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    Freshest Gelato spot I have been to in Miami...Via Veneto has a huge selection of flavors and even have some sugar free, fat free gelatos.

    Really clean enviornment and the owners really seem to care about their product and clientele.

    The main reason I go is for a flavor called Lucuma its a native fruit to Peru its incredible can't even describe...

  • 8410 W Flagler St
    Miami, FL 33144
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Open weekends until 6. am!

    Right off the palmetto this place is easy to access late at night, you really can't beat the burgers here during normal hours let alone at 4-5 in the morning after a night out.

    Definately try the "Porky" its unbelievable, its basically the standard burger with bacon, load if up with the pineapple sauce but if thats not your thing definately go with the green sauce, ive never seen anyone not care for it...

    They also have Chuzo's "kabob" if your trying to go a healthier route...

    Staff is great, pretty colombians can't be beat :)

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    Right off the palmetto

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