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    I have got to say that my significant other has such AMAZING taste! During the Palm Spring weekend getaway, he takes me to Figue. I was actually looking at going to another restaurant for dinner, but good thing he made an executive decision to come here.

    When you first approach the restaurant there is actually complementary valet parking, so I knew this place had to be good. When I stepped out of the car, with no one was coming in and out, my reaction was "WTH, where is the front door? Do I pull a Harry Potter and walk through the wooden wall into the restaurant?"  I slowly realized that there is a section of said wall is in fact the door only after my boyfriend pushed it open, HAHA! Night blindness!

    Anyways, we were seated promptly, it pays off to eat dinner at a later hour. Our server, Jon, was very knowledgeable about the food even though he has working there for little over a month. I believe that he is also a foodie just by the way he talked about the how the food was cooked and what it would taste like.

    As for the food, we ordered the Moroccan Sea Scallops from the special/seasonal menu.The green charmoula sauce was very light with a lemon and garlic taste to it, and at the end there is a slight mint flavor that makes it taste so clean. The scallops were seared perfectly with the middle just warm enough without being overcooked. The only way to describe the dish is to use our server's word: "Just HEAVENLY!"  

    For the main course, we ordered the Grouper Tagine and Fiduea. The Grouper fish was pretty nice, but the flavor Seven Treasure Vegetable couscous was like none other. It had a good mix of sweet and savoriness to it. I mean it was so good that only after half the dish was gone did I realize that I was eating eggplant (I don't really like eggplant, but I didn't know that it could be so yummy)!! The Fiduea is a seafood paella using thin vermicelli noodles instead of rice topped with aioli. The lobster tail was delicious and soft! (it is very easy to overcook the tail making it become rubbery) The aioli, which my boyfriend thought was sour cream (haha silly boy), added a nice and light creamy touch to the dish which overpowering the seafood.

    We had the panna cotta which was nice because I was not in the mood for anything too sweet. The rasberries added a good sour taste to the dessert. AND the dessert also came with rose petals that is apparently edible, but it did not has a taste to it.

    Overall, it is a good place to have a fancy meal because the attention paid to each dish is incredible. This is meant to be a slow meal so you can take your time to enjoy the food and the ambiance. Our meal took about 2 hours and we loved every moment. Make sure to get a reservation, otherwise you might have to wait awhile. The valet said we were lucky since he said the restaurant is usually packed on Saturday night. Happy dining!

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    The stinky tofu was so fragrant. I loved it! The shabu shabu hot pot was so much food. It had a little bit if everything. Somehow I managed to save room for dessert and had the red bean and green tea shaved ice! It was so yum and a good way to end the meal!

  • 14932 Bushard St
    Westminster, CA 92683
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    The pho came out somewhat hot, not the boiling hot that I have seem at other places. It is a nice and small place. We also had the Thai iced tea and the red bean with condensed milk, which were both pretty good. The Thai iced tea was refreshing!!!!

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    Went to check out the new restaurant in the Diamond Jamboree plaza for dinner.

    This place is small but has all the Korean fusion food truck items. The short rib arepas were amazing. It comes with a green sauce that is tasty by itself and it complements the meat and cheese pretty well. Definitely recommend it. I also tried the Kalbi burgers. Simple and delicious. Lastly, I sampled the chorizo kimchi fried rice. It was good fried rice but I didn't feel like the chorizo added much value to create a unique fusion taste.

    In terms of service, it was pretty good because there weren't a lot of people, but it did take some effort to get some of the menus. Since it is a new place, I believe the service will get better. The staff was attentive once the order was placed.

  • 43773 Boscell Rd
    Fremont, CA 94538
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    Forgot our order and made us wait for 45 minutes for shaved snow. Really? If it really took 45 minutes to make, I think the ice would have melted by the time you were done. When we asked about order, waitress didn't admit that she forgot our order and said the order will be finished in a couple of minutes. Didn't offer us any discounts or freebies for making us wait for so long and forgetting our order. Decor is nice and food is okay, but not impressed and will not be coming back. Food is overpriced.

  • 105 W 25th Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94403
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    I came in here with some friends and ordered medium for all the dishes. Because of past experience (some of them near fatal - JK), we thought medium would be plenty spicy. We even ordered soy milk in hopes of combating the spice!

    The dishes that came were actually not that spicy - they were flavorful but didn't pack the punch that I wanted from coming to a Sichuan restaurant. The lamb was pretty good but some of you that don't like the lamby taste, trust me, it's still there! There were definitely a lot of peppers in each dish which may scare a person off, but it was just alright. For me who has low tolerance for spicy food it was definitely doable.

    I think they have a dollar limit under which you can't use your credit card so just something to watch out for!

    Overall might come back but it won't be something I seek out or drool over!

  • 408 Barber Ln
    Milpitas, CA 95035
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    I come for sizzling meat, I leave smelling like deliciously sizzling meat...

