-release levers, so adjusting my bike is super quick every time. They also output wattage, which is pretty inaccurate but makes for a crude training benchmark regardless. I also really appreciate having time-trial bars and an accurate bottle holding location; these are small things that make my training go that much farther. As far as I've seen, this is the only NYSC gym that stocks this model (the standard model is a Star-Trac Spinning spinning machine, which works fine but is not as anatomically correct as this bike is), so, if anything, I'll keep coming back to use these bikes until the weather gets more pleasant.

    I love this place.

  • 204 1st Ave
    New York, NY 10009
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    This place is unbelievable. I've visited many a thrift store within the last year and a half, and this place by far and wide blows my previous experiences out of the water.

    For LESS THAN HALF of the price of a discounted Schott 141 leather jacket (about $500), I bought:

    * Three leather jackets made of real leather and in good condition,
    * Two very good-looking pairs of high-quality shoes, and
    * One pair of boots that had absolutely no problems with navigating through the snow today without getting my pants and socks wet.

    Within the first 15 seconds of walking into No Relation, I saw more leather jackets and shoes ---  all in good condition, mind you --- than I have in all of my visits to Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores COMBINED. I got so caught up in picking things, I left my bag in one of the aisles! (One of the guys that works there put it in a safe place for me.)

    This is my new first stop for "new" threads.

  • 332 E 11th St
    New York, NY 10003
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    If I wanted to buy a H&M dress shirt for $9.99, I would have just gone to H&M and got it new.

    Everything in here was crazy expensive for a thrift shop. Most of the shirts there could be had for significantly less money at Goodwill or The Salvation Army's Family Store.

    While they might be a noble and honest business, I can't recommend it for people looking for cheap, yet decent, second-hand clothing.

  • 111 E 12th St
    New York, NY 10003
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    They marked a small, plain Fruit of the Loom tee for $3. I can buy a pack of six for $6 at Target or similar.

    While the staff is nice and the variety is pretty good, this isn't a thrift shop in my book. Everything is *way* too expensive; thrift shops should be cheap. I couldn't even recommend this store for its variety, considering how there is a Salvation Army right across the avenue that has more variety -- a good lot of it being high-quality stuff at that -- at significantly cheaper prices.

    Example: A Brooks Brothers sport jacket was around $70 here. I saw an even better sport jacket at the Salvation Army for $7.

    The cause behind this store is good, but the value is horrible. I cannot recommend.

  • 320 7th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11215
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    Works wonders if you live in the right area (I've seen this thing hit 6 Mbps on the way to my house), which is great since it has no data cap. Works terribly just about everywhere else (including, unfortunately, my house). Worse than bottom-tier DSL.

    Customer service is completely non-existent.

    Do give the 14-day period a try; don't set any high expectations.

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    My weekend appetite is usually simple and fixed. (For reference, I'm the most boring foodie alive.) Given that it was none of those this weekend and I was in the area for business, I decided to check this place out since they were playing (blaring) sweet, sweet Latino music for everyone to hear (i.e. successful marketing 101).

    I paid $30 for the following items:

    * An environment that, for a Cuban cosina, felt neither Cuban or "cosina-"like (unless some art of people dancing and a 48" flat-screen showing today's football game over their bar section sounds Cuban to you),

    * An all-male wait staff (which wasn't really a problem for me, but -- and let's be honest -- women are not a rare commodity for us Latino peoples),

    * A Sprite that almost fooled me into thinking it was a mojito (until I saw that I paid $10 for it),

    * Rice, beans and chicken that were good, but could easily be had at many (many) (MANY) Latino restaurantes for, like, $8. (It costs $17 here with tax.)

    My lesson for today was this: if you want to make your break into the restaurant business by over-charging for your Mom's emergency recipe stash, all you have to do is play really loud music outside that will even make Debbie Downer dance irresistably.

    This place would be a solid 3-star establishment (in my mind) if it were priced less aggressively. Hence, 2 stars. Do not recommend.

  • $$ Pub, Burger
    224 S 15th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
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    So a road biker walks into the bar for a burger. Promptly gets told that bikes are not allowed in (even on an empty floor). This is surprisingly unusual for a city pouring with cyclists of all kinds. Orders a classic cheeseburger with bacon to-go, but can't get a Sprite and has to order it from the deli. Biker is forced to wait outside. Biker eats burger. Biker gives fine, fine establishment a 5-star review???

    This usually wouldn't happen in real life. But these guys were exceptional. While bikes weren't allowed in the building, the wait staff did all they could to find my bike a seat. One of the managers watched it for me while I went to the deli to get a soda (which worked well since I landed up getting something better!). I presume they can't give to-go drinks to adhere to Philly's alcohol laws. Ryan (the guy up front with a beard LIKE A BOSS) was really cool to talk to, and everyone was pretty cool in general. Especially for Pearl Jam/Jay-Z weekend.

    But the burger. And the fries. MOTHER OF GOD. I think my taste buds were electrocuted while eating this thing. SLAP YOUR MOTHER TWICE quality; nukes normal bar food out into orbit.

    They might have laced with crack; I'm addicted and will be coming back.

  • $$ Pizza, Bar
    6144 Delmar Blvd
    Saint Louis, MO 63112
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    So apparently there's only one way to enter the flagship location for sweet, sweet St. Louis pizza: confuse the wait staff as much as humanly possible.

    There are two entrances into this location: the take-out section and the actual bar/restaurant section. The entrance for the take-out section, which is incredibly massive for simply ordering to-go, comes before the entrace to the latter section when one comes from the Metrolink station. Thinking that it was some sort of unique and creative set-up (or that it was just the first entrance I saw), I went through the take-out section and ordered normally. Afterwards, I asked about getting a seat in the restaurant area. Mass confusion ensued. Even the bartender was confused.

    Nonetheless, everyone treated me wonderfully. The pizza was GOOD GOD EXCELLENT. Thought getting proper deep dish in the middle of the Midwest was impossible? THINK AGAIN. Unfortunately, this means that I have to fly to here and Chicago to get the proper treatment. Which means more air travel. Which means more affairs with the TSA. But I digress.

    I am a fan. Full stop.

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