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    So I call to make a reservation and was pleasantly surprised to find availability. We get there at 7:30 after paying for a cab ride, sit down and wait at least 15 mins for someone to take a drink order. At some point during the order process one of our party of 6 decides to ask what credit cards the restaurant accepts at which point the waiter informs us that they are cash only!!!!!! Did it ever occur to these folks that some people don't carry cash? Wouldn't it have been a great idea to tell me that when I made the reservation or post it on the front door or SOMETHING???? Thank goodness we asked and found out before we ordered and could leave since we didn't have enough cash to pay for the meal! An hour and lots of walking later we finally sat down for a place that accepts credit cards! What an inconvenience!

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    When they make the claim that they have the best steaks in the universe, they're not kidding! This place is awesome! Make sure to get the 10 or 12 ounce steaks that come out on the sizzling platter. The seasoning is amazing!

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    If you want to live in a place where you can't rely on the word of the people running the place, move here. Let's just say that a statement was made, they claim, in error, and now not only are they(management) denying they ever made the claim, they certainly haven't apologized for the error.

    In addition, because of a maintenance issue with the washing machine in the unit, several hundred dollars of clothing was ruined. The maintenance report from when the problem was corrected states that the hot and cold water lines were mixed up, which means that when you're washing darks and need cold water so the colors don't bleed, scalding hot water came out instead. Now management is throwing a fit about replacing the items and suggesting that a claim be made on the TENANT'S renter's insurance, instead of by Alexan Wither's Preserve on THEIR insurance. Think about it, if two cars get in a wreck, whose insurance pays? That's right! The person at fault.

    This place looks great on the outside, but if you don't like being jerked around, having no rights, and being treated like a number, don't move here.

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    This place is great! I practically grew up here as a gymnast for nearly 10 years. They treat you like family and genuinely care about the development of the children they teach, not to mention that their competitive gymnastics program is the best in the area!

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    After many years as a member I decided it was time for a change. I called to ask about cancellation and was told I had to come in and pick up a cancellation form to mail in. When I came to pick one up, I asked if I could fill it out right there and was told no, that I had to mail it to "corporate headquarters" by certified mail! What?! So the address for corporate happens to be their Murrells Inlet location. I decide that rather than spend a few bucks to mail it, I'll just swing by and drop it off. I was informed by the manager, who processes the forms, that he cannot guarantee it will be processed unless I send it by certified mail to the same building I'm standing in. Are you kidding me? So now I'm a happy member of a competitor gym, Planet Fitness.

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    Ate there last night and really enjoyed it! I'm from Myrtle Beach, so I've eaten at most of the restaurants here, but had never been to Landry's. will go back for sure. Great food and great service. Awesome margarita too!

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