    Pepper Lunch is among one of the more unique kind of lunches you can have during a normal workday. You get to cook your own meat on your own tiny plate! There's a couple of options from the lunch menu, and my favorite is the curry udon because the udon is soft and tender. Can I even use tender to describe udon? Why, I believe I can!

    Part of the fun is cooking your own meat, and my fun was unfortunately disrupted one time by fellow Yelpers Thomas T. and Linh L. who cooked my meat for me when I arrived there late. Oops I meant, lovely fellow yelpers who cooked my dish to absolute perfection :D

    Snide remarks aside, Pepper Lunch is my default go-to place for a yummy mid-day meal. I recommend!

    Just remember they are closed Mondays - speaking from experience as too many times I've forgotten and ended up in front on a Monday, only to be bitterly disappointed with my own forgetfulness.

  • 530 Barber Ln
    Milpitas, CA 95035
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    Not a bad place to come if you have a one-hour lunch break and this place is within 5 minutes from your workplace. That's right - I am talking about all you Cisco and SanDisk people!

    I've tried the Kuro and the Tonkatsu Ramen here. The combos aren't a bad deal either - pretty filling and relatively cheap. The Kuro in my opinion is the better (and also the cooler! - the soup broth is black!) choice.

    One thing I like is that they have extra kimchi on the side for you! I love kimchi so I am definitely a fan of Maruichi in that sense.

    It's within a big plaza with lots of other restaurants so there's ample parking. But you should come early because 1) parking around 12:30-1:00 gets realllly crowded (again all you Cisco and SanDisk worker bees!) and 2) in my opinion the restaurant is not that space-efficient, so it can't fit that many people. The middle part of the restaurant has a bar-like area so even if you eat here alone, its not as awkward as say one single person occupying a table meant for four.

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    It's been almost 2 months since I ate here, but it's just soo amazing that I had to come back and do a review about Toulouse Petite!

    My friend, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend did a double-date and made a trip to Seattle for some sightseeing. It was our last day together before one couple headed back up to Vancouver and the other (us) went back down to California. (Boo for parting!) We wanted to try something different, and none of us had tried Creole food, so we ended up on the steps of Toulouse Petite.

    The inside decor was very romantic! I wanted to say adorable, but that's my default word for everything I like. It was sort of dark, but candle-lit and gave a very good feeling for a date.

    I ordered the Creole Shrimp Linguine - this was good and flavorful but didn't pack the punch I wanted from a Cajun/Creole dish.

    My boyfriend ordered the Scallop Risotto at $28 (on the more expensive end of the menu). Man, this was AMAZING! There weren't that many scallops to be honest, only 3, but each was a slow, savory blessing. The risotto perfectly complemented the scallops. I've never tasted better scallops! The rest of the meal, I could not stop complimenting the scallops. I became a drone robot: ME WANT SCALLOP ME WANT SCALLOP.

    My friends had the Garlic Risotto and Garlic Sausage Pasta minus the sausage (since one was vegetarian, and they were sharing). They both said that their dishes were great as well. My friend did say that the risotto was a bit chewy for her tastes, but she got used to it and ended up really liking the dish.

    My friend and I each ordered a drink: Creolinha and The Beaded Lady to celebrate our 10+ years of BFF friendship - both were really great as well!

    Lastly, I didn't want to part after the dinner and so ordered some beignets. I wanted some reminiscient of what I had in DC - those soft, sweet, doughy beignets. These were different, had a harder texture, but was nevertheless really great. Sweet but not overly, sickening sweet.

    Service was really friendly and attentive! Would totally come here as a regular if it wasn't so far away from me. I think I'd dream about the scallops.....

  • 540 Barber Ln
    Milpitas, CA 95035
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    I am ashamed to admit it, but I am in a terribly abusive relationship with you, Mr. Milpitas Quickly.

    You give me next to mediocre, if not downright terrible, service every time I come to you.

    You don't seem to realize that when I order warm milk teas with large tapioca, that the large straw will not go through that tiny sip-hole of a coffee top. And when I question about your lack of sanity, you handle the situation poorly by offering me a spoon instead of making way for my straw.

    You make me disappointing egg waffles that do not remind me of the busy streets of Hong Kong, of which I love so much. Instead, you make me wonder where the couple of dollars in my wallet had gone, because they certainly did not go down to satiate my hunger for egg waffles.

    I swear you sometimes even price discriminate me, randomly charging me more for the same drink that I order everytime. Your price-ups and downs are worse than my moodiness during you-know-what-time-of-the-month.

    I do admit you have some redeeming factors.

    You charge less for my drink than the boys next door: Fantasia and Sweethearts. Although they are much better-looking and popular hunks.

    You show me K-pop videos so I can oogle at cute Korean boy groups.

    You recently started a card system where I can redeem a free drink with enough visits to you. How dare you entice me to come back with such a lovely system...what trickery!

    And so I keep coming back to you...

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